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May 30, 2018


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ساندویچ پانل سقفی

All the elements in nature, such as trees, flowers, rivers, even this stone, have their own energy, which gives me peace when I see them.

ساندویچ پانل

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Very inspirational!

نمای لوور

نمای لوور یا سایبان آلومینیومی در حقیقت نوعی پنجره و یا سقف با تیغه های زاویه دار افقی یا عمودی با انواع متریال آلومینیوم،فلز و چوب میباشد که ضمن زیبایی در نمای ساختمان از تابیدن مستقیم نور به داخل ساختمان جلوگیری نموده و ضمن ایجاد زیبایی در نمای ساختمان و گردش مناسب هوا در محبث بهینه سازی انرژی ساختمان و نمای ساختمان نیز بسیار موثر است . نمای لوور یا شیدر آلومینیومی به عنوان پوسته دوم نمای ساختمان محسوب می شود . همچنین لوورها به عنوان عایق صوتی در اماکنی که دارای آلودگی صوتی هستند نیز استفاده میشود .

قیمت میلگرد زاگرس

I was going to tell you about hiding painted rocks but I see that others already have. It's a lot of fun. My granddaughter and I love to do it together. It's HUGE at the waterfront park here in my little village.

قیمت میلگرد

very good

خرید میلگرد آجدار نیشابور

very good and very nice


Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Very inspirational!

قیمت میلگرد میانه

What a lovely idea, to paint those pebbles!! And they look great, good drawing hand you have.


Well, Lucy, I blame you! (not that blame need be attached, of course) because I read this post and then ordered some Posca pens (white, black, gold and silver) and they are due to arrive tomorrow! Thank you SO much!! I've painted on rocks, but never drawn with such a fine pen, so I'm truly excited about this and have already gathered some interesting pebbles.

I'm now settled in Surrey, for at least a few weeks more (it was to be six months, but a family issue means that my room will be needed by mid-July) and am happily exploring locally and looking forward to Skipton and Yarndale at the end of September. Hope to meet you there, even though I know it will be brief. With any luck, I'll make it to Cooper's Cafe, too.

I've been enjoying the lovely month of April and now June as much as you have. We have buttercups in abundance here in Surrey, too. And elderflowers and daisies, possibly my favourite . . . although I do love all flowers as they arrive. :-)

I've loved catching up with you again and joining you on your gorgeous walks. Thanks again for recommending the Posca pens (and, really, no blame; in my family we joke a lot is all). I hope you get to the sea this summer. I share your love of it.

~ Linne


Gorgeous! Shame they'd be so expensive to post....! ;-)


Thanks for sharing your happy, colourful world, Lucy. Here in New Zealand it's Winter, and very bleak, so your blog cheers me no end. Love those pebbles!

Amy Cor

What a lovely idea, to paint those pebbles!! And they look great, good drawing hand you have.

Helen Lightly

I love this, pebbles are so lovely painted 😊 I hope you remembered the date on the back ☺️ Xx


Does anyone know what magazine Lucy was getting her inspiration from? Would love to locate that issue.


Collecting pebbles must be a universal thing! My son and I used to look for pebbles when he was a boy (30 years ago)and my husband looks out for special stones that he brings to my "collection". So lovely drawings on your pebbles. Thank you for sharing!

Chelsea E Hahn

These are beautiful rock creations. What a great way to "make the season". I recently made some rock animal creations but it has been some time since I painted pictures on rocks. This post inspired me pick up some rocks to paint.


Such a pretty nature walk & natural things. A paint pen is one of the best art tools & I use them often, they really are like magic. I like the darker stones with white, they would also make great decor or name places on a sea theme on a dinner table.


Those pebbles/stones look so beautiful Lucy ♥ and I do love seeing all those lovely flowers. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your area in 2016 lovely. Never thought of using one of those white pens.....awesome

Carol Galat

Lucy, what a sweet site to visit this is! Sitting at my kitchen table in the USA, South of Lake Erie, and my sister sent me your link, knowing how much I'd enjoy it. Your nature rocks are simply charming. I belong to NEOR (Northeast Ohio Rocks), and am one of thousands of members who paint, seal and hide rocks for others to find--our rocks have been found in countries around the world. Just like your Little B, children do a wonderful job, and learn to enjoy sharing. Thanks for sharing your rocks with us--I could feel your joy of being in nature, just looking at them!

Little Quiltsong

Beautiful post - and I just love your painted pebbles. Little B is such a natural too - wow - good job, both of you!!


Lucy, love your painted pebbles.
Little B, wow!! I am so impressed. What an artist you are.

Vicki L Wise Mason

What a nice surprise....all the lovely pebbles!!
I have spotted some painted pebbles on our street a time or two... so I guess it is popular here too.

I saw your photo of the Cow Parsley and wondered if you have something called Queen Anne's Lace there. It grows wild here and is quite beautiful and lacy......

Always enjoy your post....you are full of surprises!

Veggie Mama

Love those dainty meadow flowers and the sun-dappled walkways! Your blog always is a feast for the eyes x

Jane G., Kalamazoo, MI USA

I am so inspired!

Teresa Kasner

Wow, Lucy.. I love how you have an idea and run with it and create some amazing things... and dating them and signing them is a great idea! You could even sell some on Etsy and make a fortune! :-) I imagine you'll want to try those colorful mandala rocks next. Have fun and thanks for the inspiration! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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