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May 18, 2018


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Hello Lucy

We would firstly like to compliment you for your amazing work . We´ve been following your blog for some time and we would really like to have the chance to show you some beautiful crocheting work that can be found in the crochet mochilas of the indigenous wayuu tribe of Colombia. We are wayuu bags enthusiasts and have been lucky enough to have had the chance to work directly with the wayuu community for almost 1 year. We are tying to gather support for our website , as we are looking forward to expose some of the most elaborate designs of these masterly artisans. Hoping that by doing so, we can create direct convenience links that beneift the entire wayuu community.

We would like to send you 5 Wayuu Bracelets so you can admire their weaving skills, and help us spread these beautiful handicrafts in your amazing blog. If not possible we would still like to send you these gifts . Could you please send us your physical address to do so?

Kind Regards

Looking forward for your reply

Wayuu Patterns Team




You have just made my day..❤
Been sat at the hospital all night with my mother. Looking for something to read... and up pops your blog.. brilliant to read. Add to my make list Have missed you x


Yes, your mandalas in hoops are really lovely and so colourful. I see you have been very inspired by a Vintage pattern that I wrote about on my blog at the end of June here: https://reflectionsandnature.blogspot.com/2018/06/colour-therapy.html
I agree that it's wonderful to be inspired by very old patterns and give them a little twist of our own, as you have done here. Well done for your interpretation!


Amazing! Thank you so much for the patterns and instructions! And as usual, ...beautiful colors!!!!!


Just over a month late to the party but want to say how much I appreciate your tips and links. Thank you.

Ruinwen Silverdragon

These are absolutely stunning! You have such a great talent for combining color palettes! I think I prefer the darker version because the white space in between the stitches really makes those jewel tones pop.

Sian John

I wondered if the dreamcatcher mandala fits on to a 30cm hoop as the pattern says the finished size on their hoop is 25 cm. I love making these mandalas!


Hi Lucy, I have spent the day making your positivity mandala. Love how it’s looking. I’m using your PDF pattern and there are 2 round 8! It’s just a typo but wanted you to know. Need to get back to my crochet now. Love your work. Tracey



June Higgs

I just love these! I love all aspects of art and crafts and I have recently got back into crochet and I am making a granny shares throw which seem to have become trendy agin un the UK but I cannot wait to have a go at your mandalas. I think I will use the colours of the rainbow as I have recently been making chakra bracelets which include semi precious stones in rainbow colours with Lava beads so all the girls in my family are wearing them.
Thank you for your inspiring tutorial.


Simply beautiful Lucy and you have a wonderful gift with combining colours xoxo


Thank you so much for sharing all your hard learned knowledge on mandalas. I'm really going to make the effort to finish one after numerous false starts I've made in the past!!!


Thanks for sharing. I feel like all your design is beautiful! Great piece of work.

Susan Shaw

I like the pastel version much better - that's probably because I'll pick a pastel over a bright almost any time. I'm much, much better at knitting at crochet. However, I help to tutor inner city children one afternoon a week during the school year. We just finished for this school year and we'll start again in September. We usually have around 18 children. It would be wonderful if I could learn to make these, to make one for each child during the year next year. Dream catchers are very popular in this part of the United States (Oklahoma) due to a large population of Native American Indian folks. Thanks for the information.

Jean Keay

Thanks for this Lucy - I treated myself to a bunch of gorgeousness Ricorumi on Thursday with the intention of crocheting a mandala - your tutorial couldn't have been more timely! Thanks again. Jean.x


Oh my gosh they look so beautiful, I think it would be fun to try and make some to hang from the trees in the yard in late winter, early spring-that dead time when you are longing for spring and you need to see some color out the window.




Love the little balls of yarn, a brilliant idea. I can see how mandalas are addictive, and you make a beautiful job of them, your colour selection is always spot on, you have such a good eye for it. I shall look forward to seeing them all at Yarndale. CJ xx

Tuula Maaria

Such wonderful colours, makes me happy just looking at the photos!

Helen Lightly

These are so cute, thank you so much for sharing and for taking the time on another awesome tutorial 😊 I will definitely be giving these a go 😊 I've made some tiny, coaster sized mandala's which I love, but totally forgot about the option to add a hoop! Thank you again xxxx 💜


Your mandala looks great! Thank you for sharing it. I'm imaging a row of mandalas across my dining room window, where the sun will make a beautiful shadow on the table.

Also, I have 3 small children (7,3,1yrs) and I recently made your cottage ripple blanket. I can definitely say that it was great therapy and really helped to settle my mind at the end of the day. I finished it a few months ago and I'm now feeling the itch to make another.

Teresa Kasner

Those mandalas are eye candy! I've ordered 6 12 inch rings from Amazon and when they arrive I will follow your tutorial and create one of those beauties for myself! And gifts for my family and friends, too! Thank you for all you do for us all, Lucy, you're a champion!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Your creations are so pretty, colorful & cheerful. I've become "hooked" on crochet & bright yarns since learning a year ago. Just wish we had those great yarns you have over there, especially the pretty cotton colors. Can't wait to try the mandalas..I'm currently obsessed with little flowers. 😀


Lucy!! Have you seen this?

She's working on your blanket! ;)


Gorgeous, can’t wait to see them at Yarndale this year. Yeah! Only 19 weeks to go. Nola my SIL and I planned this trip 18 mths ago, we are now getting very excited. Xx

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