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May 03, 2018


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I love your use of colour. But how do you do random?? I find it so stressful ........


Lovely, creative and my favorite colour, blue. And that bag of little balls of left over yarn, what a treasure. Curious how it will look when finished x


Beautiful so beautiful, your so inspirational 👍🏻

Susan Shaw

What a great project. I love the crispness of the white letters against the plethora of colors. Be still my heart - nothing is better than blue and white. Add the border of colors and it's divine. I adore the granny squares, too. When you spoke of the auction ring, I had a flashback of going to an animal auction with my parents when I was a child. I vividly remember my father telling me to sit very quietly and that I was not to make a move. He told me not even to stratch my nose or he might be buying something he didn't want. I knew it was very important from the tone of his voice. Immediately, I was there in the arena well over 50 years ago. Thanks for the beautiful post. BTW - I used Word to make a "D" years ago as I wanted a capital "D" to put on a quilt. I used it as an applique on the quilt and it worked quite well. Your letters are amazing. You are very talented. I do not do well at crochet. I do much better at knitting - I'm amazed at your talent.


It's really sweet that you get so excited each time you join some coloured squares or crochet stripes!

Carolyn McBride

Beautifully colourful!


LOVE this!!!!!

mindy cecilia

Bello.. patron para realizar las letras?

Julie Higgerson

Lucy, I Love your colors! Always so bright & beautiful! I have been reading your blog for 2 years since I was medically 'retired'. I have enjoyed all of your blog, have finished reading from the beginning. I was taught by my grandma to crochet as a small child & rediscovered it after reading your blog. I am so excited as I just ordered your original Attic24 color pack to make your Summer Harmony Granny Square blanket! I am in the US so had to covert the pattern-you made it very easy to do
Thank you so much for your inspiration, I feel as if I have found a great friend in your writing
Oh & of course I Love the new banner--Julie

Veggie Mama

Oh what I wouldn't give for your oddment bag! You'd have a spectacular collection.

Love the way the banner is coming along, can't wait to see when it's finished


Oh it's just perfect Lucy...well done!!

Tuula Maaria

It will look lovely when it is done! The white letters show so well on the bright background.
I understand so well what you say at the end - I'm the same, bringing ideas into life, testing this and that and finally getting the finished product continues to be a thrill even though I have been doing that for decades now :)


O - I thought a heart was to go onto the i! The banner looks very happy.

Amy B

Thank you for sharing your process - these WIP are what inspire me. I'm making and collecting exactly the same squares in leftovers from Coastal Ripple. I, too, love the portability of the little squares. Looking great, Lucy!

Gwen Simmons

I simply love this! Inspired, original and just the cutest idea I've seen for branding in a long while. Amazing job.

mrs. smythe

Wow! This is wonderful - I love seeing the creative process unfold. And, as always, your use of color is inspiring.


Oh, be still my heart! That banner is a beauty!

Little Quiltsong

How stunning, and so very gorgeous!!


Very eye catching and certainly not missable!


Les lettres sont parfaites et le support en granny magnifique. J'aime beaucoup.


Oh nicely done Lucy, the letters and numbers are genius, so crisp and clear. I shall look forward to seeing it finished. CJ xx

Gunvor Madsen

This looks just wonderful! I am impressed with your "freeform" crocheted letters. Oh i so want to go to Yarndale, just once in my life. Denmark is not that far away! I have started preliminary actions on DH, so maybe i will succeed. I have to find something for him in Skipton to lure him to the area - something with cars, busses, trains, canalboats or aeroplanes :-)

Natalia & Sergio

Beautiful!!!!. I love it

Star Dunlap

Wow! I'm so impressed with your letters and numbers! Love the whole banner, actually!


I’m so happy that you’re happy!

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