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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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May 15, 2018


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Diane Burns

Lucy, Your knitting space looks like my office. projects to complete or to start every ware. I am not able to vacuum my office floor because of all the projects scattered every ware.

Your dinner sounds delicious. Especially the desert.
Take care, Diane from Ohio


Another classic, Lucy!!

thanks as ever for taking time for us...

nora xx


Lovely photos!!! I do agree spring is a wonderful season, and it's almpst sad to have to choose between outside activities and crochet ou embroidrery, or quilting... Thanks for sharing your work on the go

Helen Lightly

Beautiful. I always enjoy these blog posts, they help me get motivated, creative and make me want to go outside when I'm not an outside kinda girl...the sun has been helping too 😊 ☀️ xxx


Well, I love your jumbled in-progress type blog posts! Here in northern Vermont where I live the hills are the most gorgeous palette of greens. I love love love this time of year and I am lucky to be able to forest bathe every day. :)

Bex Crowell

You've yet again inspired me... now I want to make a mandala. I have resisted this craft until now - that I've seen yours and see how doable they might be for me. Will need to get the rings, but it's fun to have a new project in mind. I am working on the Hydrngea blanket which has been sitting in its to-do basket for more than a year.. trying to make progress on it. It's so gorgeous. Your picture of the close-up bluebell and the green against it are so spectacular, I almost want to find those colors and make a blanket out of them alone!


Wonderful, beautiful, beautiful!


I'm with you on the forest bathing, it always makes me feel good. There's definitely something different about woodland air,It's invigorating.
I love your yarny adventures! you are a constant inspiration and the reason I got back into crochet ( having made little but granny square blankets for years after an adventurous teenage start). This has led to a whole new interest, as well as new friends at my local group, so thank you! X

Teresa Kasner

You inspired me to go to Amazon to order some 12 inch rings to try a mandala. I did a conversion chart from 30 cm to inches and it was almost 12 inches. I'm glad you're having the lovely weather and you're getting out and enjoying it.

As for the Lilacs - I think you should call your local nursery and see if they have a dark purple Lilac you could put in a big pot in your garden area - you could keep it smallish by pruning if it got too big. I know you'd love having your own Lilac - but they do need sunshine.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mary W

I haven't read the link you provided for taking in great gulps of fresh air but I do that regularly. When jasmine, roses, banana bush and tea olive bloom I will stand near with my eyes shut and try to breathe in as much as possible with every breath. I do the same in the mountains after a rain or when the air is heavy and just know that the smell of mossy earth must be good for the soul - too wonderful to not be good for you. I breath in great gulps of fresh cut grass and think my brain can benefit as I know my toes are happy. Thanks for the link as I have always said there has to be nutrients in the wonderful earth smells and I intend to drink them all in. Your blog post provides the best narrative for seeing what you experience! A born writer.


I love that you say we're your therapy when it's actually YOU that provides the therapy (at least for me). I look forward to your posts so much. The gorgeous photos and fantastic tutorials all presented with a bit of yourself in your writings.

I'd like to add that I will always love when you write about and post pictures of your works in progress and the reality of your world. It makes me feel better about the myriad projects I have going at the same time as well as the fact that I will/have/do push housework aside to have a little hook/yarn time. :)

Kathryn Ashe

In my part of the world, the inland NW of the USA, the winter air smells like flowers and rain...I can never get enough.


I am sure that you know that you can make a pesto using wild garlic leaves - I bought a jar in France that was delicious and so moorish. Love all the 'green' photos as this is the best time of year for me.

Susan Buettner

Lucy, when I joined Ancestry.com and took the DNA test I was shocked to learn that I have, so far, 332 English ancestors. Because of you, I knew about Skipton.

England is such a beautiful country. Let's trade. You can have my Texas summer heat and I'll take your cool, misty climate.

You are a joy and a delight. Do you know how I found you? Years ago I bought a craft book at a library sale and in the back of the book were copies of some of your tutorials. I never would have known you existed had I not bought that book.

Thank you!


Lucy, next time J tells you that you're "not normal", you should reply, "That's exactly why you chose ME!" We love how "not normal" you are! Thanks for the journey through the gorgeous English countryside. I was with you every step of the way. Colorful yarniness is always fun to see too.

Angela-Southern USA

A creatively busy time of it! I'm thankful I live under a canopy of trees, so a stroll under them is just outside my door. I truly feel the rejuvenation after being out among them. You have been busy with mandala making, just lovely! Also a reminder for me to finish the two I'd started earlier this spring. I look forward to seeing more of your crafty adventures! xxxxxxxxxxxx


Normal! Who wants to be normal?! Quirky, sparky, vibrant, offbeat, curious....yes, that's what us so appealing about your posts Lucy. (We also had rhubarb crumble for tea last night). And yes, I too would love to hear what happened to Connievan. When you've a minute! Enjoy your tree hugging/ garlic embracing!


I love your posts so much, thank you for sharing! The colors and the lovely peeks at the English countryside do me a world of good. In Ohio, here in the middle of the States, we've had a space of very warm weather, and all the green has exploded. Please do share your embroidery storage system! I'm in a quandary there!


I've just been off to revisit your caravan posts as we are very interested in buying one. Do you still have it? I am so worried that we won't spend enough time it to justify the cost. But the thought of decorating and making it a little home from home is just too exciting!


Ahh Lucy what a busy time you've had over the last week full of craftiness and family fun. Just whats needed.


Judy Sumray

What a treat.....you are amazing, and such a feel for beauty of every kind....I'm a nearly 94 old addicted knitter, housebound in a fine care home, with wobbly legs......knit mainly blanket squares for charity.....but if anyone wants 'magic' way of upcycling previously knitted wool, no pain, in less then ten mins.....do let me know.
Thank you tremendously AGAIN.


That picnic sounds utterly divine. You're right about making the most of the odd hot day, I'm thinking we should do that sort of thing occasionally too. The Yorkshire Dales are looking absolutely breathtaking. It really is the time of year that makes your heart sing isn't it. Glad all is well with you and that you're happy-busy, happy-busy is a very good thing I think. CJ xx


Thank you Lucy för letting me know thay now is the time för bluebells and wild carlic! Ovet the years I have lernt from your blog that this time of the year exists. I have become obsessed to know, that is it already that time of the year? I am counting to it that one day in my life I will also see it, but in the mean time loving to know that the forest is in full bloom!

Jackie Farrow

Always reading your blogs. Sitting here in Perth Western Australia having my breakfast crumpet with peanut butter and a coffee. I realised with have the same cup, the one on the right. I have some crochet hooks in it. I’m so looking forward to saying hello to you at Yarndale again this year. Can’t wait to see your lovely work for real. 😀


What a lovely post! It made me smile with happiness on a wet and stormy day!

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