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April 24, 2018


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Lovely to read about your family trip to Bruges, Lucy. We LOVE Bruges. We usually go on mini cruises organised by a coach company to avoid taking the car. The chocolate shops are amazing but we now buy our chocolate from supermarkets as they sell lots of delicious chocolate varieties without the fancy prices. Fruit beers - I can also recommend Cassis beer, made with blackcurrants and really tangy. Like yourselves we enjoy wandering around Bruges and just soaking up the atmosphere. Reading your blog I think it's time we went again!


This sounds like the perfect “sleep-over”! A trip to another country without jet lag. I am really jealous. Thanks for sharing.

Patricia Cuyvers

How strange to read your beautifully written memories of an day out to my country. The waffles, the chocolates, the beer ('Kriek'), it's all so common and plain for us, and you make them sound like exotic treats :)

Teresa Kasner

Wow.. what a great trip for you all! A great memory for Little B! You're a wonderful mother to make it all happen for everyone. Bravo! It all looked fabulous. We just took a ferry to Victoria BC and spent 3 nights in the Empress Hotel and enjoyed it immensely. I put lots of photos on my blog, too. Enjoy your week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Well, well! We were in Bruges the very same weekend. It was glorious, wasn't it. 23 deg - and the first sunny day for the town. I love Bruges, and, of course, came back with chocolate too. ;)

Gillian Roe

Oh Lucy it looks amazing. I've never heard of these mini cruises but I'm currently looking into which ones sail from Portsmouth as that's just down the road from us... How liberating though, just spending day abroad without luggage or accommodation worries. You've made me want to go to Bruge. xxx

Creative Mummy Bear

I love your post and the beautiful photos. I especially loved reading about Little B's reaction to his waffle! Priceless, and what a lovely family memory you have created. I haven't been to Bruges for years, but really want to go back now! xxx


Lucy, just LOVED reading your Bruges report..
I could imagine myself there, enjoying everything it had to offer...and oooooh! goodness that photo with the chocolate and strawberry covered waffle had me drooling..

Thanks as ever for sharing..maybe one day I might make it there..

Take good care
Nora x

Lynn M

What a lovely family trip! And perhaps for the next birthday or holiday gift giving occasion, you can consider a Belgian Waffle maker for Little B. We have one that makes two waffles at once and it is a family treat to have waffles on Sundays. Or for dinner. https://www.amazon.com/Cuisinart-WAF-F20-Double-Belgian-Stainless/dp/B01IA3HJGG/ref=sr_1_3_sspa?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1524835157&sr=1-3-spons&keywords=belgian+waffle&psc=1


How lovely! Thank you for sharing!
I have lived in northern France and have been to Bruges a couple of times... Now we're back in Brazil, so far from that all!
Little B is so sweet... He is right, Belgian waffles are the best! ;)

Ursula Alexander-Smith

Thank you for your little travel blog. I live in Australia and it's like going across Bass Straight from Melbourne to Devonport, Tasmania on the ferry. I do love the european country side and old market places. Very much NOT like Australia. I read your posts with interest to see what inspires your next colour choices. Keep on Blogging. Urse

Joan robertson

We also visited bruges like yourselves from hull , it rained , snowed , rained , we were soaked , had a tour on a bus to escape the wet, glad you had better weather than us

Linda from Boston

What a fun trip you took us on!! Thanks for sharing. I was at the liquor store and had to buy a four pack of strawberry Belgian beer!! I never had it, but it sounds intriguing. It's chilling now. Supposed to be in the 80's here in Boston next week. I'm looking forward to trying this!!


Oh what a wonderful mini vacation in such a beautiful city. I'm an armchair traveler and loved your post today.


I love this! What a lovely way to while away the holidays. I'm the complete opposite to you, I plan everything and sometimes it makes me wonder that I'm missing just being in the place. Rushing around seeing everything in the guidebook makes a trip quite stressful and I must admit your way of travelling sounds much better. I will endeavour to take a leaf out of your book on my next holiday and chill.


Oh lovely! My family and I were just there in March (all the way from the USA) and how I wish we had had more time in Bruges/Brugge (the English and French seem to say "Bruges", the German/Dutch "Brugge"?). It was so wonderful and I envy your ability to be able to pop over for a day or two! My sons enjoyed the waffles too:)

Sara R

Oh goodness - how lovely! I live in the US and wish I could just 'pop' over to another country. But I love living thru your posts!

Libby Parker

I so love going on your trips with you, Lucy. I can natter about with you, not getting in the way and enjoying all the luscious treats you describe and picture so well with absolutely no calories to concern me. My feet don't get at all tired and I feel quite fulfilled as you journey home. Thanks for the vacation!


Well, I just took an unexpected but lovely little trip! :) Thank you Lucy, that was wonderful.

Annie C

What an amazing trip and so cool that you are close enough to make it on a whim!!! Reminds me a bit of cruising to Catalina Island from San Pedro (Los Angeles, CA). A short but amazing boat trip on a sunny day (especially if you spot dolphins cavorting) and a island that strictly limits cars; so walking, cycling and bus riding are the main modes of getting around. So beautiful and idyllic!


And another one smiling :-). Glad to hear you liked Brugge and Belgium, especially Little B! It's funny to read about your own country for once. Normally I enjoy looking over your shoulder into Skipton and Dorset. Thanks for sharing your story!

rosanne dial

Sitting here in my home on the coast of California, I just visited Belgium. What a post! It was absolutely wonderful - felt like I was on the journey right there with. Great!


I'm with you about just going and seeing what you see. I've done it many times in Europe and while I probably missed some of the 'don't miss' things I've also wandered in on some really unique opportunities and felt relaxed with what I did see and do. Sounds like another trip will happen soon. Thanks for sharing.


I visited Belgium 4 decades ago when in my 20s. I even bought several exquisite, hand crocheted and tatted tablecloths as they are famous for this as well as the chocolate. Thanks for sharing your visit with us. I haven't had a true vacation in a long time and feel like I was there with you. Beautiful pictures as usual. We took the ferry between England and France a few times, sleeping overnight on it as you did. Hugs, from Kimmy XOXO

Anorina Morris

Looks like a wonderful family weekend away. Waffles Rock!

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