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March 30, 2018


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Your information is very interesting. Thank you for sharing


L'arc en ciel de tes ouvrages nous fait oublier la pluie et le ciel gris
c'est une fameuse idée de faire ses semis dans des coquilles d’œufs
je vais le faire illico
je diffuserai et partagerai cette info autour de moi
;-) .•(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`♥* ¸¸.•*¨*• ☆

Barbara W.

Oops, as soon as I finished posting I scrolled up again and see they they are papier-mache, not ceramic, and that you found them at a local shop.

Barbara W.

I love looking at your knitted and crocheted decor and the bunnies are so charming! But after scanning this post in delight for a week or two I noticed the two painted ceramic chickens in one photo. At first I thought they were from Mexico, but the painting style isn't quite right. Are they eastern European? Maybe Czech or Polish?


Gosh, I am so glad that it is springtime. love the mixture of flowers. Thanks so much for sharing.

Connie Belcher

Timing can just be downright strange sometimes. I am knitting a baby hat that squares off at the top and calls for buttons in the top corners. Very uncomfortable putting buttons on -don’t want nugget to accidentally swallow one. Looked at your blog and there are the little flowers from 2012 that will work wonderfully and I can make absolutely sure they can’t be pulled off. Tah Dahhhh!!!

Thank you. I am in awe of your creativity.


Decorating for all of the holidays makes them so special. This Easter, I crocheted 27 of your darling chicklets for my over 30 year tradition of giving hand-made bunnies, lambs, chicks, eggs to my extended family. I plan to start on your bunnies now for next year. Thank you so much!


Love the decorations! I enjoy your posts so much, thank you for including us in your crafty/hooky journey :)


I live on my own and ALWAYS decorate my house and mantle at Easter!
I love your Easter decs Lucy, a happy inspiration to me and I suspect so many, many more.
Baked my own Simnel cake too - nothing like it!


Che idee fantastiche! Sempre di grande ispirazione! Buona Pasqua! Cristo è risorto! Alleluia!


What a beautiful post. It made me feel deliciously happy! Thankyou!


I decorate for every season and holiday. This year I grew wheat grass in pretty containers and put Easter eggs in them. So much fun! I now have a little granddaughter, and it's fun all over again. But I have always decorated and my family loves it. I, like you, would decorate for everything, even if I was alone. It is a way to celebrate the rhythms of life, and enjoy the journey with thankfulness.

Winwick Mum

Your display looks fabulous, and I love the mouse-bunny - whatever she is, she looks very happy in her flowery house. Of course, that may be the chocolate on hand :) xx


I used to decorate for Easter when my children were small. Now a combination of them growing up and going away to college and not wanting the hassle of rooting out the Easter box, getting everything out only to have to put things away again...honestly, I can't be bothered. I do still decorate for Christmas though, and absolutely love that. That will never change.

L'Empreinte de l'Ange

Sooooo cute, so lovely. Thanks a lot Lucy. You're wonderfull !

Linda Harvey

I am 69 years old, with no children around, but I still decorate for every holiday. It just feels good and I love the marking of the seasons. I think for us creative folks it's just another way of expressing ourselves. Love your blog!
Curious - what are Easter buns?


I love all your decorations Lucy...and little Bunny is super cute. I think I may have to have a go at making one or two :0)
Thank you for inspiring me once again.
Jacquie xxx

Angela-Southern USA

Love, love it all! Yes, there is something about moss, you can lose track of time on Pinterest searching all the mossy ideas. One I've had percolating for a long while is a small terrarium made from a recycled object (like a clear coffee pot or fish bowl)with just a bed of moss inside. I too wonder how long it would last. A cute little bunny! I too decorate for the seasons/holidays (more for myself than others as well.) I made more chicks this year (with fuzzy bumpy yarn)and stuffed them with a plastic egg filled with chocolate eggs for small gifts. Here's my Easter wreath for the door.
Have a festive weekend!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss Daisy

Always Always love your post! Everything is just the right amount. Your daughter's reaction sounds sweet and I wouldn't worry to much about the male reaction. Believe me they notice everything, it's just not cool to comment about it. My two males still bring up- what I did at the time was something small- things I don't even remember, they said it was so thoughtful, cute or fun. Have a Happy Easter- Christ's Resurrection Day!


Lovely post. The egg shell planters are a great idea. Very cute bunny. I have cleaning and cooking to do today and then if time and energy allows am making a bunny. I have several chicklets that I made with your pattern. Will add to the Easter/Spring decorations. Happy Easter to you and your family.


Happy Easter.
Another lovely post, love the rabbit but Im busy with dinosaur hatching at the moment Have you ever grown 'Mind your own business'? It's a ground cover plant, compact and could be used instead of moss.


Such a beautiful display. x


be careful sharing other peoples images, especially if you are selling stuff off your blog - I saw this post and removed all images off mine. http://www.livingfornaptime.com/starting-a-blog/blogging-mistakes-to-avoid/

Tuula Maaria

I love that fireplace, just so cheerful and spring-like!


This year I have smocked 4 polystyrene Easter eggs, one each for my grandchildren and each pattern was different. They maybe completely indifferent to them so I added a small cash incentive!!

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