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March 26, 2018


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Have a look at Gera, a Japanese designer of really adorable cross stitch. Also Alicia Paulsen (Posygetscosy) does some very pretty patterns.


You did a wonderful job. I also have done cross stitching and regular embroidery. I am crocheting afghans for my kids for Christmas. Working on black is hard and you should be very proud of your work. I use a hoop and for larger projects I have a square frame.


LOVE it! Love the colours, and the unusual background. I'm not sure I would have the patience for cross stitch, but am taking inspiration from this. Perhaps a smaller, simpler project to start with.

Marjorie Sanderson

Hi Lucy your cross stitch is lovely so glad you enjoyed it. I have done cross stitch for a long time loved doing very fine cross stitch on 36 count linen using one thread of floss sadly those days have past for me like some of the other comments my eyes can’t see that now so 14 count and 2 threads of floss for me these days. All credit to you and your blog Lucy I am so enjoying crochet now on my 6th blanket have the Sunny Log cabin kit but doing my own thing making a large granny square blanket for my husband and enjoying ever moment like you just love colour happily play for hours plus make knitted socks for the family. Thank you Lucy so glad you are feeling better so enjoy your blog. Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter

Mary - Le Coeur Celtique

This is a bright and cheerful design. I love it! I have also found that Patchwork Rabbit give a very good service.


Oh Lucy you are going to be hooked now you've picked up cross stitch. I've been cross stitching for some 30 years now and like you started on a small project to test the waters and that was it I was smitten. I usually have two or three cross stitch projects on the go as well as crocheting & knitting. Work just gets in the way of all the time I could spend creating beautiful things. I have some lovely zodiac cross stitches in reserve on the one day pile. Now I have seen yours I may just have to move them up the pile a bit.


I have a few kits but am terrified to make a start in case I completely hash it. I'm way more confident with knitting and crochet. Eek, you've inspired me, maybe I need to just do it!

Helen Welsh

Congratulations on your beautiful finish Lucy! I always think black fabric is worth the effort because of the way it makes the colors pop 😊 I think you might enjoy the designs of Cheryl at Tinymodernist.com and also Emma Congdon (look for Stitchrovia on Etsy or IG). Patchwork Rabbit is great but Sewandso.co.uk has probably the biggest range in the UK (they also have yarn 😉) if you want a new rabbit hole to fall down 😉. Magazine wise you might enjoy Cross Stitcher magazine as it has the most modern leaning of our UK mags? Happy stitching on J’s fishes, have a lovely week,
Helen xx


A great start to your cross stitch adventure.I stitched one of Jodi's designs for our newest grandson recently.Her colour palettes are happy ones and although I used thread from my stash I did keep roughly to the colour scheme.
I have picked up crochet again after decades where I cross stitched exclusively and I also knit a lot nowadays.It is refreshing to try something different.I hope you continue to enjoy another wonderful craft.

Linda Kay Spooner

Ok. I have been cross stitching for 40 something years.
The pattern is an old Amish barn painting. There are some great books that are great. Best way to do thread to keep order. Buy at Michaels a flat, box that is divided inside. You get bobbins there also. Take thread, either glue number to end of bobbin or write # at the end of bobbin. Place in box in numerical order. I have 5 boxes. Next find a gizmo that is hard plastic with adhesive on 2 sides. Under plastic is a cloth roll. Adhesive is to write # of thread and stick needle with that # under number. Do all colors you are going to use for that project. Easier than it sounds. I keeps a needle ready for a quick change of color. I made an Indian Chief's head with full war bonnet and the face had 9 colors of brown in the face. I love X-
stitch. When you look at finished project at a distance it looks like an oil painting. It is a great and rewarding hobby. To take a plain piece of cloth and turn it into a gorgeous piece of art is wonderful.
Good luck with learning this really fun stitchery. Linda


How funny- I've just been venturing into the world of cross stitch too! There was a craft day at our church with various Easter crafts on offer. I thought I'd start by having a go at cross stitching a bookmark and got so engrossed in it that I did nothing else all afternoon. I had to beg some thread to finish it off at home. I wish I could post a photo- I'm so proud of it!


So exciting to discover a new craft and yours is a real beauty. I'm working on one from awesome pattern studio which is wonderfully colourful site on etsy. On Wednesday 28th is a programme called make! BBC4. they are looking at x stitch this week.

Tanya wood

I have been crosstitching since I was young I have books from stores and library's you can get free designs online it's so relaxing and it's great to see finished product I make some into pillows for friends and loved ones I think it's great for gifts there hand made which I think is special it's alot of work to complete some of them I hope more people learn to enjoy this craft


Check out Jolly Red tapestry. The owner Kelly is a kindred spirit that loves colour. You won’t be disappointed and they have a making up service for the Christmas stockings and cushions etc.

Kaz Jones

I started one of a hand x-ray about 3 years ago, then got distracted by knitting! I should really pick it back up one day as I was about three-quarters of the way through! The pattern is this one - https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/98728697/hand-x-ray-cool-cross-stitch-pattern

Shirley Davis

So excited for you. I am totally obsessed with x stitching. Go to 123 stitch. Great online store. Floss is $.52 and they ship fast. Also, go to YouTube and search flosstube. There are 100's of podcasts but hang on to your purse! You will see such beautiful things. Have fun!
Shirley Davis
Lewes, De, USA


Yes, those are wonderful designs ... and I'm a Pisces too. A belated "Happy Birthday" to "J"! You're doing a fantastic job on those, Lucy. I have tried embroidery numerous times and it's just not my thing. I'm not sure why. Ditto for needlepoint and hooked rug making which are also not my thing. But I do LOVE my sewing machine, knitting needles and crochet hooks! Love reading about your embroidery and other adventures!!! Your pictures are wonderful.

Barbara W.

I'm impressed! Most folks wouldn't start out with a black background for their first piece, but I agree, it really makes Satsuma Street designs look brilliant, in every sense of the word. You did a great job, front and back, and I'm glad to see you're rightfully proud of it. I have her Autumn Forest and a couple of bird designs in the back of my mind but am going now to look at the Zodiac designs.

Angela-Southern USA

It's beautiful Lucy! I learned as a child first embroidery then cross stitch, it's been awhile since I've done any but the new designers today are so inspiring. One to checkout.

Judith Thompson

Hi Lucy, so lovely to have you back. I do a lot of cross stitch ( as well as knitting, crocheting and making bunting ), I have a massive stash . Please can I highly recommend Jayne Schofield designs from the Stitching Shed? Her designs are so colourful and joyful, she even has books!!!!!!! Don't delay, look her up 😊🌈


Too expensive to buy all of that for one small picture - why is everything so expensive? - these things used to be so relatively cheap to make. Embroidery threads are cheaper in the US than here. I do quite like a few of them but overall I found the style dated so am not so tempted. Can't follow a chart now because of bad eyes (short and now long sighted) meaning different glasses for different things and none of them finely tuned enough. The black fabric absolutely would not work for me either.


I did a lot of cross stitch when my babies were wee. Wish I had known about the centre marking! Picked up an unfinished project, but sent it off to my sister instead. I’m happier Knitting her a blanket. Still love needlepoint. 💕


Hi Lucy,

Congratulations on your first cross stitch project! Beautifully done. I started my first cross stitch when I was six, and learned counted cross stitch when I was twelve. I am now 56, so have been doing it for 50 years now. Yikes! It is not my only hobby, and I am not fast, so my output is not prolific, but it has been a constant in my life. I will probably keep cross stitching as long as I can hold a needle and I'm not actually blind. I now have to wear special glasses, use really bright light and can no longer work on dark fabric - it is just too hard on my eyes. As far as designers go, I second the suggestion to look at The Frosted Pumpkin. They have downloadable charts in a kawaii style of design. They also have yearly mystery stitch-alongs. Another designer to look at is Ink Circles by Tracy Horner. I love her work, and although most of the designs look complicated, they are usually simpler than they appear, as most designs are symmetrical, which allows a lot of ability to stitch without constant reference to the chart. Most of her designs can be stitched in any color you desire - you have the freedom to make the design your own vision. Mirabilia by Nora Corbett has some beautiful designs, but most of these are not recommended for beginners because they are large and complicated. However, know thyself - I could not have attempted one of those when I first started in cross stitch, but my daughter at the age of 18, dove right into the deep end of the pool, and completed a Mirabilia mermaid for her second project. She completed more than a dozen Mirabilia designs in just a few years. Nora has another line that is smaller and less complicated, often themed around letters of the alphabet. A great place for easy browsing of cross stitch designs is 123stitch.com. Click on "cross stitch" at the top menu and then "cross stitch designers". You can look at their stock of charts by designer and get an idea of which ones you like. You can also look at the designs by subject or do a search for something specific. There is a whole world of threads, fabrics, designs and beads to discover and explore. I can offer you a couple of tips to make your stitching even better than it is now. Always make your crosses in the same direction every time. In my stitching, the bottom leg of my cross always, no exception, goes from top left corner to the bottom right corner, and the top leg always goes from top right corner to bottom left corner. I think this is opposite of most instructions, but I have been doing it this way since I was 12, so I am not changing now. I have never been dinged for it in any judging. The key is picking a way and doing it every single time. When stitching a horizontal row, make all the bottom legs of one color, skipping up to three or four stitches to continue a row, and then return, doing all of the top legs of that color. When stitching a vertical row, stitch each cross individually (bottom leg, then top leg), keeping the stitches running the same way each time. Stitching this way will neaten up the reverse of your work considerably. The exception to this is when using variegated thread - then all stitches have to be made individually. Be sure to separate each strand of thread individually from the strand of floss, let them untwist and then put them back together to form your stitching thread. This will help reduce knots and will help the floss lay more consistently. You can also use some Thread Heaven to help reduce tangling. For even more consistency, you can "railroad" your stitching on the top leg, or both legs. This means that you run your needle in between the two threads, splitting the floss as you insert the needle into the fabric. You can also use a laying tool, essentially a large needle to help make the threads lay flat and even. I vary what I do depending on my purpose and mood, but I now find myself railroading the top leg more often than not. Consistency in stitching and even tension are probably the most important aspects of beautiful stitching. An easy way to start a new thread when you are using two strands of floss is to cut the floss twice as long as needed. Pull one strand and double. Thread both cut ends into the eye of the needle, leaving the looped side at the end of the floss. Make the first stitch and run the needle through the loop on the underside, catching the thread on itself. Quick, easy and secure. Don't be afraid to change colors or modify designs to suit your vision of the piece. For good instructions on various ways of finishing cross stitch pieces, along with lots of other cross stitch info, visit https://thetwistedstitcher.blogspot.com/ Best wishes for happy cross stitching!

Jacquie Tinch

Kate recommended Michael Powell and I love his style. BUT they are a real faff to work. Lots of single, very similar coloured stitches and until you put the black outlines in the motifs blend into each other, so every black outline stitch has to be counted.


Try googling knit less loop start. I only found it recently but it's great when you only have a few stitches to do.

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