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March 26, 2018


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Sara Blasingame

I love to crosstitch I have been doing it since I have been about about 10yrs. old my grandmother started me to crosstitch, quilting and other things I am now 62 yrs.

Risper A Odondo

I love cross stitch. I live in Africa Kenya. How can I earn income out of cross stitch.?

nancy markuson

I just love the daisy pattern. Thank you for posting. I copied/pasted it, and plan to use it in my next cross stitch. Also, I love the pictures of the countryside you post. I am from New England, and it makes me long to head up to our cabin in New Hampshire.


Very brave of you stitching on dark fabric. Nice job!


Have you checked out Mr X Stitch? He’s fab:))


check out Frosted Pumpkin stitchery.

Lindalva maria

Eu amo ponto cruz como se chama aqui em meu país. Gostaria de ser umas 10 mulheres em uma só , para poder fazer todos estes trabalhos lindos vocês postam kkkkkk


Oh Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery has sweet cross stitch designs. Stitched models for everything. Thefrostedpumpkinstitchery.com


If you put a white napkin or blanket or pillowcase on your lap the holes in the black fabric are easier to see or a tap light from the Dollar Store or the £ store in your corner of the world! The lights are great for making the holes easier to see on dark fabric. Stitchrovia has wonderful designs also and Tiny Modernist.

Sandy B (Australia)

Dear Lucy, that was the most satisying blog post read I have ever encoutered. I love your wit, your sheer joy at the simple pleasures in life and your neverending beautiful creativeness. I love knowing you are in the world, and making it a nicer place to be. A big warm hug and cheerful smile to you and yours Lucy. XoX 🌸

Alice Gatto

Oh my goodness, I love that your foray into cross stitching is as colorful as your crochet work has always been. I don't usually do that kind of work, I'm more a crocheter and quilter, but those two examples are amazing and now I'll have to try cross stitching too.

I love your posts.

alice g

Hazel Henry

Now you’re talking!! You know I’m a big stitcher so I can def reccommend best places for threads etc.. Lakeside Needlecraft is best place to buy threads. Etsy also have a ton of designers that you will love. You may like Stitchrovia as she works with lots of bright colours. Bothy threads do some wonderful animal designs that would be right up your street by designer Hannah Dale. I’ve just completed Fox in Foxgloves. Glad you’re enjoying your stitching journey xxx


I love the black Aida cloth with the bright colors stitched on it. I’m glad you found another craft that makes you happy. I love the birds and the fish.
Your mantel is lovely. I have a Manzanita branch that I decorate for the holidays. Decorated blown out eggs, sweet little Easter ornaments and other bits and ends find their way onto the branch. Even my holiday pins and earrings! I agree with you about the decorating - it’s mostly just for me and the delight I have seeing my favorite decorations emerging from the storage boxes. Never lose that fun side to you!

Gillian Roe

Love love LOVE this Lucy. I am a huge cross stitch fan, for much the same reasons you are. Sometimes it really feels good to just follow a pattern that someone else has written, rather than making it up. I adore Alicia Paulson's patterns and am half way through her "My Sweetpie ABCs" pattern which is a delight. xx

Sarah G

I started cross stitching about 5 years ago - also after seeing a Satsuma Street design!! :) I love them! It is so addictive too, and I love my stitching as much as my crochet! My favourite designers (besides Satsuma Street) are The Frsoted Pumpkin Stitchery, Cloudsfactory, Brookes Books Publishing, and Shannon Christine Designs :) Its such a fab hobby! Oh, and wait until you discover hand dyed fabrics - now there is another addiction within itself! Chromatic Alchemy and Crafty Kitten Fabrics are 2 of my faves :) x

Mich Brown

Thanks to you I’ve now “favourited” Satsuma Street on Etsy. I’m going to need a bigger house to display all those cities lol! Cross stitch was the first textile craft I tried back in the 80s when I was small, and then I adored Jo Verso’s designs (and stole my mum’s copies of her books!). I’ve just discovered Emma Congdon and started her “Eat Sleep Craft Repeat” design while waiting for more Stylecraft DK silver to come back in stock so I can finish my first ripple blanket! Trouble is, like you, I’m finding the cross stitch too addictive and I can’t put it down now. I’ve already sorted the fabric for my next one - another Emma Congdon, this time her “G&T” design for the kitchen. And maybe a pretty city or two...


Needlepoint is similar and very rewarding.


I love counted cross stitch for all those reasons.
At one time I had every DMC color, just because


So very pretty! Thanks for the recommendation, I love her colors and designs :). Many years ago I was obsessed with cross stitch so I have a ton of DMC thread and fabric. I've never stitched on black fabric though, not sure about trying it either. As pretty as it is I don't think these old eyes could take it. Enjoy, it's a wonderful craft. It's perfect for summer time when it gets too humid and hot here to deal with yarn projects.


I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for all the work you put into the blanket tutorials. I can tell the great amount of time and effort it must take to write out and photograph each step for your readers. I just finished the beautiful woodland ripple and enjoyed the project immensely. Getting ready to start the harmony using woodland colors as a gift and then the summer harmony. Should keep me busy for a while! Many many thanks!

Patricia Farghaly

Yesi have been doing it since
The 1960s..The fish is my birthday too. Right now I'm doing two pillow cases. You can get the thread at the craft store. I use to go to the one in Manchester city store. The thread was Persian . It was beautiful. Have fun. Your work is lovely.


Gorgeous design and execution! I discovered counted cross stitch several decades ago and have been happy to see its resurgence lately as a home based business for many women (and a few men!). It is just as you say, a little scary to start with blank cloth but mesmerizing to see the design appear as you make the simple stitch. You were brave to start with a design requiring so many colors :) I'll have to remember your idea to remove the screw before stitching with a flexible hoop. Clever!


I love Satsuma Street! Glad you found her. I also really love The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. :)



Love it but cross stitching, no way. Did this massive alphabet with dogs for my oldest son. It was monks work. Not enjoying it like I do crochet, knitting or painting. Looks lovely though. You do keep making colourful crochet designs? Or can we expect needlework designs in the future ;>p


Welcome in a new world!

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