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February 09, 2018


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Jen DeFant

Anne Dyer, I hope you see this. I'd love to see your blanket finished and the order of your stripes. It's lovely.


Looking for the extra Part 6 rows for the larger blankets!
I'm about to embark on Part 6 and need the extra rows promised for the larger blanket. I suppose I could just make them up, and then, my blanket would be special. But are you going to post them?

Frances Dent

Hi Lucy,
I still cannot find the extra rows for the double/king size Random woodland blanket.I'm wondering if I am looking in the wrong place!!? Please could you write them here???? Thank you in anticipation!

Frances Dent

Please, please, please can we have the last sequence of colours for the Random woodland blanket?. I can't move on until it's given!

Jane M.

Long time stalker, first time poster ;)

I'm getting ready to start my blanket (just a few weeks behind...) but was going to do the Cozy Stripe pattern with the Woodland color palette in a double/king.

Two questions: you mentioned somewhere you would be posting the final round of random colors for those who were making bigger blankets. I've dug around and couldn't find it. Is it out there somewhere, and I've missed it?

And would you recommend using this slipstream edging for the Cozy Stripe pattern as well? I really like the slipstream.

Thanks - and I love ALL the things you make - and come back again and again to use your patterns (which you do SOOOOOO much better than most)!


More blankets to love! I'm still yearning over the colourwash Harmony one. My order of Stylecraft from Wool Warehouse finally arrived (there was a computer glitch and I was being patient); I did tell them several times that I placed that order because of you, although it wasn't one of your yarn packs. So I hope they passed that on to you . . . It's amazingly soft and lovely colours (and I bought the colour card, too, so I can really tell about the colours). I'm planning to buy a Guppy Friend washing bag so I can launder it safely and keep the wee plastic fibres out of the oceans. I'll buy that while I'm in the UK this summer and save on the shipping. By the way, I have my ticket for the Yarndale weekend and I certainly hope to see you there, even though I know it must be brief. And if I'm super-lucky, I shall stop by Cooper's for a treat and bring my handwork. Lucy, I love your designs, small and large, and I have been telling friends about them as well as using the Cosy Stripe and Hydrangea to help my friend from Tacoma get back into crocheting. She loves your work, too. I'm from B.C., but stayed with her last winter and may be doing that again next winter. Anyway, thanks so much for all your work and for the tutorials; among the best I've come across!!

Kimberly Griffin

Hello Lucy! Just wanted to share a funny story...

I have been following your Woodland CAL but so far I’m only in “week 3”. Work has been busy and I can’t crochet as much or as long as I want. Anyway, I’m finishing the last stripe with Cypress and realize I’m not going to have enough, but continued to “play chicken”... I lost...four inches before the end of the row!!! Ugh!! Now what?! Well, I decided to go to Wool Warehouse to order another Cypress skein, but then I thought,”Obviously, my stitches are looser than Lucy’s and I’ll probably run out of other colors, so I guess I’ll just order another kit”. So a few key strokes later and I’m happily satisfied that I’ll be able to complete the Woodland blanket without any more “snags”!

But wait, I still want to crochet since I have the time!! What to do, what to do?! Then I remembered I also have the Moorland kit!! Yippee! I’ll just start on that one until the other yarn gets here! So I skip over to my cabinet and pull out the beautiful organza bag. My fingers were tingling as I untied the ribbon.... and what did I find, on top, in all it’s glory?! A skein of CYPRESS! Wow! I can’t believe I didn’t check here before I placed my order. I only needed maybe about one foot of yarn to complete my row! Sometimes I have the craziest luck

So what am I planning to do with the kit I ordered and all that extra yarn? I think I’ll just make a pillow cover to match!!

Hope you enjoyed a little giggle over my story, as I am very much enjoying your Woodland blanket!

Happy hooking, my friend,
Kimberly, Georgia, USA


Making this woodland blanket has helped me get through a tough time - has been therapeutic to nestle down with my blanket - though I've think I've actually made it twice! Am on painkillers which leave me dozy so have had to make lots of corrections - but I've made it and now feel quite bereft :[
Looking forward to this Friday's CAL but will be sad to completely finish my blanket.

Kathryn Ashe

Hope you are feeling better. So sorry for you😟. In spite of your illness, you have put in so much time for us. You are an amazing person😃.

Angela Corney

Hi Lucy, after a tricky start in the first week - I persisted and managed to master the pattern in week 2. I have been totally addicted and mesmerised by the beautiful colours. Set myself the challenge to catch up and enjoyed ever minute of it. I gave myself a target of completing 3 colour changes each day and it worked! Am using this week to snuggle under those gorgeous colours and darn in all those pesky ends as left them until now - but that's ok. Can't wait to finish it off with the edging and then start the next one for daughter number two and her camper van! Thankyou it's been such a joy! Angela in Shoreham

Lynne Hannmann

Hope you are okay. Can you tell me when the extra rows for the random color sequence will be posted? Thank you, Lynne

Aimee Dewar

Thanks so much for so much beauty! Any progress on the extra random rows?

Polly Macleod

What a beautiful, pretty, colourful post. You are all very clever, your work is gorgeous. Your room looks so cosy.


It is beautiful but I have developed a sensitivity to acrylic yarn. Feeling very bummed about this. It seems to be the white especially so have yet to try Stylecraft colors. Blanket is about a third of the way along.


Thank you Lucy for another lovely CAL, so helps me get through those Winter Blues, l hear there is a rumour of possibility a Sweet Pea blanket, l do hope so as l love your choice of colours, Enjoy Half Term.

Camping Blanket 

Thanks for coming in to inspect my facility! You helped determine which blanket was right for me!


Fabulous blankets all round. What a wonderful journey it's been perfect for injecting beautiful colours in to two uncolourful months of the year here on the Pennines!! Happy half term Lucy xxx

Anne dyer

Thank you for showing my blanket. I’m loving these colours so much. Can’t wait for the edging.


Oh My! We need Sandra to guest on your blog and show us how to make those squirrels!!!!

sandra dorey

Love seeing all the wonderful blankets being created.
Thank you for the mention Lucy. These little squirrels are giving me the run around - getting the pattern right is ......well ..... hmm ... difficult! It turns out pattern writing is no picnic, but I'll keep at it!

Teresa Kasner

I love each and every one of the blankets using your selected Woodland yarn colors! I'm working along on mine and am looking forward to seeing the ta-dah photos.. it's going to take me awhile! LOL! Love yours! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Kathryn Grimshaw

Fabulous blankets! Every single one is an absolute masterpiece!
Well done Lucy for providing inspiration to us all!

Angela-Southern USA

I love them all! There is nothing like the woolly community! I look forward to seeing what you come up with for the border. I've just started a ripple in the round blanket for a gift, not so much free rein with the color choices...but I enjoy getting lost in the stitches and colors all the same, and to have the warmth of the blanket as it grows. Have a fab weekend Lucy!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I am caught up this week so can dive in to do the last rows. I have so enjoyed making this blanket, my first adult sized blanket and all for me! Thank you for this CAL and your inspiring words. I made a slight error in the first section, using silver instead of grey, but have enough to finish the blanket with silver, I think. No one will ever know, don’t tell, shhhh. I love my blanket!

sue silva

Beautiful colours and patterns!

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