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February 02, 2018


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This is incredibly unique to me... And just beautiful... I love it.

Camping Blanket 

Fabulous blankets! Every single one is an absolute masterpiece!
Well done Lucy for providing inspiration to us all!

Ruth Langford

Hi Lucy, thank you for including Benji and Bongo in your blog post - they are now behaving like superstars and demanding only the finest organic vegetables 😉

Teresa Kasner

I love your color story Woodland blanket! I'm doing my own thing with my blanket, but using your color choices - I'm kind of doing a color flow thing. I've put up photos on my blog if you want to see how mine is coming. I'm wayyyy behind, but I love how you make everyone comfortable with doing it at their own speed.. even when it's slow.. lol. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Dear Lucy, I have enjoyed reading your blog for years. Recently I've become aware of the catastrophic effect of microplastics on the environment. Synthetic textiles like acrylic are a significant factor, shedding fibres that end up in oceans and ultimately in our food.

I feel bad about this because I know that your yarn packs have become very popular and are a source of income for you. I've even bought a few myself. But the realisation that we are feeding our children tiny bits of plastic has made it necessary for me to try and spread awareness of this serious problem. You have such a huge following that if you wrote about this on your blog it would really make a difference. I can't ask you or anyone else to abandon acrylic yarn altogether, but using it only in things that don't need washing would help.



Wish I knew how to crochet better and could partake in this making of the blanket! Your photo's are truly magnificent! Love your menagerie of animals too! You are like me, I have three dogs (was 4, but lost my sweet Bea just over a year ago)and I have three cats. I used to have birds years ago as well, but the cats I have now would make lunch out of them. :(
Your photos are great and such a lovely choice of colours in your blanket!

Tuula Maaria

Even though I'm not making the blanket, I love seeing photos of it! Especially love the brightest colours. Lovely photo with the horse too :)

Sue Dodman

Hi Lucy, What a glorious sunny, but cold, morning here. Celebrations - I have finished Week 2,starting Week 3 tonight AND we had a Great Spotted Woodpecker on the peanut feeder this morning, after it visited yesterday AND have had a visit for two days now of a little Gold Crest. Totally random, I know, but just an exciting and colourful day. Still admiring and itching to use the soft colours too. xxx


Hi - I haven't posted on here before, but wanted to say how much I am enjoying my first ever CAL. The lovely work you put in with your photos and chat is ever so nice. I am, like some others, miles behind, but just enjoying the ride. I broke off this week to crochet my husband a hat. I was so pleased to finish it and get back to my lovely blanket. Nearly finished week 2, the colours are much more stunning in real life than I thought they would be. I was thinking of gifting it when I finished, but not so sure now!!!

Gấu Teddy

look so cute

Joan Allan

Got ahead with the woodland blanket and while browsing found your jolly bag pattern. I didn't have any chunky so used two strands of dk from my cozy blanket. As the crochet grew a beautiful soft tweed effect emerged,then instead of flowers I embellished with little soft squidgy pom-poms. Now focused on part 5 and already anticipating the left over yarn, could be a trim to the roman blinds in my kitchen - inspired by your chunky poncho trim. Thank for all your work and letting us into your world. Keep well.


This is my first CAL, and whilst I'm a bit behind, I'm really enjoying it! And yes, I know it's not a race to the finish, so I'm not worried about being slow - I want to enjoy the journey.

A question, though, about the amount of yarn left. I weighed and have only 21g of one of the colours after all the stripes - will that be enough?

Thanks for all your lovely posts!


Hi Lucy,
I love your blankets and every week I visit the attic. I'm from Holland and I hope my English is not too bad. I do'nt join the woodland cal. It is beautiful but I already made an autumn ripple blanket in 2015.
I hope you will visit my blog.

Angela-Southern USA

Love the ripples, in the blanket and the socks!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Lucy, great idea about the socks. I didn't join the moorland CAL, but I did knit a pair of socks that would match it. So those are now known as my moorland socks :-) I am really enjoying this CAL, thank you so much for all the work you put into it.

sue silva

Adorable post, Lucy!

Helen Welsh

Such beautiful ripply goodness filling your post this morning Lucy! I am so enjoying this Woodland walk, I’m way behind but not bothered at all because a) I’m making mine 72” wide and b) it just means I get to enjoy these glorious waves of color for longer! Thank you so much for creating & organising this CAL it’s the perfect hooky for this time of the year 😊 hope you have a better week yourself, hugs from sunny Scotland!
Helen x


Gosh I do love a ripple! The last ripple I made at the beginning of 2017 was used and abused straight away and is looking a little bit sorry for itself. I think it's actually my favourite of all the ripples that I've made, so I really want to make another. There is something just so soothing in making a ripple. It's such a gentle pattern, but it looks so amazing when finished. xxxx

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