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February 06, 2018


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I think mandalas are incredibley creative, but the only one I have ever tried to make has been a complete failure. So much so that I am planning to unpick it back to the first 8 rounds or so, when it still layed flat!

As for quick projects...Yes please! I have been making a Hydrangea blanket since last May and it still isn't finished, so recently I started a Crochet Lion kit from Aldi just to give me something different to do. I'm not convinced blankets and I are good bedfellows - they take so long!


Beautiful Lucy ♥ And yes short projects sure help, I love doing crochet fingerless mittens. Must do a mandala again as I gifted the only one I have made. ☺

Pat Scott

So beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Elaine Paton

That is beautiful Lucy! I have made a few to put under my vases, but none as striking as this. I feel another project coming on. 😉Just started the Woodland blanket this afternoon and it is very therapeutic. I love all your work and reading your blog. Thank you. Xxx

sue silva

I think my granddaughters would love these!

Kathryn Grimshaw

Your Mandalas are lovely, and I am sorely tempted, but I am also tempted to make the Woodland blanket because I love the colours so much!
I am also looking for a diversion as I have made several blankets since discovering your lovely welcoming site and I am feeling the need to make something smaller.
I have made several cosy stripe blankets as everyone admired the first one I made for myself.
I have a question I hope you can help me with Lucy. I have made cushions to match the cosy stripe blanket but I had to cobble together a little as I didn’t know how many stitches to chain to start with and ended up with less than needed.
Have you any idea how many I would need to chain to make a 16 inch square cushion? Thank you in anticipation of your valued help, and for all you do to inspire us all.


I adore Mandala's and often partake of the "therapy" they offer :) Yours is so pretty, I'll be looking up that old pattern on here to give it a try.

Note: I saw a crocheted purse on Pinterest that had a Mandala sewn to it. The purse was all one color and rather plain but the designer then added a HUGE Mandala to it that took up 3/4 of the front and part of the side. She then did some little embroidered embellishments, here and there, on the rest of the purse. What a fun way that would be to use your creations :)

Angela Taylor

Hello Lucy
I’m half way through part 4 of the woodland blanket (a wedding gift for a friend who marries in May ) and was getting a bit twitchy for a quick make, I love your use of colour and I feel my weekly purchase of daffodils displayed in a glass pint pot will definitely benefit from a cheeky mandala, thanks for the idea xxxx😘💐

Sue Rose

I have many mandalas made to your pattern....sideboard, table, window sills......I love them.....different colours according to the time of year...... xx

Winwick Mum

These are fab, and very cheerful for the dull days we've had recently! xx

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