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February 06, 2018


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Stella Harrison

So excited to find this post, I love your wonderful sense of colour and fun. 🌈🌈🌈

Kathryn Pless

I love mandalas. They are quick and give me a chance to use up those pesky bits of yarn I have leftover. I really like the hooped ones. I may have to give them a try. Thanks for sharing!

Becky in Texas

Lucy, thank you so much!!! Now I know I'm not alone when I am working on a big project and have a sudden urge to stop and switch gears, and begin on an idea swirling around my mind...... I'm just not being distracted.....I'm being creative!!!!!

Wendy Stewart

I found the Mandala lin on left hand side - so that's great!....thanks again for sharing all your lovely work

Wendy Stewart

Hello - I tried to click on "mandala madness" to access your stitch ideas - but it failed. Also I cannot successfully "subscribe" - I have tried that link periodically over last few weeks. Maybe it's me....? Lovely work and joyful bright blog x


I do want to! And I want to thank you for the cheerful blog posts. They bring “a pick me up” to so many of us. February is a different month for me and I’m grateful for the color diversion and the messages you send out that draw us all together when we live in a world that seems very disconnected.

Angela-Southern USA

You always tempt me Lucy with your beautiful crochet! lol Love the mandalas! I always keep one or two out in my kitchen and find the need to make a new one regularly. I even do smaller ones as coasters, and I have two large ones (like the Yarndale ones) hanging in different rooms of my house instead of a picture. I'm thinking of adding more yarn bombing outdoors this year (to go with my pink yarn bombed bike) and just may make some of the big hoops for my porch. I can just see them now,twirling in the wind outside my window...


so very uplifting and beautiful! a always have a kindred spirit with your colour combinations~ bright happy's! ~ i love the mandala's hanging up...i have filled my home with daffs, tulips and pale pink roses~ its wet out side but looks like spring inside! ;) x


I would love to make them, they would suit my home, but I am not very good at joining in new colours, often they have come undone. Any advice/tips?

Susan Smith

Lovely Lucy & know what you mean by something small occasionally. I'll keep these in mind. take care.

Crafty Cath

I know exactly what you mean by quick colour fix. Your mandalas are just the ticket! Good job Lucy :)

Elizabeth Wittig

The mandalas look lovely - I really need to learn crochet - knitting has always been my thing. I'm getting to grips with socks just now.

Loz Lloyd

I love making them especially if they use up little leftover balls of cotton. They look bright and cheerful under things. And they are quick and simple and totally gratifying having a finished project so quickly,


Like the mandalas but not my home style and certainly not my best beloveds. Have finally got round to making cushions to match Moorland blanket with leftover yarn and khaki backs. Cushion pads 17 in or 43 cm, wanted covers to be slightly stretched. I wanted cushion fabric not to show so a dense fabric. I used 81 chain and 3.5 hook, 35 coloured stripes for front and overlap and 32 stripes for back, finishing each top edge with 1st stripe row and a row dc in khaki. Used 6 khaki buttons and between the trebles for buttonholes as you suggested. One cushion matches bottom sequence and the other top. Other people may need to experiment with hook size.

Mary W

I keep checking to see that I have enough yarn to finish the Woodland Walk and I'm sure I do. It is huge and perfect for my grandson's youth bed. I've been amazed at how relaxing and fun this blanket is to make. I love making the rows and can now do one color band in 45 minutes. I have enjoyed seeing colors next to each other as it grows, the rhythm and warmth, and the joy when my 2 yo grandson comes and says blankey and pets it. He will soon be in his new bed and this special blanket will be waiting for him. THANK YOU!


I crocheted the mandalas and yous them to decorate glases which contain coloured buttons. Looks so nice in my shelf. Mmmm thinking about creating an Instagram account. I think I should have one now. But first a little Woodland work then Mandala and afterwards Instagram. Thanks a lot for sharing your creativity! Follow your blog since 6 years know and still LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


Lovely, especially when they're hung outside in the breeze under the trees. I know exactly what you mean about needing a little creative diversion from time to time, I get the same thing. CJ xx


I put my crochet mandala over the top of my yarn & shopping baskets ~ a colourful way to cover up :-)


I made some Mandalas but called them dream catchers using finer cotton. They were lovely and my two little granddaughters loved them and they are still hanging in their bedroom windows to catch their dreams.


If I need an easy project I like to make small granny squares which are turned into blankets for charity.

Ali Allen

I love the look and idea of these mandalas but my other half sees any small crochet piece as pointless and twee! I'm currently working on the Cottage Ripple blanket - thanks so much Lucy for the inspiration, I'm loving it!

Teresa Kasner

I absolutely love the piece you made for the table.. it's perfect to set off your spring flower bouquets and protects the table, too. Thank you for the inspiration!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I have never made a mandala, and I can't see a use for one. I prefer to make scarves, I have quite a few crocheted ones!

carolyn jackson

I love mandalas too, only yesterday put a photo of some on instagram, carocraft 20, about to make some more, yours is lovely, i will make it again., i love the splash of colour in a room. Carolyn.


I made your mandala wheel for the porthole window in the door of my significant other's shop & he loves it :)

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