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February 28, 2018


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Gwen Holmes

I love your site Lucy. It cheers me up no end in these dull winter days. And the photographs are wonderful - I was brought up in the country & miss it terribly. I'm searching your archive for my next project - I've done the hydrangea, raindrop & almost finished the log cabin. I usually make a matching cushion from the 'leftovers' but think I'll save them now for the little balls. Keep cheering us up - we love you.

Miss Daisy

I like your fireplace , it has an old world look , which is refreshing ! Love your pretties , they're not busy but pleasing to the eye . I'm almost finished with my autumn garland , used your pattern but switched it up a bit . What are you working on now ? I know you're making a new pretty for fall , looking forward to seeing and making it cause I Know I will just love it . Have a blessed day.

Maqsood iqbal

Wawo This is amazing


Hi Lucy from France ! Thank you so much for the inspiration and everything you bring to life, it's so joyful, colorful and lively. I suggest you to have a look on this russian artist, Vera Shimunia, who is just stunning with embroidery. For sure, you will love her work !!! She is on Instagram and Etsy, as a safe way to get her link on the internet. Let us know if your heart beats too for it (promise, I've no personnal interest in it, just the will to share some beauty). Take care !!!


You have inspired me with your funky cross stitch! Can't wait to see what you're working on! I am also thinking Satsuma Street...which I think you would love! I noticed you seem to be using quite a sharp needle. This might be your preference, but a tapestry needle with a rounded tip glides better through your fabric and doesn't split your thread on the back, which gives a better finish. Hope you don't mind a cross stitch tip, I have learned so much from your crochet tips!


Gorgeous. I don't have a mantle though. I wonder if my boss would mind a garland of little balls wrapped around my desk? (LOL)

I used to have a Bradford Pear tree in my front yard and the blooms look very similar. They're not indigenous to southern Indiana although they're very popular here. One of the first to bloom in spring and one of the last to lose their leaves in fall. They don't have long lives. Once they reach a certain age they tend to split in half and land on the roof of your house in strong winds. (Hence "used to have").

Deb, Wisconsin, USA

Where I live counted cross stitch was very popular in the 80's then it phased out but I've noticed lately that it's making a comeback with new fresh designs. I'm kind of getting the itch myself. I'm excited to see what you have found!


Such a beautiful and inspiring post! I loved each and every image. My winter colour palette would consist of white, grey, pale blue, light brown (snow, sky and landscape) and cherry red (berries). Embroidery and cross stitch is such fun, but I must finish some of my WIPs before I think about those. Thank you for sharing your creativity.
Cathy x


Love the garland and the mantel. Where did you get that tree? I'm in the process of reducing my stash - but I've realised that the colours in your garland are MY colours - so here goes! Stash rebuilt!

Teresa Kasner

I adore your colorful ball garland! Your mantel is just divine. My mantel is in another room from our den so I do all my decorating on the dining room table. I currently have a small collection of St. Patrick's Day things on my table along with a pot of real life Shamrocks. I posted it all on my blog if you're curious. I'm still totally loving the Woodland blanket I'm working on. It's my "Lucy Blanket". ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Angela-Southern USA

Love them! Such a lovely winter addition! Winter colors that come to my mind are the blues and white combo, not sure why when we rarely have the white stuff here. I just finish bringing out my spring hooky items to display, my mini bunting in pastels with tiny crocheted daffodils, along with my chicks and bunnies to pop into mini baskets and pots. (Since we've been in the mid 70's F of late.)It's feeling more like spring everyday. Enjoy the white stuff and embroidery!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Across the Pond

"It feels like a little bit of magic when it happens, it is such an unbelievably calm feeling where nothing else seems to register except for the gentle pull of the thread through the surface of the fabric."

yep, that's meditation in a nutshell.

For what it's worth, My winter colors are both white and cream, with a heavy dose of grey, lots of green and splashes of red. Think Cardinal in pine tree.

Amazing cross stitch. You are daring using black. YOU GO GIRL.


Is it Satsuma Street cross stitching designs? She was the first person who made me want to cross stitch too! I really love her patterns. :)


Lucy your mantelpiece is, as always, beautiful - I just love your new garland, the balls! This has inspired me and I may just have to rummage in my stash to find suitable colours. I was given a lovely bunch of mixed colour tulips a week ago and will be sad to see them go in a few days time, I may just manage to find similar colours for a "ball" garland. At the moment I am making a flock of sheep! This is just a fill in while I decide on what my next bigger project might be. I'm looking forward to seeing your cross stitch work, it certainly can become very addictive, I have been there in the past AND wouldn't take much persuading to pick it up again. Keep well and cosy. Annette x


Lovely! I really enjoy decorating with cards as well. They are inexpensive, easy to change out and you can support and sample so many talented artists. Love the ball garland!


I absolutely love your gorgeous mantel!! and everything looks so beautiful on it. thanks for sharing!

Lynne Stankard

Hello Lucy - there I was minding my own business having a peek at Bloglovin' - and a bit like Alice (you know that Wonderland kid!!) fell into Attic24 - OMG! Your fireplace is THE most gorgeous fireplace in the whole world - please, please, please never change it - it is beautiful. I love all your cute and pretty stuff - your balls (smirk!) go so well against the brown and those gorgeous colours convinced me Spring must follow this Beast from the East, as I sit watching my garden table being blown to the other end of the garden!! So after being so inspired I'm off to make birthday cards in spring type colours. Lynne x

Miss Daisy

I simply love your posts your patterns and just everything about you . I hope you do not change anything about your fireplace , it's classic. You have the perfect fireplace. Your little balls are just darling. Love the weather you are having , we have one season - hot. Stay warm and have a God filled day.


Your embroidery looks beautiful Lucy. I love your ball garland. I often think how lovely your mantel looks, mine is usually bare except when it's laden under greetings cards. It's the dust from the fire, it's constant, I hate dusting so tend to keep it clear. Beginning to think that's boring. Thanks for the inspiration. Cathy x

Winwick Mum

You've picked lovely colours for your wintery balls (and I'm smirking as I write this too! ;) xx


I don't have a gorgeous brown mantelpiece but I change the cover of my couch and chairs. As the winter denim colour is of and the spring china blue is on the couch I put bulbs and Azalea's on the tables and the scent of spring comes in with it. (I've got a bright pink summer cover XD)The crochet blankets change with it. Bonnie's cable pastels are up and Jen's Amanzi is throwing happy colours around. Your flower wreaths inspire me to make one in pastels for on my iron heart. So we keep our self busy do we! Meditation is pure alertness Lucy, all distraction is gone and full focus is there. In the old language, Sanskrita, of the yoga it's called Dhyana, pure concentration. Samadhi, contemplation, is pure oneness with All. But then no stitching is done ;>p


Your fireplace is gorgeous the brown carved surround looks perfect.Snow day for me in Uttoxeter so crochet by the fireside after dog walking in the park⛄️Bliss😊

Susan Smith

What a lovely wintry post. Love your balls decorating the fireplace & you are just so lucky have a mantel to play with, as we don't have anything like that. The flowers are going to gorgeous once fully out. Take care & stay warm.

Aleta Randall

Love your little balls Lucy.

Helen Welsh

Your winter mantelpiece looks lovely, beautiful colors in that sweet little garland! Lovely to see you finding the joys of stitching, there are some very different designers getting their fresh take on cross stitch out there now thanks to Etsy etc. 😊 cross stitch has always been my first crafty love & I have stitched on black and navy Aida many times. It helps show up the holes to put a white piece of printer paper (or even a paper kitchen towel) on your lap. Of course if you can sit near a power point then a laptop or tablet with a blank word document on the screen is even better! (I’ve found it really drains the battery tho’!). Anyways enjoy your stitching & the snow, I’m trying not to be jealous as we have had some this winter but right now have a bare dusting lol.

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