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January 26, 2018


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Very beautiful and inspirational works. I like it.

sylvia vanderbooren

i love to crochet this blanket, the colors are so nice. Is part 5 allready online, i can not find it.

Sharon Gibson

Love your blanket, its lovely. Have a look at this weeks bbc radio 4 inside health programme on iplayer. There is some new research on iron supplements, it sounds brill. Instead of taking them every day, you take a smaller dose 3 times a week which improves absorption and with less side effects. X

Helen Muir

Once your Iron levels are back to normal, Spatone daily can be useful for keeping them up. It is water in sachets from Wales which has a high natural Iron content. I have found it quite good.


I forgot to thank your other readers who shared solutions to the anaemia problem. I've made a note of all the suggestions, as it will be helpful when I'm over there. Thanks a lot, ladies. ~ Linne


Lucy, this is an amazing blanket and I am enjoying watching everyone's progress so much.

Sorry you are having health challenges; anaemia runs in my family on my Mum's side. Two of my sisters faint frequently. Several women take B12 injections or tablets. I had anaemia back when I was in my early 20s, but had a very progressive woman doctor who recommended getting the full range of B vitamins (they work together) from nutritional yeast, wheat germ or liv1970er. I still eat some every week. I add wheat germ to all my baking and I like it toasted on salad, too. The yeast is great on popcorn, salads, sandwiches and more. She told me to start with just a bit to let my body get used to it and to increase the amount when I began to really like it. I have not had anaemia since then (1970). However, I learned when my Mum was in hospital for most of her last year that electrolyte levels can fluctuate quite a bit and sometimes quite rapidly, with a variety of consequences. I'm about to have my levels checked (I'm not ill, but am going to be out of Canada and in the UK for a year or so), just to be sure. Anyway, I find it's best to do what works for you; just sharing what worked for me in the hope that it helps a bit. If not for you, no worries. I rarely suggest anything online, so I hope you don't mind.

Whatever path you take, I hope you are feeling well again soon. Not fun being under the weather. I am still sending you Love and Light every morning.

~ Linne


Todo me gusta. Precioso. Donde puedo tener. El patria de la colcha ??

Pat Whitaker

Hi Lucy,
I possibly use the same surgery as you and had to start iron supplements almost 20 years ago as levels were very low. It was recommended that I buy over the counter 'iron' and the brilliant chemist I saw understood when I said I had difficulty remembering to take tablets throughout the day when I am busy with other things. They recommended Ferrograd which is a slow release tablet with more iron content than most others on the market and you only have to take one a day, brilliant. Did the job for me as I just kept by the kettle for the breakfast brew.
Good luck with t all,
regards Pat

sue silva

A feast for the eyes, one and all!

Susan Waterston

Hi Lucy , I wonder if you have any idea when the woodland wool packs will be back in stock please .
Thanks Susan


How can I send you a Photo of my blanket??
(My previos comment was all wrong due to aurocorrect and different language!)


Hon can I sendoxan you a Photoshop of mycket woodland blankett?

janet hines

Is there anywhere else you can get a kit from as it's says it's not in stock and I would love to do one when I have time in a month or so


good morning Lucy so sorry to hear that you have been under the weather, being under your blanket as you work will help your healing I'm sure.
I have so much to thank you for, thro' you I have found a new hobby, new creating friends and an ability to use colour in a way I hadn't known possible. My horizons have been broadened and my love for nature enhanced.
I hope you will indulge me for being a little bit gleefull I finished my Summer Harmony Blanket t 7.15pm last night. My first crochet project. Taa da. Its beautiful and in prime place in the sitting room for all to see. so thank you thank you again.
Be well Denise.

Sue Dodman

Hi Lucy, I just wanted to check out something with you - I've come across a website selling Woodland Walk Packs for the Attic24 CAL. I was a little concerned as they are selling them a little cheaper than WW, and does it mean that for all your hard work you do not get any commission on this other site? If you need to, please contact me and I will give you details.
Loving the blanket - I'm on stripe nine of week two now, somewhat behind but the challenge of catching up and the gorgeous colours are keeping me going!!
Sorry to hear you are not feeling too well, I hope your iron levels settle and that you start feeling a lot better soon.
Keep calm and crochet! x

Hazel c uk

Your blanket is coming along beautifully.
I have had anaemia all my life I remember when I was about 10 (70 years ago) having iron injections and even now I am still having them occasionally even thou I have had loads of tests they can not find out why my iron levels drop. I eat sensibly and lead an active life. I had blood tests this morning to see how I was doing. I do hope you feel better soon.

Hazel c uk

Deanna Carpinelli

Hi Lucy
I’ve had anemia all my life if until 2009 when it got so bad that I needed blod transfusions and iron infusions. Now I’ve been fighting stage 4 esophagus cancer for 22 months. Even though I’ve had 20 straight rounds of chemotherapy, two sessions of radiation ( the last one in November was for 12 days every day) and 9 months of immunotherapy....
My iron levels and all blood health levels are normal ( with the exception of cancer)
I’m getting better too the cancer has diminished
Most people who never had anemia get it with these treatments
But not me never again
Here is what I do
I take highly absorbable supplements either liquid or chewable
B 12
Liquid super Multi
Liquid iron
And some others to combat chemo including liquid folic acid and magnesium
I get them at the health food store high quality not cheap
I’m praying your anemia leaves forever
Thanks for your wonderful blog
From Sunny Temecula California

Trish Annie Stevens

Hi Lucy. I'm sorry to hear your anaemia is still a problem. I use Spatone, which is a natural iron supplement. It is simply iron rich spring water from Wales. It doesn't have any of the side effects associated with most iron supplements. It's available from some pharmacies, and also from Amazon. I hope you are feeling better soon. xx


I too have fallen behind on week 3. Life has taken over my spare time at the moment. My hubby kept feeling a bit like you Lucy after numerous tests, different drugs etc he was found to be B12 deficient and now on three monthly injections. They also told him he could possibly need a pacemaker in years to come. That came about because of the original tests. So keep going back if you still don't feel right. X


Lucy, remember to take care of yourself. I have fallen behind this week and am only on Stripe 33. Eventually I will get there.

Rosemary Baggott

Dear Lucy, I'm so enjoying making the woodland blanket, with slight variation (added couple of extra stripes of soft reds, and substituted a muddy colour for the grey). Haven't got the equipment to send a picture. So sorry to hear of your anaemia problem. When it is sorted, try taking a regular dose of "Metatone" available at any good chemist - works absolute wonders for me, pulls me right back up to feeling good. Years ago the doctor suggested my body needed the extra boost to keep my iron levels well adjusted, and for me it really works.
Much love for all the pleasure you spread around, and get strong again soon. Rosemary.


Lucy, I wish you a speedy recovery with an answer to the iron-level issues with which you have been struggling. I remember having issues with my iron level years ago, and it is incredibly draining. Get rest when you need it!


The blankets are all so beautiful!


Sorry you're struggling with your iron levels, I know how exhausting that can be, and I hope they're back up soon. It was a beautiful autumn this year wasn't it (although I suppose I should refer to it as last year now, but you know what I mean). I do like to see everyone else's blankets in progress, love the Woodland Harmony, so pretty. Have a good weekend Lucy, and look after yourself. CJ xx

Jennifer Keast

Dear Lucy I may be overstepping the mark here but I'm suggesting that you see a physician/haematologist about your anaemia. I'm not suggesting that your GP is not doing a great job but maybe a second expert opinion may be valuable. I'm suggesting this with your best interest as my intention

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