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January 19, 2018


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Louise Fisher.

Hi Lucy and everyone ~

It is a treat to see all your color choices ~

I love color and try my best to continue to understand it via Itten and Musell plus my heart and perceptions !
Thank you so much Lucy for sharing everything with us too!
Happy Week wishes ~ I am 8 hrs behind you * )

Stephanie Harris

Thank you, Lucy, for posting a picture of my blanket on your blog! I about fell over when I saw it! Your blog has brought so much joy and color to my life. Thank you again and God bless!

Linda Trompetto

Sorry but as I am making two blankets at the moment, the Woodland AND the Coast Ripple, the Khaki colour I was referring to in my previous post is being used in the Coast Ripple NOT the Woodland. My comment about this particular colour though still stands.

Linda Trompetto

Is anyone else finding the colour Khaki at odds with the other colours in this pack. It seems such a lighter weight that I had to recheck the band to make sure that it was DK and it was.

Lesley Abigail

Loving the feel of this blanket on my lap as i work. Wont be sorry to see the back of cypress. I think its a bit of a dull green but it fits in well. Thank you Lucy.

Deborah Brown

Just loving this all! Could I find out what colors are used in Charlottes fairy woodland blanket? Thinking of making that my next project. Thank you so much you have such a beautiful vision!

Monica Guerra

Hi Lucy, i’m italian so sorry for my english... l’m 26 weeks pregnant and i’d like to do a baby blanket with your cupcake blanket colour selection and pattern... so i’d like to ask you a question, is special dk stylecraft yarn ok for a newborn? Thanks so much!


Lindo seu trabalho, a combinação de cores esta maravilhosa...

Laura Gabriela Martin Del Campo Sescosse

Loving your blanket!


Hi Lucy, I’m loving this pattern and all the gorgeous colours but am gutted that we have t yet used Silver, Pistachio, Lincoln, Duck egg and Storm yet! I keep going over the colour lists to see if I am missing anything but no! Can you please put me out of my misery and let me know when these five colours will be used??

Tuula Maaria

Beautiful colour combinations, lovely to see many different examples!

Susan Smith

Lovely Lucy and although I'm not doing this one, I am using your gorgeous Hydrangea pack to crochet a rug by another designer which I fell in love with, but I'm itching to start another ripple, so may order wool to start one in autumn (about March), to keep my knees toasty warm during winter as I stitch.
Take care, keep warm & huggles.

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, I'm doing a random stripe with some of your colors and some of my own ideas.. but this is a really beautiful pattern, lacy and ridged and gorgeous. I only have like 12 rows, but I'm still happily working on it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I am loving all the color variations! So many lovely combos and I just want to make something in all of them. I need to work on my crochet skills a bit so I can make this blanket.


I am on row 30, using your yarn but your cozy strip pattern. It is very interesting to see the many variations. Thank you for your inspiration.


Thank you Lucy for all your hard work and planning. Love seeing everyone’s different color variations!


Just wanted to go off-topic for a moment and thank you for introducing me to Stylecraft Special DK. I made an order for a totally unrelated project recently and was THRILLED to see that they shipped promptly and without fuss to the US, so I now have a fantastic source for economical, DK weight acrylic yarn in a zillion colors. I'm absolutely delighted! Wool Warehouse probably is too, because they're guaranteed to get more of my money in the future!


Just discovered I have been doing random stripe instead of color story which I really wanted to do. Wondering how it would look if on the second week I started to do the color story. What is your opinion?

Kathleen Sadler

I love this blanket! Thank you Lucy for this wonderful pattern! Also thank you for all the pictures from fellow blanket makers of alternate colourways! I really like Stephanie's Batik blanket. Wondering how many colors she is using and the names of the colors.

miranda wert

lol, reading about using the half finished blanket makes me remember last year! while making the moorland, I took it, half done,and used it as a lap blanket in the cinema! so cozy. thank you for all of your hard work and attention on our woodland walk, it is my favorite part of the day when I get to enjoy some yarny goodness!💖💖💖


I am loving making this blanket, but eventually have had to mark the 17 rows start because I was making such a lot of mistakes and I had to undo the Meadow three times before I set the pattern right! All good now though and so restful.

Mary W

Although I haven't crocheted in almost 50 years, I picked it up again quite easily with your instructions. It has been so much fun to follow along and my grandson (2 yo) keeps touching it and saying 'my blanky'. I made quilts for all the others but he received several crocheted baby blankets and adores them. The instructions you give are so well written, plenty of pictures for clarity (which I needed after all these years) and beautiful examples and chatty info along the way. Whenever I make a gift for someone, I always spend that time thinking of them and it is filled with love when it's done with as much joy for me as I hope it will be for them. G (2 yo) sticks his fingers and toes (pigs) through the holes and I tell him his pigs are getting out of the fence. He laughs and pulls his toes back before I can get them. Your wonderful pattern was meant for him! It truly feels like a walk in the woods and I love it so much. I'm doing it exactly like you, using your yarn pack. Thank you so much for your wonderful creation and a gift that G will use for a long time.


Could Louise(from the examples above) share her color choices??


Thank Lucy x I panicked a bit as I thought mine didn't look like 60 cm in length but guess what .....it is !!! xxx Yippee xxx


Does the sneaky part 4 row actually mean that the last tomato row isn't until next week? And just cypress and copper end this part?
I'm really loving how therapeutic the pattern is - and the colour story colours are beautiful. Thank you so much!

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