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January 12, 2018


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for those looking for Karen's version of the blanket, more details can be found here


Hi, did anybody ever get the pattern for Karen's woodland summer harmony blanket, its stunning? thanks

Caroline Fisher

Id love to do the Summer Harmony blanket in the Woodland colour pack as Karen has. She is clever to do that. I have autism and have problems with colour combinations, I dont really understand why...is there any chance of a list of the Summer Harmony colour list (Ive already made this one in the bright colours, its fabulous) whith the co-responding woodland colour pack shades by the side of it please. I could copy that using the charts for Summer harmony, no problem. I would be so grateful, I must crochet and love to make the beautiful things you create.

Janet force

Why can't I find rows 19 + for the colour story woodland ripple 🤔☹️


This time tomorrow ........!

Kathryn Ashe

Funny how the colors and pattern of the Woodland blanket vividly brought back a happy memory of walking home from school, kicking and crunching through knee deep piles of autumn leaves in all colors....this memory happened 55 years ago.


I'm just not getting this pattern and I have frogged it back to many times now. I've restarted yet again but I'm doing a simple granny stripe as I'm unwell at the moment and it is affecting my concentration

Angela Corney

Hello Lucy, I am a knitter usually but decided to challenge myself and take up crochet again (last time I crochet was about 30 years ago). I was recommended to your Blog by the lovely lady that runs The Wool Bar in Worthing. I got the yarn pack and needles as Christmas presents from my daughters - so was eager to start! I have to say it hasn't been an easy start - I did my tension sample as suggested all seemed fine. After 14 rows on my first attempt I realised my middle trebles were not lining up and my "hills" we're definitely toppling and my "valleys" meandering! I couldn't bring myself to unpick my hard work - so have left this buried under my wool stash. Undettered I have started again and now on my 10 row - and have got into a rhythm with counting and checking (your tip about the middle treble has been invaluable!). I have unpicked a few rows on the way but am persisting and now finding it enjoyable. The wool is beautiful and the colours divine - thankyou for your creativity in how you have put together the colours - it is a joy to the eyes! I hope this is encouragement to others that are not seasoned hookees (or is it hookers!) and not to give up! Love and happy hooking from Angela on the South Coast

Marla Gunderson

Hi Lucy, I don't know if I am not looking clearly enough, but I would like to get the color pattern for this color way you posted, rather that the color sequence you are posting in weekly intervals. Where can I find this?

Maro Akamatra

I just love this color combination! I am putting this on my to-do list for 2018! Thanks for sharing your awesome talent!


The other night I discovered the paintings made by Janet Bell and now I see that she is a friend of yours... I really like her paintings of the lighthouses. Tell her that if/when you meet her.
And as always your blog is such an inspiration.
Ida in Sweden.


Wow, lovely to see the different ways people crochet their unique blanket. One design, many interpretations. Cx

Margo Thompson

I am not sure if the woodland pattern is for me. But I was wondering how these colours would look in solid granny squares or hexagons and how one works out a random layout for the colours. Any advice you can give? Is there a style craft granny square random colour generator that I could use? If not, how does one work it out?

Gillian Roe

Oh Lucy, isn't it wonderful to see all that creativity and colour up there, and it's all down to your skill in sharing and passing on the crochet love. I wish I had time to make your blanket. xx

Frances Dent

Hi Lucy! Just wondering where the extra stripes are for the Random woodland blanket?? Can't move on until I've got them!!!

Helen Lightly

Thank you again Lucy, I am so enjoying following you on your walk through the woods. I would never normally chose these colours for myself but I just love them, they make me feel warm and happy. My sister decorated her little boy's bedroom with a woodland theme, he will be 4 in March and so I am making this blanket for him for his birthday as I think it will look amazing in his room. I am a little behind but thinking I will be able to catch up over the weekend. Thanks again for your inspiring post x

Alison Ashfield

Hooray! End of January when the Tomato yarn arrives. Thank-you Lucy for the information. I have been eagerly checking the blog every day and admiring the lovely photographs. This morning the sky was looking heavily overcast until a lovely line of orange/pink/red appeared to enliven the gloom. Much happiness and reinforcement, if that was needed - that colour is needed in January. Onward with the seaside edging until next month. Happy crochet, everybody!

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, it sure was fun to see your blanket and all the other ideas that other people are doing. I'm doing your wonderful pattern but am doing close but random colors. I'm not as fast though, so only have about half of the first part. Glad it's not a race as I'd lose! I posted my work on my last two blog posts and put a link to your CAL on both. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I am using the cozy stripe pattern as I just finished an oversized king with the Coast Ripple using almost 3 packs of your yarn. I was not ready to face another ripple. Lol. Love the cozy pattern and because I have the Christmas germs seem to have plenty of hooky time. Thanks for your wonderful patterns. I am sure that in the future I will do this pattern.

Margo Thompson

Hello Lucy. I am only on my third colour but cannot decide whether to do the story or random. You have posted a thin strip of the story colours from top to bottom, but I could really do to see a similar strip in the random to help me decide. Otherwise I am not going to be able to do the CAL until it is over and I can compare the finished effects. Could you possibly help?

Diane Keksey

Started my blanket today. Love your counting prompt, really helped. I've added stitch markers, as found the dc Row difficult on the sample. Think they will help me get into the pattern easier. Might also try the life lines with alternative yarn. I've found this method useful when making Kerry Lord's Toft animals. Thank you Lucy

Debbie, Essex

You have such clever followers!!

ALL of the blankets look BEAUTIFUL!!

Angela-Southern USA

They are all beautiful! Yes, I agree, the woolly community is like no other, a blessing to us all.xxxxxxxxxx


I am loving this pattern even if i am super slow and way behind. I have a question. When you get to the end of a color and are ready to change do you do a chain and cut yarn and pull through or do you just clip yarn and pull through and weave in or knot to beginning yarn of that color. I hope that makes sense. Thanks


Lucy, as always, your work is amazing! I am almost as impressed with this incredible blog post as I am with some of the work that is featured in it. You did a great job of selecting some examples of interesting variations on your original idea that are out there and showing all of us what can be done with some imagination. I am so happy to have found your wonderful blog several years ago. I credit you with getting me back into crochet, my original fiber arts passion, after mostly focusing on knitting for the last the 20 years. Now I go back and forth with both and have twice the fun! Thank you!

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