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January 05, 2018


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Coupille Catherine

Bonjour, je découvre votre site et je suis émerveillée.
J'espère que les laines seront bientôt disponibles,
A bientôt
Catherine C.

Kate Fraser

I really am a beginner but have been inspired by someone at my craft class in U3A who is making your beautiful Swwet Pea blanket.
I have never crocheted before preferring to knit instead. I have just started to learn and feel inspired to take it further.
Do you think I could tackle the Woodland blanket with so lttlte knowledge?

jackie kohler-Burton

I have purchased the Woodland Pack but am unable to download the pattern. Please could you send me a pattern and let me know the cost. I have a very old computer and it wont let me get into the pattern. Please help.
Clifton cottage, queens road, freshwater PO409HF
thank you


I always seem to end up with 237 stitches! I am on row 14 and can’t bear to unpick everything. The middle treble is just about ok at the moment but I know this will affect the pattern eventually. I think I have added a chain after each row 2. Where is the best place to add a stitch?


I can’t get my third treble to line up. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong please. I’ve undone it and started again and still can’t get it right.

Caroline Goodliffe

Excited to start this project.
I am a newbie to crochet and just love the pattern and colours. I am awaiting the pack to get started, hopefully it will be here next week! Thank you x

Barbara W

Hurray, Tomato arrived yesterday and I just reached that stripe! Now that I'm past the "sample rows" it's about to get exciting.


Sample went really well but can't seem to get the 3rd row right, have managed to end up with 1 stitch too many!! Trouble is I can't find what I've done wrong. Will try again tomorrow 😀

Barbara W

Finally beginning! I'm still lacking Tomato but since I put off starting until had all 4 colors needed for the tension sample, I'm hoping to get Tomato before I finish the first Mustard stripe.

Carol Prescott

Hi, After undoing a few rows, got the pattern going again and its going great, looking lovely, the third treble is brilliant to check your pattern. Thanks so much for your lovely design, colours gorgeous, my daughter wants one as well!!


I ordered the yarn pack. I have started the CAL using the color choice. As I am reading part 2 and looking at the random color choice I notice I am not using all the yarn colors I have received. So do I need to follow the random color choice to use all the different color yarns?


You give such wonderful instructions with your gorgeous photos and J’s charts! Thank you!!

Mary W

AWESOME instructions! You covered everything so completely and with pictures. WOW, am I ever impressed.

Jo-an Cox

Thank you Lucy, another beautiful colorway! The yarn pack is now out of stock, woohoo! I'm hooking away and loving it...Thrilled in Texas!

Carol Prescott

Hi Lucy
done the sample and came out lovely, started the blanket and I seem to have got my 3rd treble in wrong place somewhere and my stitches are out, will have to undo and start again I think as its so lovely I want to do it perfectly. Was about to start the tomato stripe. Love your blogs and patterns, your instructions are great. Thanks


Hi Lucy, along with so many others, thank you for this beautiful blanket. I couldn't wait to start it and am now loving it. I have one question. I would like to join the Facebook group but am a little wary as I don't 'do' Facebook. Is the group just open to people following the cal? I really don't want my details going anywhere else. Sorry to be a bit of a wuss but I was quite late in joining this wonderful world of the internet (but very glad I did!) and so I'm not that technologically savvy.

Linda Ansell

Hi All I have been a self taught addicted crocheter for more than 50 years. I have followed the blog for a long time and made several items but have never joined in a CAL before. I just love the pattern and colours and the whole idea that so many other crafters are doing this project with their own little twists at the same time.
I wonder if there was anybody else sat on a cold windy beach today with their started blanket waiting for it to grow. (I never go out without some crochet project to do if time allows)
Thanks Lucy

Sue Dodman

Hi Lucy, Just completed the first few stripes and am getting very excited as the next stripe is Tomato ! What a life saver matching up the third treble is .. already sorted me out on two occasions. Getting into the rythm now of the pattern and it seems so easy - considering how there was a lot of 'reverse' crocheting to start with!! I must admit I have fallen in love with your crochet piece that has all the colours in (that you used to advertise your CAL) SOOOOO I have decided to buy a second Woodland Pack and make a blanket of these stripes, repeated. This blanket is going to be MINE! Loving doing my first CAL. Sue


Lucy, your woodland blanket is an absolute joy. The colours are gorgeous, and the yarn is so soft ... I started this on Friday and I can't put it down. Yours is my first CAL and I'm loving it - thanks for this.

janet brokofsky

Hi Lucy, I was so excited to get my yarn in the mail today so I can participate in the CAL. I have a question about the starting 239 stitches, when I did the first row, I have come out with only 13.5 complete patterns ( ended up the row with the 5 single treble crochets, is this right? I have counted my stitches three times and have come to the same count of 238. Confused and anxious to get working on this.

Maria McConnachie

Thank you, thank you, thank you am absolutely loving the woodland walk. Autumn is my favourite season and your colour scheme is just perfect! My first time of trying a pattern like this but your instructions and photos are brilliant. Your tip of matching the third treble has made this pattern so enjoyable to do and I already love the look of it. It’s easy to see how much work goes into the patterns and the instructions as well as selecting the colours and I’m so glad you share it with us. I can’t wait to see my woodland walk grow.


I am going to use your pattern to do a temperature blanket, using lowest and highest temps of each week. which should result in 104 rows.


Did you see that someone had posted on the Attic 24 Moorland FB page the suggestion that you write a book with all your blanket patterns, and other goodies? That seems a brilliant idea to me and I am another who would buy it..... over to you Lucy!!!


when working from the stylecraft yarns kit bought from woolwarehouse how many should i chain to begin? pattern just says multiples of 17 but i don't wanna chain too many and end up running out of yarn halfway through and having to buy more?


Thank you Lucy for such a lovely project. You put so much effort into making the pattern clear for beginners, Also this is the first time I have used a visual pattern to get me started & have found it invaluable so thank you 🙂

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