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December 15, 2017


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Lesley Adams

Hi Lucy, I would like to make 2 throws out of the yarn pack for my sofas, do you think that is possible, I thought I would half the number of chain.


Fingers crossed Santa is bringing me a Woodland Blanket pack ;) Looking forward to joining the CAL! You got my vote too! :)


Hoorah! This is all a bit exciting... I was amazed at how reasonable shipping to NZ was, and now I'm thinking I should get some of those cute stickers from Elliebeth.... ;)

Gail Hollis

The colors are beautiful!!! You are a color wizard.
But I am not a fan of acrylic. Are your colors available in wool or cotton?
I am happy to cast a vote for you 😊 as I have been reading and enjoying
your blog for years. Thanks for all the inspiration and lovely jaunts into your world.
I wish I could wiggle my nose and be there to see it in person. My ancestors are from England and Wales so I do come by my wishes honestly. Until that day when I can pop into the coffee shop and join you, I will be content with the crochet and scenery you send my way.
Thanks, Lucy, you are a treasure!


I voted ! In December 2015 my daughters gave me 2 packs of the Coast yarn so that I could make a king size blanket. After about 75 cm realized it was too wide but inside of starting over I ordered another pack of yarn. It took me 22 months to finish with a 3.5mm hook and is 280 cm x 236 cm. It is beautiful but I am not ready for another ripple. Just started the cosy strip with the Sunny yarn pack following the order for granny sunny strip AND I am making it the size of the pattern. Merry Christmas to you and your family and many thanks for all you do to inspire me.


I am thinking about participation. I love your yarn colors. How can I found out how much the yarn and shipping costs would be to USA?


Oh Lucy I am so sorry I missed the vote only picked you up this morning. I will be rooting for you anyway good luck. Denise.
PS I am looking forward to starting the new blanket a friend and I ar going to do it together w are both beginners. It should be great fun AND my summer harmony is nearly a taa daa moment its exciting.

Jackie clore

Where can I buy the woodland pack yarn in the U.S..?

Crafty Cath

I'm glad I tuned in tonight otherwise I would have missed the opportunity to vote. I spend far too much time reading your fab blog and drooling over yarns on the Wool Warehouse website and not enough time concentrating on finishing the 4 blankets I have on the go!! (they're all going to be very late for Christmas). Best wishes for Christmas and 2018. Thank you for being such a colourful inspiration in 2017 when some days were grey and drizzly. Good luck in the awards!

Ann Goodman

Hi Lucy,

I'm hoping & praying my broken right arm has healed by the start of the CAL!! I'm struggling so much to get my wips completed before Christmas. Very tricky & uncomfortable! My beloved was persuaded to buy me the pack as my Christmas present & I won't open it until Christmas day - very exciting....

How is your wrist/hand? I hope its much better now. I was already disabled & not being able to crochet for longelol Love your patterns & the wonderful photos xr than 15 mins is seriously cramping my style!!


sure the temptation is beautiful strong ... I have some wool that waits to be used and that I had taken for too complex pogetti that have turned into a weight instead of a joy

Christina Moxon

Hi Lucy,
Voted for you, as always. I've been following your blog avidly since the neat ripple blanket (not sure how long that is, but I suspect it's a very long time). I love the pattern here, as I'm a big fan of Feather and Fan or Old Shale patterns. I plan to knit one as a baby blanket, although my little one is now 8 months and growing far too fast for my knitting or crochet skills to keep up. I am working on a neat ripple blanket, to be his 'Story Blanket' for when he's old enough to read.
Anyway, I love this pattern and most of the colour pack, but the blues don't work for me. I love autumn colours and warmth, though, so I'll take the pallet, with the brown and greys and possibly delete the two blues. I'd like to add a few colours back in their place, in particular, another autumn yellow. Do you have any recommendations, as you have the colours in front of you and my monitor isn't always the best at colour choice. Or would the mustard colour do? I think autumn yellow leaves can be quite bright. I'm already planning a garter stitch blanket (squishes knitted blanket you can make, and it's so easy, just knit stitch all the way - definitely TV knitting) in nautical colours, so there's already a lot of blue in my conservatory (blanket land). I may, of course, change my mind when I order the pack after Xmas, and decide to random-stripe the blues, but I can't tell. My husband may have an actual fit if I order any more yarn before Xmas, so I will have to wait ;-).
Keep inspiring us! Love, Christina xxx

Teresa Kasner

I voted for you in the contest! I am happy you're using a 4mm hook as it's my favorite size to use. I have a sterling silver hook made by Celtic Swan Forge in Washington State, USA. I am so looking forward to the Woodland Blanket CAL. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


My vote is in. Good luck. Love your patterns and love the wool you use. It's a pity I can't buy it in Australia but getting it sent from UK not too much trouble and the delivery time is excellent, I'm just impatient. Have a wonderful Christmas - I envy your cool weather. It is heading for the high 30s today here and everyone is melting.


Dear Lucy, I have not been commenting for a long time but I have been following you for almost eight years. This Christmas, the Reyes Magos will bring me the Woodland blanket and I am very excited to share this project with all of you. I love the color chosen and I know I will enjoy it a lot. Thank you very much for sharing. A hug from southern Spain.


Hi Lucy. Looking forward to this as loved doing the last blanket. Might it be possible to see a pic of the whole blanket to get an idea if what it looks like In it’s entirety? Thanks

Geovanna Conejo

Hola Lucy, me encanta todo tu blog, aqui en costa rica solo tenemos dos estaciones definidas que es el invierno y verano, pero en la parte alta de costa rica si hace un poco de frio durante el año, yo vivo en esa parte por eso me encanta tejer mantas. te felicito, ya vote tambien.

Corinna Mazzotta

Oh Lucy I can't tell you how thankful I am that you are also doing a random stripe order pattern!!
I love, love, love the colours of the Woodland blanket, but I don't like the idea of the colour story as much as I did with the Moorland (I don't want all the blues together), so I wanted to do a random blanket more like the Coastal Ripple which is my favourite so far. But... I tried and tried to come up with a random order & failed spectacularly! :-) So glad you have done the hard work for me as it was driving me mad trying to get it to look random!
Hubby has bought me the pack for Christmas so I'm really looking forward to making a blanket in all my colours!
Vote all done - hope you win! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I can't wait for the CAL. xx




Vote done, what a beautiful blanket you have for us here today, love the colors and I will love to make one for myself.


Think I voted for you Lucy. I love this blog. I thought the British Craft Awards site very badly designed for voting. So, as I said, I hope I voted for you but it was a strange site.

Jo Anna

On the Knitting Paradise Forum this morning,


there was a discussion that the Stylecraft Special DK has changed the weight of some of it's colors and that some of the colors themselves have also changed from previous skeins. It appears they are changing color by color, so soon all the skeins will be the new lighter weight. If you are buying skeins individually, instead of a pack, you might possibly run into trouble.

Fiona M

Can't wait to begin! Ordered my yarn pack today.

Margo Thompson

I clicked on 'comment feed' to subscribe but it doesn't seem to work. What am I doing wrong?

Jan Macdonald

I am so excited to know I’m going to make this wonderful autumn blanket with your expert help. I’m a crochet novice and I now have my pack of wool from Wool Watehouse waiting for 5th January. My Christmas present to myself. My silly question is picking up your tutorial as I usually follow you through your Facebook notices and then they are gone and I can’t find them again. How can I be sure to find you on the fifth and be able to keep finding you and the forthcoming pattern? I’m sure this is a naive question. Sorry.

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