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December 06, 2017


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Miriam Robbins

You're in my thoughts this evening. Sending warm wishes of peace and comfort from Washington State.


Oh Lucy, I'm so sorry you're feeling so low and lurgified ( not a proper word I know!) take good care of yourself and l hope the technology has sorted itself out now for you. Wishing you a safe trip to Dorset and hoping you feel on the mend real soon, love and big squishy hugs, Becki xx


I'm sorry you're feeling low, Lucy. Put the blog at the bottom of the list until you are feeling better. We'll be here. I have ordered the kit for your upcoming CAL and am so excited. My first European yarn order and it went surprisingly well! My laptop did that once and it was the screen itself, not the data. I hope yours was as easy to fix as that was. My hubby is techy as well. No reason to "should" yourself at this time of year except for the wee ones, of course. It will all get done in due order. Take care and big hug from Texas.


Good luck. My own mother died just under a month ago, and I have had the lurgy bugs ever since. If you can't sleep, you can at least rest. Be gentle to yourself


Look after yourself, Lucy...will be tough going for you..

Nora 🎄😘🎄


I know how hard it is Lucy. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you tender and sweet moments sprinkled evenly throughout your journey.


Hugs from Tennessee. This is a tough time of year.


Take care and thinking of you.


Sending warm wishes your way Lucy.
One moment at a time ... breath deeply, and nourish your body with good food, sleep and self care.
Thinking of you.
Xx Phyl.


We've all been there, so can thoroughly sympathize. Sometimes it's great to throw technology to the wind and just enjoy your family, hobbies, home and the great outdoors. You're so good at all that. Do it and know that we'll all be back when you are. Have fun in Dorset. My parents are both gone now, but they're always in my heart.


There's nothing quite like a technological disaster to tip one over the edge is there. I can imagine how busy you are and how much you rely on it, I know I'd be lost without mine. Fingers crossed all will be well now. Sorry it's a rotten week, I understand what you mean about the overwhelm, it's not a good feeling and after a while it starts to get you down. I hope your trip to Dorset goes as well as it can. Sending you a cyber hug, CJ xx


Hi Lucy do hope you can as you say just quietly settle down .
Hope this little story makes you smile. I bought a new super dooper crochet hook to help me finish a blanket ,I settled down holding the hook above the row wool to hand then I realised I needed to make it work ! Silly me ! Love Jenny xx


Thinking of you, Lucy. ❤️❤️

Ingrid Meecham

Enjoy Dorset and remember the good times. A new year is coming and all will be well.


Hang in there Lucy.


Take care Lucy!


Hi Lucy, look after yourself and I' m thinking of you as you make your trip to Dorset. The first of everything Birthday, Christmas, etc is always very hard after losing someone close. Hopefully your laptop is all up and running now. Technology - it's ok when it's working but when it's not. Well!!! Take care.Xxx


Hope you, and your laptop, feel better soon.
Bon courage from France.


Virtual hugs from Victoria Australia. Lenore

Margaret Simpson

Take things easy Lucy, You must look after yourself. I am sending you lots of love, blessings and sunshine from Queensland Australia. 🎄😀💕🎅🏻🌞🇦🇺

Lisa in Chicago

I hope that you will have time to walk along the beach in Dorset, collecting some shells and taking in the fresh salty air. Love and peace to you! xx


A big Bingley hug from Betty and me. Go gently, go steady and do something special to celebrate yr Mums's birthday- anniversaries are tricky.

Marion Bigden

Take care lovely lady and hope you feel better soon x

Ellen Preston

God Bless you, Lucy. It’s a tough time of year and I understand about how you are feeling about your Mums birthday. Hope all works out well with the laptop and you are able to get on top of things again, I know you will. We are all here thinking of you and helping you along the way, with prayers and lots of love. Kindest regards
Ellen 😊🙏🏻🕊 xx

Kathy Bryer

Take care of yourself, Lucy. Sending prayers your way. This can be a time of stress instead of a time of wonder. Wishing you all the wonder of the season.

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