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December 06, 2017


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Trish Annie Stevens

Feeling for you Lucy. I lost my mum 25 years ago, and I still miss her, particularly at Christmas, as we used to plan it and cook for it together. Her birthday was in December, too. We all love reading your blog, seeing and making your designs, but don't let that put you under pressure. You must look after yourself and your family first, the rest can wait. I hope you are able to have a wonderful Christmas. xx

carolyn mary jackson

Good to hear from you Lucy, it is very, very hot here in NZ to add to the stress, Ive just been to the P.O to post my overseas mail, a long queue but everyone cheery and the wait seemed no time. Iam trying to do one thing each day to make life easier. I am sure the Dorset trip will have some happy memories for you.
Happy Christmas to you and your lovely family, Carolyn.

Gillian Roe

Take it easy my friend. The pressure on us at this time of year is enormous, it's impossible not to feel it, and so easy to feel guilty if you're not in the festive spirit. I hope the trip to Dorset is not too painful. xx

Accross the Pond

Lucy, I'm glad you posted to tell us you are okay, albeit hurting. Grief is a pain. It gets easier, I promise. My dad died 16 years ago, and I don't usually suffer from lurgy bugs anymore, but the Holidays can be brutal. Know you're not alone. Know she's out of pain and doing well. Doesn't help sometimes, but sometimes it will.
54 comments in 24 hours?! You are loved. Believe you are loved.
2 Quotes - neither mine originally
Time heals all wounds and wounds all heels. (BTW, heel is US slang for a not nice person)
This too will pass, maybe like a kidney stone, but it will pass.


I know that feeling. I've had it myself over our Aussie winter. Take very good care of yourself gorgeous lady. All the love and hugs! Xox


Oh Lucy, thank you for this. I'm struggling to keep my head above water at the moment. Feel very let down and badly treated by a few people and fed up with the stress of this time of year. Made me feel a bit less alone at least. Thinking of you. Xx


Oh Lucy, what a horrid bag of stresses and worries. I do hope today was a little easier on you and you've looked after yourself a little. Emma xx


Take care of yourself and breathe deeply. This time of year seems to bring on extra stresses as we try to make it all so lovely for our families. I'm sending good thoughts your way.


Take good care of yourself Lovely xxx


Dear Lucy, I will be thinking of you on your Dorset trip. I hope there will be many good memories to bring home. Treasures you can store up and tap into the in future. Denise.

Deb Cox

Dearest Lucy, you just take care of you the best way you can. We shall be here when you wish to return. We are not superhumans (as we sometimes like to think). Don't worry about us. We enjoy and love you for the joy you bring us when you can. Do not stress over us.
We shall wait patiently for you when and wish that is possible.
Lovely hugs from a fan in Ontario Canada who does not crochet but adores your posts.


Big hug dear <3

Helen Welsh

This stage of the year plus your upcoming trip (and all that entails) are hard enough without the added stresses of things we rely on quitting on us!! Hope your Hubbie has gotten the laptop sorted for you. Take care of yourself, sending big hugs, you will be in my prayers,
Helen x

Carole Williamson

Aww Lucy I'm sorry to hear about your Mum, I lost my Mum a few years ago & it's hard the first anniversaries of birthdays etc. But I said to myself "it's just a normal day" and I don't need an anniversary or birthday to think of my Mum or my Dad. Hope that makes sense 🤔
Thinking of you and take care of yourself

Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


Dear Lucy, I know how it is; both the techno challenges and the larger challenges of holidays without your Mum. This is my second without mine and it's easier, but it does take a while. As others have said, do take care of yourself. It may not be easy, but you will get through this time. I hope the laptop is now working fine again. Sending you love, light, blessings and peace from Western Canada (south-central BC). ~ Linne


Hey Lucy. If your Laptop has had the Windows 10 Creator Update it could be that causing your pinstripe screen issue. If you can manage to roll back your OS it may work better again.


hi lucy, sorry to hear of your mother...im slowly getting back on track with blogs i used to follow and catching up their goings on as so to speak. must be hard to go back to a place where you have so many fond memories...i always remember visiting my grand parents home in london when the house was sold and i hadnt prepared myself for the impact of memories flooding back when i walked around the rooms. i was about 28 years with a toddler...each room shared so much to me. watching my nanny in the kitchen and helping grandad with his tool shed. in some ways its good to face the reality and think of such treasured times...best wishes. Its funny how we rely so much on the techno stuff now...i went a whole year without a proper internet connection it almost drove me crazy~ thakfully we have a great local library to use computers but its not the same as logins at home and catching up quickly. take care ;) x


Sending you a big hug Christmas is such an emotive time Don’t worry if your wobble escapes it does happen sometimes it’s normal just feels horrid xxx

Christine Diana Swales

Oh the joys of preparing for Christmas! Hope the laptop is better soon and yourself,of course. Don't worry about holding it together in Dorset. A good weep is good for the soul. Love from Whitby.


J'ai été privée de l'ordinateur pendant deux mois et curieusement il ne m'a pas manqué ; c'est maintenant que je le retrouve que j'ai du mal à y retourner ; mon rythme créatif a changé après cette pause et c'est nouveau pour moi. Bon courage de la côte Normande et à bientôt.


Hugs from California, Lucy! I hope you feel better soon. Also, I hope your laptop is fixed quickly. Being without our technology makes things needlessly difficult. Hang in there.

Leslie Cremeens

Sending positive energies and lots of hugs from Ohio!!! <3


My thoughts are with you from here in Boston, MA

Teresa Kasner

Dear Lucy, oh my goodness.. there is nothing worse than having your computer go wonky on you. I hope your husband can get it all straightened out.. maybe a newer one in your future? I also have succumbed to a virus which has morphed into bronchitis and I do hope you're able to fend those pesky bugs off and stay healthy. Sorry for this sad anniversary of the loss of your mum. Hang in there my friend. Sending love and support from Oregon..
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Janette Surtees

Dear Lucy, don’t be too hard on yourself. It is surprising how we have all become so dependant on technology and therefore when it goes wrong we feel down. I once wiped the entire contents of an older PC. I was physically ill for at least a week afterwards. Thinking of you and praying for you, for peace and rest.

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