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December 07, 2017


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What a very cozy winter you're having! I must seek out a copy of that book!


Hello Lucy, How about this wonderful Sonnenbörek to celebrate Winter Solstice?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq3eOQy21cY The video is in German, but it's not hard to figure out - ingredients are listed in the info box below. If you use dry yeast, it's about 8g of the instant stuff, bake for 30 min at 175ºC (355ºF).
It's stunning, and absolutely yummy.
Enjoy! Greetings from Kingston, Canada


Your log has cheered me up as I personally haven't been blogging lately, but I have been inspired. Thank you.


I haven’t ever heard of an advent candle before, what a cute idea. Last year was the first year I had an advent calendar and that was a yarn one from opal I bought myself. Growing up we didn’t do things like that.

I’m also going to try and celebrate my first winter solstice this year, I learned about that a couple years ago but wasn’t able to participate. I’ve always loved that day because it meant my sunshine was coming back but didn’t know people did all kinds of things to celebrate it. The internet is a wonderful thing sometimes.


A stunning fall of snow here in the Midlands so it really is starting to feel "a lot like Christmas" and your lovely post has added to that feeling. I hope we'll see some gorgeous snowy scenes from your camera. You take such beautiful photographs.


oh My what a lovely post! I love your advent candle and all the bulbs too. I have seen the Making Winter book around on blogs and my instagram feed and now I really need to buy it! xxx

Laura Taylor

Dear Lucy
I know you love the Brambly Hedge books so was saddened to read this.

Angela-Southern USA

I love your indoor garden! My youngest is doing a hobbit hole with a bonsai tree and loads of moss, even fairy lights inside the home. It's been fun watching her creation come to life, and now I want one. lol

Lin Tarrant

PS your little window ledge garden is so beautiful. xx

Lin Tarrant

Well now, where to start! what a fantastic post, I so loved reading through this and am going to read through again and again I am sure. Last things first - I too ordered a craftpod - hopefully it will be waiting for me in UK when we get there next weekend. Hopefully it will be perfect for a quiet afternoon after Christmas. I love your Advent candle. I bought mine in the sales last Christmas and actually remembered where it was in good time for the first. It's something easy to take with me to UK. Sadly no decorating going on here although I have a bag of favourite decorations to take with me to decorate the little cottage we rent. The book looks amazing - I am off to seek it out when I finish writing this. Thank you so much, have a great weekend. xx


I really do like the idea of that advent candle. :-) I've never seen one like that. Calendars and wreaths yes, but not a candle with the dates on them. That's very nice.

gina in alabama

Can you take the bulbs up to the allottment after they bloom out and go dormant? they would be lovely next year in the outdoors.


Hello! I also love the winter solstice! but since I live in the other hemisphere I celebrate it in June! So in this solstice I am being a little sad because the days are beginning to be shorter. But hey, I have all the summer ahead. I love everything you knit and post. The places you visit are beautiful, if one day I have the opportunity to travel around those parts I would love to visit them.

Ali Dufty

What a clever friend you have - it looks a lovely book :). nice to kickstart creativity in other directions too .
Your house will soon smell lovely with all that floral goodness!


Good morning! Sorry, I’m back again... I’ve a Christmas cactus in full bloom and another on the way - they have magnificent flowers in shocking shades of pink and, happily, can be totally neglected the rest of the year. I’ve brought some of my summer geraniums in from the yard and two are still blooming! They’ll be taken back outside next year and, hopefully, will romp away again in the summer. For now, they provide crazy splashes of colour at this time of the year. We’ve woken up to a beautiful crisp winter’s morning with a dusting of snow ❄️ Have a colourful, creative day xxx

Susan Smith

Talking about the smell of eucalyptus, I'm sure you'd love the smell of our bushland when we've had a shower of rain after a dry spell of weather. It's so refreshing. The advent candle is a lovely idea & your decorating is so good. Look forward to seeing the bulbs in bloom & that book looks so good, I'm going to have a look for it. Am enjoying these Making the Season posts by you & Gillian. Take care.

Teresa Kasner

Emma's book looks wonderful and I'm so impressed with how she inspired you to make a new windowsill garden.. I will look forward to seeing flowers bloom there over time. You did a wonderful job on the advent candle.. I'm not sure I could handle the stress of blowing it out in time! LOL! Enjoy your creative days. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Hi Lucy,
I've been following your blog for quite a long time and thoroughly enjoy it. You make us feel as if we all know you and are welcome in your beautiful space. I live in the States but would love to see your little corner of the world one day. I live vicariously through your words and gorgeous photos. I am so thrilled to let you know I just received my yarn pack for the January CAL and am counting the days! I had hoped for more earthy colors and you did it! Very excited to be joining in! All the best to you and your family and thank you for all you're doing.


Hello Lucy! Look up Paul Hollywood’s Sta Lucia buns recipe - I think your little people might enjoy making them as much as mine. They are very good with soup on the Solstice - I save some butternut squash soup from harvest time / halloween to remind us of the summer rather than winter roots and broth style soup. Blackberry whisky is a good tipple to wash it all down 😉 My favourite thing this year has been a tiny living Christmas tree in a pot, just by the front door, with a very short set of wire lights round. I’ve treated us to a little pernettya and skimmia reevesiana in pots to go with it. I’m thinking they can live on the plot during spring and summer and then come back again next year. Sorry to ramble on! Not long now, but some very wintery weather to get through first xxxx

Mary Lloyd Jones

Went out just in the gloaming tonight to gather holly,very few berries,birds must be hungry,found some lovely ivy...as you say Lucy so much around...was just getting into my stride when the heavens opened and the dogs and I thought we’d better scurry home! I have a lovely source of teazels to collect tomorrow so I hope Storm Caroline. Isn’t going to be as bad as predicted! Lovely candle,looks very professional!


I would love to gather greenery to have indoors but always feel like the man from the council will tell me off for taking anything away from public property like woods and parks and that private owners will shout and shake their fists at me with scary dogs at their heels if I abscond with so much as a pinecone. Can't afford florists so it's not something I get to do. I enjoy walking out and about and just enjoy natures bounty where it is instead.

Leah Lynch

God Bless you Lucy. I have found myself at the end of my rope and got your cheery post. Thank you for the inspirations!

Liz Turnbull

Hi Lucy, I live in a small town on the south coast of Western Australia. Last week I was sitting in the doctor's waiting room when a young woman sat down next to me and took a ripple crochet blanket out of her bag to work on. I recognised the colours straight away as your Coastal blanket, and we had a lovely chat about Attic24 blankets we had made and how much we enjoy your blog! Thank you for all you do, it is appreciated by so many, world wide!

Winwick Mum

We invariably used to forget our advent candles for days and then let them burn longer than they were supposed to catch up - I didn't see any for sale this year at all so your homemade one is a great idea! xx

Margaret Simpson

Thank you Lucy for your amazing blog. Your Advent candle and trimmings are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. 🎄🇦🇺

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