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December 13, 2017


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Hi Lucy,

I'm stopping by to wish you the most super awesome Christmas for you and your family. I hope you'll get some lovely relaxing quality time to do what you love and I wish you all the happiness and creativity for the New Year!

Much love,

Ness xxxxxxx

gina in alabama

that's a gorgeous shade card on your table, whose yarn does it represent? i definitely need one! Happy Holidays!

Angela-Southern USA

Yes, bring on the cozy! We've already had snow as well (6 inches worth!) un heard of this early for us here in the southern US. I'm enjoying a cup of tea and the Christmas tree this morning catching up with you, always a pleasure.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

carolyn mary jackson

Another lovely blog, always makes my day. Your times at coopers sound great, I would love to be there too, but I have 2 groups to go to each week too, where we knit, crochet or embroider, I have told many friends of your blog which they enjoy too. A cold Christmas would be lovely too, hope ours wont be too hot , we have been up to 33 o this week. Happy Christmas, Carolyn.


Such a lovely post Lucy. Oh how I wish I lived nearer and could join you at Coopers. Hope you have a good Christmas.
Lots of Love
Jacquie xxx


Oh my goodness, you live in an absolutely breathtaking part of the world! My knitty friend and I have dreams of visiting little corners of the UK and your posts give me inspiration to save my pennies!


Funny you should mention a blanket with sleeves as I made one for teenage son. He loves reading and with his new blanlet he can snuggle up and have his arms free to hold his book.

I followed the pattern from RedHeart and it's called Crochet Snuggle Up Throw with Sleeves.

Just thought I'd share.


Very cold here this morning 9C . Snow on the ground to keep the summer flowers warm. Just beautiful to look at out the wondows......

Tuula Maaria

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who finds it hard to plan for any longer time! I have found the 90-day year system very helpful even though I have only been learning those parts of it that you can get to free. I can plan for 3 months and that is enough for me :)


Love this, as all your posts, Lucy. That planner is so beautiful, as is your studio! I hope to have a chesterfield covered with blankets one day, too.

The Corvidae are my favourite birds and have always been bringers or harbingers of good luck in my life. I especially love the Ravens.

My Stylecraft order has not arrived yet, but with Christmas mail . . . I ordered a shade card, too, so if that's what is on your table, I'm very excited to see mine! I needed a different combination of colours from your packs, so ordered separately, but I did tell them that you recommended them and that I was ordering based on that.

Thanks for all the free patterns and inspiration in general. You have made a great difference to me and to my friend in Tacoma (she's back to working on her first Cosy Stripe Blanket now).

I did check the links you shared and that blanket with sleeves looks very cosy. You may want a Guppy Bag to wash it in, though. Google Guppy Bag and you will see what I mean. They keep the microfibre bits out of the ocean and will help save our fish.

Have a great weekend, Lucy. ~ Linne

Teresa Kasner

I'm always happy to see your blog pop to the top of my blog list! :-) I've got my yarn for the new blanket and am looking forward to joining in! I always enjoy seeing your collection of blankets. You will always inspire me to greater hooky heights! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

*M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*


Oh, how I wish I could join you at Cooper's Café and knit socks alongside you. I would have never learned how to knit them if it were not for your blog and Minwick Mom. I will be forever indebted to you both for helping me learn a new craft in my old age! It sounds like so much fun to get together with like minded people and create and talk. Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas!




I am interested in celebrating the winter solstice this year. Would you please share with us what you do to celebrate? Many Thanks!


A little winter gloom is a good thing I think, all the better for being cosy inside. I've got myself a new planner, and I'm trying to make some long term goals and really get organised. Your studio is looking gorgeous, and I love the idea of a design day. CJ xx

Kath Gale

Dear Lucy
What an amazing world-we are in hot hot weather at present (40 Celsius), rushing about for Christmas.Able to knit and crochet with our cooling systems thank goodness.Cheers and Ho Ho Ho! to you and best wishes for a creative New Year.

Kath from Oz

Margaret Simpson

Thank you Lucy for once again sharing you beautiful photo's and thoughts with us.


Lovely post!
The picture of your studio shows an 'empty' (undecorated) wreath on the wall. Are you planning another wreath? Not sure which season it would be though. :)
Happy holidays from Ottawa, Canada!


Hi Lucy! Like one of the other posts your column always calms me & brings a smile to my face. I hope you find joy & peace as the seasons change. Merry Christmas from snowy Akron, Ohio USA. P.s. love the notion of a "crafty cafe"

Annie C

Ohhhhh, I LOVE this post! Wishing for a cozy place for a monthly art get-together here state-side in the freezy Inland Northwest! I'm going to follow your lead and embrace the cozy indoors and try to limit slippy-sliding out on the road this winter! Happy Christmas! :-)

Tracy Sutton

Love your blog it brightens up my Facebook page, currently working on my first ever virus shawl.

Janette Surtees

Lovely lovely writing Lucy! Also that photo of your studio - the ginormous shade cards on the table with all those colours in! Wow! I want one, where, who, how do I purchase one from?
Thank you for brightening my dark afternoon.

Jo Hyde

Happy Christmas Lucy to you and yours! Thank you SOOOO.. much for another year of inspiration from your wonderful blogs. I hope you never let the weight of our expectation be a burden to you!!


I've lived in the moment most of my life and don't like planning too far ahead. When ever I did things would always fall by the wayside and not happen for some reason or another. So rather than be disappointed I do plan much. Loving your pictures.

Vicki Wise Mason

Lucy, how do you do it? Your blog post always calm me....yet also inspire me to "get creative!" Love the photo with your crochet wreaths!!
Also love the photo of the bare tree and birds. Birdsong in the morning is one of my favorite things!!
Happy Day to you dear!

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