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November 15, 2017


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Bonsoir Luc,
Je suis très déçue j.ai commander le packs
Helas je n.est aucune explication
Je suis aller sur votre blog mais malheureusement je ne comprend pas un mot en anglais
,pourriez vous s.il vous plais me le traduire je vous paie le pdf
Ce serai super sympa
Je vous suis je suis une fada de couverture mais la je bloque ces vraiment dommage y.en a plein que je voulais faire
Par avance je vous en remercie
Foch Nadège

Linda Pankhurst

I’m a bit late to the party with your wonderful CALs and am working through the older packs. I’m tempted to do the Woodland one soon. But I always do two lap blankets from a kit rather than a single bed sized one. This works very well for the random stripe ones but not for colourwash versions. So I’m undecided as to whether to do this one.
Would you have worked out a random stripe list for the Woodland pack at all?
Hoping you see this on an old post, and thanks for reading it if you do! Thanks


OMG, this has to be the most beautiful blog post I've ever seen!! The colors are fabulous!

Maria Ketch

There don't seem to be any answers to questions on here. Is there a video tutorial I can watch to make this blanket? Or is there an american pattern to follow?

Eva Sánchez

Hello Lucy,

Thank you very much for such a great inspiration! I love this blanket, the colours, Orla Kiely!

I was afraid I had lost my inspiration for crocheting, but I have recovered it just reading this fantastic post. I love your photos, they are really awesome. Thank you very much for sharing them.

I have just ordered the yarn pack and I can no wait to receive it :)

I have received all the love, warm and joy that you put in your post. I really appreciate it.

Thanks again and happy crocheting!

Best wishes from Granada (Spain)


Hi Lucy i have seen all your fantasic crochet patterns but i am having a problem subscribing to your web page please can i subscribe to your wonderful web page

Elizabeth O'Brien

Hello Lucy,
i'm new to Crocheting, and a friend who crochet and has done it for many years suggested that i buy your pack off wool warehouse as it would be the easiest pattern to start with as i only use one hand. I am finding it really easy to follow and do! thank you

Lorna Williams

I’m a total beginner, was a New Years resolution to learn crochet. My sister has taken great delight in telling everyone I’m a hooker now! I’ve completed the tension square and the first 36 rows... loving it, very cathartic xx

Christine Condon

I have been trying to join your blog but can’t find it. Want to do your woodland cal. I know I’m behind but I’ll catch up


I want to join you but the yarn is out of stock 😩😩😩😩😩😩


Hi Lucy. What colour is duck egg because i don't see it in the colours said (mocha)?
Also may i ask if tomato and copper will be use much more in the rows further on as i also can't get that colours so easy in South Africa. My nr of chains are more than 300 so my blanket will be big and me too finished part 3. Love my blanky so far. Thanks so much. ♥️


Hi Lucy!!!

Wanted to finally order my package to start this wonderful blanket but ist out of stock!!!! (NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!)
You do not know by chance when it is available again??? Can't wait to start.....

Greetings from Germany


Christine Phillips

Hi Lucy, I have read that you will be giving a list of Random colours and the order to use them alongside the Woodland colours. While I love the way you put together the coulours to create a picture, where I will display the finished blanket, you will not get the benefit of the picture, so I want to use the pattern but random colours in the way you have suggested for some of your other ripple blankets

Becky Bangert

My yarn from Wool Warehouse should be here Monday, so excited to get started on this, the color palette is just beautiful!


Arriving late and loving the colors! I have to figure out wher3 U can find these or similar in the states. So inspiring!


i am looking forward to starting this, although i'm following along with the moorland pack (as my hints for christmas fell on deaf ears lol)love the wave design, cant wait to start.


Hi Lucy very happy to be part of this journey with you, exciting, am about to dive into my beautiful yarn pack and wait patiently to get started. I am crocheting this blanket for a dear friend who is expecting her 4th grandson.
I love your work, thank you for sharing, do hope you are feeling better.
from Karen in New Zealand.

Alice Olley

Counting down to tomorrow. Looking forward to starting this new project with all of you x

Carol Hayward

Woodland Pack just arrived .Love the colours and feel of the wool. Excited for tomorrow!

Susan King

Coincidence or what?!!! I saw a beautiful shawl on Facebook in crocheted “feather and fan” and spent a few days on YT trying out different methods of achieving the ripple. My daughter commented on my samplers that you were planning the “Woodland CAL”. I fell in love with your colours, so I bought the pack and my sister offered to give it to me for Christmas. So disappointed that the pattern was in cyberspace waiting for a CAL! So I’m here with crochet hook at the ready for tomorrow. Can’t wait!!! Absolutely loved lingering in your Studio in Cooper’s Coffee Shop when we went up to Yarndale. That alone was worth the 8 hour train journey😃😍


Bought some yarn locally today as colours I need are softer, so shopped locally but the balls are only 50gm, I want to make a queen size half throw, do you think this will be enough?

Verity King

So excited to be giving this a go. I’m being a bit thrifty and using some alpaca/merino wool I got on special a year ago, however it a mix of 8ply and 10ply will this be too much of an issue?

Sheena Tippen

Can't wait to begin- just hoping/praying it's ok for beginners - just love the idea of it


Just now opened my package of yarn and I want to snuggle into it. The colors are amazing! I was concerned that I had ordered too late to start on time, so I am delighted with the delivery. I will be joining you from my ranch home in Texas where the colors right now are dismally gray this time of year, hence my thrill for the lovely pallet. I have been a quiet follower of yours for many years and have so admired your creative life! Thank you for being there for all of us.

Mary W

I've ordered the yarn pack and read through several past posts on your site and several beginners YT videos to refresh my crochet stitches. I haven't done this in about 45 years but did do a quick triple crochet blanket using bulky yarn and a size Q hook in just 5 hours so I can regain a feel for tension. Your woodland blanket is so beautiful that I just had to make it! My big question is about the single/double/triple stitch difference in UK vs. US. When we get your pattern (I live in Florida) do I just double crochet where you write single and then just triple crochet where you write double? I went to a past post that said you tried that and didn't like it so I assume that is not correct. I can't find an instruction video for beginners from UK. I looked at the wool warehouse site, also. HELP. I simply adore your woodland ripple blanket and can't wait to begin.

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