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November 09, 2017


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Winwick Mum

That box definitely had yours and Gillian's names all over it! They're really lovely projects; I like that you get two in the box as well :) xx


Thanks once again, Lucy! I've visited Gillian's Happy Home and I am going to join in the fun! I am saving for something rather big, so Craftpod isn't on the menu; however, I will include a linkie to the site once I have made something and posted about it. And to your and Gillian's blogs. Now to decide what to make . . .


There’s a lovely book called Making Winter that you should buy, if you haven’t already. It even has crochet projects in it. I just gifted one to my sister for her birthday and she loved it too

Jo Kneale

How do things like this happen? It must be the zeitgeist! Poor Jo won't know what's hit her. I ordered my winter box today and THEN found out you'd recommended what sounded to me like a brilliant idea. Count me (and the daughter) in!


Those dear little owls on that twig! I love them!
Dear Lucy, I adore your work and I thank you for sharing so much on your blog! xx

carolyn mary jackson

Thankyou lucy once again, a wonderful post, I certainly hope to join in even though the seasons are different between us. I hope to learn how to use Instagram, I have a photo i did sometime ago with 10 little owls sitting on it.would love to put it up for you to see. Really look fwd to your blog and check each day just in case I miss something. Carolyn NZ

Susan Smith

Ooh, that was exciting reading, with both you & Gillians post appearing on my sidebar together, two of my oldest blog findings when I started this caper. Love your newest idea & I'd truly like to join in through my blog, but, whoops, my seasons would be out of sinc. Is that OK? I'll email Gillian, so that I get an idea if I can join in even though thousands of miles away. Thanks for sharing, have a lovely weekend & take care.

Kristen Arold-Bender

Love the monthly idea. Just ordered the winter box-looks too fun to pass up😀I find the simple little things give me so much joy too! I can always imagine your little bursts of joy you describe about the pleasures you get from things found in nature, a new color combo, the feel of yarn through your fingers or your big TaDas!! I have also been known to squeal with delight over many of the little crafty moments in my life.

Jackie Jukes

WOW, I wished I didn't live so far away as I would have made a pumpkin or Sweet potato pie.
I love all of your projects and have just completed a harmony blanket which I have called Aspects of life. Now working on a Christmas wreath but trying to figure out how to make jingle bells. Keep up with crafting
Jackie xx


not only would the owls be an acceptable gift - they would be a wonderful gift! they are adorable on those twigs with the cones! thank you for sharing about craftpod - I may have just found what I want for Christmas! I hope to join in with your craft-along in any case. thanks!

Lin Tarrant

Sounds like a brilliant idea - I am going to go and have a look! Love your owls. xx

Annette Goswell

Totally fallen in love with this concept and had to treat myself. I will have to work out how to join instagram so I can see all the ideas. Thank you for your inspiration

Angela-Southern USA

Both adorable projects!!! I have a twig, (tiny tree really) with all these curly branches. I could not pass it up when I came across it while hiking. I've since installed it in a tall coral color tin pitcher that I change with the seasons what decks it's branches. I love it! Right now it has leaves, acorns and a crow (crocheted), next month it will have a couple of owls and snowflakes.Have fun seasonal crafting!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Katie B

Oh Luce I hooted (!!) with laughter, such a witty post - a twig with an owl for a gift sounds wonderful to me.
Good to see those embroidery skills back in action - the old magic's still there! Very impressive French knots!!
Much love from your stichy pal,
Katie B x x

Esther Albors

Once again, Lucy, a wonderful post. There are so many goodies here, my brain is dizzy!


Love to hear this, more creative explosions to come <3 All that little stuff on your mantle piece, I so envy you. I found my little cuttings of my striped grass plant this morning all over my administration. Done by my cat Girl. The only place she leaves alone is my showcase closet because the glass doors prevent my cats from ravaging through my precious artwork. Argh. Your kitty is well behaved.


Gorgeous Lucy, both projects, and beautifully seasonal. And a great idea to have a craft along project. You have reminded me of a little December stitching thing I have tucked away somewhere (I won't use the C-word quite yet). Your mantel is looking gorgeous, all autumnal and golden. Nicely done. I shall go and read Gillian's post now. CJ xx


Brilliant, once again you have inspired this old lady Lucy! I shall hop over to look at Craftpod now, I think it an ideal solution to those times when I want to do something, but don't know what. Something different maybe, definitely something seasonal as like you, I am well into seasonality, and love nature-y things, lucky to have a large garden with lots of different trees and shrubs etc., for picking at. Thank you dear Lucy.

sarah Cooper

Just ordered the Winter box and am ridiculously excited! What a lovely way to keep in touch with the seasons! Thank you


Love this post Lucy. You seem to be 'branching' out - sorry, couldn't resist that!

Margaret Simpson

Love, love, love your beautiful owls Lucy. You mantle is a work of art. By the way, if someone gifted me an owl on a twig I would be over the moon!!!


Craftpods look like loads of fun! I'm always amazed at how some people can come up with such wonderful ideas! I can do the crafty stuff, but only after I've seen it.. My brain just doesn't think up the stuff on it's own.. lol.. I think it would be awesome to be gifted a "crafty twig"!! Who wouldn't be thrilled with tiny pine cones and little felted owls and leaves? Please share any other little owls who hatch at the Attic! You're always inspiring so I can't wait to see more!


How fun! A new little crafting project brought right to your mailbox!


Your mantel display is just glorious! I love creative people who inspire us all. And you do inspire me. Love the little owls and must check out Craftpod. Even though it is bedtime here in the states, I feel like starting a new craft right this second. And yes, I would love two little owls on a twig gifted to me.

Catriona Mason

Orderd tonight after reading your blog. Thanks, Lucy. Catriona

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