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November 27, 2017


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Just found your jolly holly leaves - hooked a couple and enjoyed them even more as I'm a Holly!

I've gone a bit Scandi this year with my colours- starting with teal, white and turquoise Xmas party invites.


I am a very taditional come Christmas colours.... rich greens deep redsand wine and rich Gold. Warm, cosy and forever. though I have experimented with other colours for gifts but they are not for me.


Ha ha, I made the bear and even though we really hate teddy bears in our family. I really like him because of his fed up look and cynical view of the world!

Lovely decorations!


Love the decorations, nothing beats a handmade Christmas. x


Love your decorations, Lucy. A great idea for bits and pieces left over. I made all our ornaments ages ago when my boys were young and still have them in the storage somewhere. I crocheted mini stockings of red and white variegated yarn and it went very quickly. We will have a tree here, but it's my cousins' so we'll use their ornaments. I'm thinking of making some for myself in future, though.

I have always loved the red, white and green colours for Christmas; I'm half Norwegian thanks to my Mum, but wasn't aware that red and white was a Scandinavian tradition until fairly recently. So I love it for that, too, now.

I like crocheted snowflakes, too, and have borrowed my Auntie's book of patterns as well as having one of my own. I like the delicacy of thread ornaments and hope to continue her tradition of making the snowflakes for family members.

One thing your sort of decorations are also good for is adding to packages by tying them on with the ribbon. Quite lovely, I think.

Have a lovely weekend, Lucy. ~ Linne

Tita Carré

Hi, I love yours crochet!!! Hugs from Brazil.


Cute decorations, Lucy. Speaking of Christmas, have you seen this? It's clever and funny (and crocheted). I just had to share with you:



Ummm never thought about crochet decorations, yours are very pretty but no matter what I see I find myself drawn back to the bits and pieces that have served us well for the past ??? years. Old fashioned perhaps but it suits us.


Your decorations are gorgeous, especially with added sequins. I like different Christmas colour combinations: rich colours in our living room, especially pale and dark green with berry colours and gold; pale frosty colours in our dining room - white, silver and pale blue. I like sparkle and natural too, so hard to decide! Needless to say, quite a few of your crocheted snowflakes feature in our Christmas decorating scheme.
Cathy x


Love the jewel tones as they seem more festive to me.

gina in alabama

I love the bright jewel tones! could you post a list of the colours in your picture? i cant quite read all the names on the clothes pins. thanks!


Lucy I LOVE bright Christmas colours but sadly my family aren't so keen. Heathens!! lol. xx


Those decorations are really cute Lucy and I’m very tempted to have a go at making them. But they would have to be in the traditional red, gold and green. That has been my Christmas colour scheme for years, even the wrapping paper, and now my daughters follow suit. I do like other colour schemes but just can’t bring myself to use them - how obsessive is that? Lol

Teresa Kasner

I'm so proud of you to be published in a glossy magazine! You're such a yarny rock star! I got my big bag of yarn for the Woodland Blanket CAL.. it's going to be hard to wait until January 5th to begin! What size hook shall I need?

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Laurie Mowat

You made me laugh...that bear does look peed off! I have switched my Christmas colors all over the place in the past but I think Scandinavian has become my favorite. I first saw the red, cream and grey combination in an issue of Simply Crochet and fell in love with the Scandi Gnome and I have crocheted quite a few ornaments in that theme, mostly little forest critters. Next year I hope to finally do my ''Nature'' tree and include some nests and woodsey things tucked into the branches.
I think everyone should buy themselves a little Christmas present so you should definitely splurge and get your sparkle on!


Great post Lucy love the colours and inspirational thoughts thank you Love Jenny xxx

Winwick Mum

Unnecessary but wantable is certainly OK from time to time - and I'd say that Christmas is the perfect time :) xx

Angela-Southern USA

Such cute ornaments! I love ALL the colors, but we do a theme each year, so some years it's traditional colors, some times it's retro and others it's anything goes. I've knitted red sparkly mittens for this years tree for our red and aqua theme, and crocheted some red and white mini stockings, then back to knitting for some aqua bluebirds. Happy holiday hooking!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Susan Smith

I love your Xmas decs & will happily employ all colours at this time of year. I'm even going to give one of them a go for my little tree. Oh, of course the mag doesn't hit our newsagents until about Feb. Hmm! Funny thing is that I read your last link as "Little Lucy Stars", so may pop that on my list instead. (giggle). Take care.


Your colour palette evokes happy memories of our shiny glass and glitter baubles on the tree in the seventies 😍 An advent string of Sucrette’s mini stockings used all my oddments up. Have a happy run up to Yuletide Lucy xxx


Lovely ornaments, and I do like little projects that use up the odds and ends. Christmas is very All The Colours here, lots of things the children made at school, you know how it is. I do like the red and white combination in your ornaments, it reminds me of peppermints. Nice to have a bit of sparkly in the middle too, there's always a few sparkly things knocking about here waiting to be used. CJ xx


Last Christmas, I went for a turquoise and silver theme, and it was really pretty. I plan to make stockings this year and would like to continue with the same sort of colours. I don't think I have time to crochet them, sadly, so I may have to sew them out of fleece!


I am currently making lots of snowflakes, using your pattern and white yarn with sparkly bits in, for the Christmas window of my secondhand bookshop. They are addictive! It's a great pattern. And as for colour - I still love the red, green and cream combination for Christmas...but could be swayed by jewel colours!


I have decided to do a Christmas wreathe late in the game so now am playing away with bits and bobs. I love experimenting with all colours but am trying very hard to go traditional. oooh holly leaves hook hook hook xx

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