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November 13, 2017


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Jenny Douglas

Hello Lucy! I've been a keen follower of yours for some time, you have inspired my love of crochet and enormously encouraged me to start writing about my projects on the web. So it was with wonderful surprise and delight that I have just found the Pumpkin Owl link in your posts which I created for 'Instructables' a couple of years ago . I am so pleased you liked it, yours looks very cute.
Your projects are a joy, Thankyou so much x x

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Oh what a delightful Autumn post... I too am loving Autumn this year very much! πŸπŸ‚πŸ„πŸ˜Šβ€οΈ

Teresa Kasner

Oh how I love the canal boats you get to see every day. Do you ever get to see inside one? If I had life to live over I'd want to live on one. I'm excited about your next post.. the colors in this blanket speak to me. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anne Anthony

Just discovered your blog, and am thrilled that you live in Skipton which I visited for Yarndale 2016 and also rang the bells there on the Sunday morning. I hope to visit the area again before too long.
I'm a knitter, and love your posting about colour (especially autumn) and your local walks.
Many thanks and best wishes.


Eagerly awaiting Wednesday’s revelation πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Angela-Southern USA

Autumn is always too short! More than half of the trees are bare here now, but my leaf garland (inspired by you) is still swaying gentle in the breeze on my front porch and it brings me all kinds of happy.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Love the owl, clever you. Looking forward to the next CAL.

Susan Walter

Mushrooms in butter are good, but I add chopped onions, sour cream & a sprinkling of parsley, when done. Also makes a great veggie side dish.

P. S. Totally in love with your eye for colour.....

Kate Darby

Autumn colours...Yum! :)


Yarn really comes into its own at this time of year doesn't it. I know when autumn kicks in because I have a longing to make something warm and woolly. Slow progress this year though because of the puppy. I can only get balls of yarn out when he is properly asleep. Mushrooms on toast are one of my favourites, delicious. Brilliant job on the pumpkin, and I love the sound of your old-fashioned fireworks night. Wishing you a good week Lucy. CJ xx

Ann Goodman

Hi, I've been enjoying your lovely descriptions of walks around your home. I've been able to visit your area and just love the countryside and the ever changing colours & textures. I'm very blessed to live in Warwickshire in a small market town & its so beautiful with stunning views & great canal walks.

I like crocheting leaves for some reason so bring on the new design. Only one more sleep until we get to see it!!!! x


Bit worried about you trying to "float my crochet boat"..... There's a slight design flaw there! Stick to the canal barges for floaty things and blankets for yarny ones!
Can't wait to see the woodland blanket.


Happy Autumn Lucy! Your mention of the family selection box made me chuckle - we have two good fireworks displays in our town but the boys voted for fireworks at Grandma and Grandpa's instead. I can't say I wasn't pleased 😊 Autumn coloured socks are my needles - many, many thanks for pointing me in the direction of continental knitting! I've just finished brewing a cauldron full of roast butternut and chorizo soup - I always keep a pot in the freezer for the Soltice. It is a lovely reminder of Summer and we have it with Sta Lucia buns (Paul Hollywood recipe, good dough modelling fun for us all) and wash it all down with blackberry liqueur. I'm counting the days πŸ˜‰ Xxxxxxx


Lucy, once again I've enjoyed the virtual walk with you. I, too, love colours and am excited about seeing the new project unveiled on Wednesday. I love this time of year but always count down to when the light returns. In the meantime, there are crafts to do . . .

Margaret Simpson

As always, great photos and wonderful memories of Bonfire Night many many years ago. Looking forward to you new project Lucy. πŸ„

Laurie Mowat

I meant ''squirrel''. I must be like your other ooops
person because I always triple check for any typos!
Take care.

Laurie Mowat

I'm so glad you're having such a great Autumn. It's one of my favorite times of the year but so far it has been very wet and muddy. Most of our leaves are still on the trees so I suppose I might be cleaning those up and maybe shoveling snow at the same time! It's funny how some trees seem to drop all their leaves at once and others just take their sweet old time. I absolutely love your little Autumn leaves, beautiful colors as always. I have to respond to Jeanthecreativepixie about the dog poo because that made me laugh! Every time I fill the bird/sqirrel feeders I have to do a ''shoe check'' because we have two dogs and you just never know do you!

Donna Ioppolo

I've never done a CAL before, but I'm anticipating some minor surgery in January and will be off work for 4-6 weeks. Your new CAL will be on the s schedule for my recovery time. Looking forward to it.

Heather Coady

Looking forward to Wednesday,! Enjoying crocheting from your patterns


Kicking autumn leaves is fun until you find you've kicked through a dog poo πŸ’© - happened to a work colleague of mine.
On a more pleasant note can't wait to see your new design on Wednesday.


Mushrooms in butter are the BEST thing! But your toast looks a little pale... Excited about the Woodland blanket too, looks as though it will be fabulous.


Pfuw, only two days. I can wait that long. 5 weeks till the darkest day and then up with the sunlight Lucy!I only need to plant some small Tulips, all the others bulbs will show their beauty to get me through the cold crisp days of winter into spring.But that fabulous winter light.

Kathryn Grimshaw

I just love your posts Lucy, and your enthusiasm is infectious. I have always loved Autumn colours and cannot wait to see the unveiling of the Autumn blanket launch!
I am fairly new to your posts and I love reading them as I know just where you are walking and everything is so familiar to me. (I am not a resident of Skipton but we visit all the time and often walk our dog πŸ• along the canal). I even saw you the other week but was way to shy to interrupt your walk with your young son.
Thank you for all the uplifting blogs, and all the lovely patterns ( I’m currently on my third cosy stripe blanket this year).
I hope to see you again sometime....maybe in Coopers if I pick up the courage to speak! 😊😊😊😊😊😊

Winwick Mum

This time of year is suiting you much better this year - perhaps you need to work on an Autumn blanket pack every year! :) xx

Angela Martin

Fabulous colours and can't wait for Wednesday!!

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