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November 19, 2017


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I just love your photos Lucy. As much as I love nature, what I super duper love are photos where there are man-made items IN nature... such as your reservoir shots or the stone wall photo. These speak to me and make me yearn for a different life. One where there isn't so much city but a nice compromise of both humans and nature. Where we add to the landscape rather than destroy it.

Thanks for your lovely post and I am so pleased your walk ended up being such a happy time for you and your family.


Brrrrr! Beautiful....but looks chilly! Maybe you need a blanket!

Crafty Cath

I do love the photos you take. Who'd have thought a concrete water station could look so appealing! But it does!! Looks chilly but serene :)

Claire Mitchell

We were there in summer when the Heather was in bloom. Absolutely stunning.


Although those blues are gorgeous, you can somehow tell they are the blues of a cold, autumnal morning, and not the start of a scorching summers day. I much prefer the former for my walks.


such beauty in all your photo's and the blues of the sky to the water and the moor's in between~ I live on the edge of the Dartmoor national park and its very similar looking...I love capturing the light through the changes in the seasons~ sometimes it can get so misty, stormy and dramatic and within half an hour it can be bright blue skies and all is calm...thats the beauty of the moor's...I've mad e a come back to my old blog and love capturing the seasonal change... ;) x

Anne Hennessy

Beautiful and so inspiring


Isn't it nice that so many people live vicariously through your post? I do live in a fairly rural area, but there is nothing scenic close enough to walk to. Thanks so much for sharing your walks with us. The colours were wonderful, too, and how nice that the white stuff hasn't really arrived. Have a wonderful week, Lucy. ~ Linne


Oh it's been fabulous out there hasn't it. My littlest boy wasn't happy to be going out for a walk today either, but of course he loved it once he was out there. The refreshments sound excellent, they make all the difference I think! CJ xx


Making me feel guilty - at 11 o'clock I was still in my PJs! Looks like it was a lovely morning xx


Lovely blues Lucy. I have been taking photos too of the beautiful blue skies love Jenny xx


As a lover of blue, I so enjoyed your pictures!! 😊

margaret  laurie

Thank-you for bringing the countryside to me when I can't be there x

Susan Smith

Good on you for making the most of the day with a bracing walk & warming cuppa. Thanks for the lovely photos. We have always taken a thermos nearly everywhere we go & our current "Union Jack" one was purchased whilst in UK in 2014 & came home with us. Have a good week & take care.

Lovely Lady

Grimwith Reservoir is one of my favourite places; been there on really windy, cold days and nice late summer days! If you have not been there, I can recommend The Coldstones Cut, near Patelybridge.


I love reading about your rambles through the countryside. Wish I had someone to ramble with. It's a beautiful, bright sunny day here in northern Illinois, too.

Teresa Kasner

I so admire you and your family for getting out and about on a sunny autumn day! As a sailor I adored seeing the regatta going on. I wonder what kind of sailboats they use? Thanks for sharing these invigorating and spectacular images! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Those blue's and greens <3


<3 <3 <3 The best part of any day is often reading your blog...
Oh how I wish my family and I lived a life at the slower paces enjoyed in your town...
While YES we do take things at our own speed, the loveliness of North Yorkshire is so much more diverse than where we live... though we do live on a lovely little island.... its a much faster and more commercial pace.

Ellen D.

When I saw the blog post title, I thought, Oh no, she is feeling sad! But then I saw the beautiful pictures and read your happy story. Made me smile today! Thanks!!


Beautiful pictures. Sounds like a good way to make special memories.

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