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October 23, 2017


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Sadie Malin

I love this pattern and was wondering where I could find a list of the different colours to make up the other colours sets for country garden, desert and rainforest please xx

Susan Oliver

Lucy can I order the lagoon pack from Wool ware house as I have looked and cannot find it.I noticed you pattern is for 8 balls of yarn and the lagoon pack is 10 balls I want to be sure I have the right amount as I am in Australia.


The back is not very nice but the front is not bad. Shane you were not inspired to try something completely new rather than going for a pattern that you used before.

Colleen Donnelly

I *love* variegated yarns, but I don't like how they pool in crochet. So I learned how to knit as well so that I could indulge that love. I hope that discovering the similarity to Monet's water lilies helped you love the colours of this project a little more. :)


Thank you for your nice Idaers.
Kind Regards from Germany


Wow that is so beautiful and tthose colours are wonderful too. Sarah x


Gooood morning Lucy! I'm so glad I won the giveaway entering from your blog. Now I have to go and work but I'll be back here later in the day. Greetings from Belgium:-)


This is stunning - love the colours - I always admire your work but hate the bright colours which give you so much pleasure, horses for course-


I have to agree with you Lucy, so well done for being able to work with it and create something lovely :) I prefer the flower side to the plain, it just looks more....more. I was surprised when you revealed the colours you chose, I tried to guess before reading on, and felt sure you'd go for Desert as it seems the brightest and most varied. I've wondered about using a variegated to make a "lazy" blanket but like you, I prefer more defined colours where I have the control. Some people do seem to make lovely things but there's just something about it that niggles at me and I think I'd get so far and then give up because it was just niggling at me so much! It is amazing how colour affects the mood.


I do like variegated yarn but it tends to look better with knitting as crochet is often clumsy by comparison. It needs more skill for it to look good in crochet but it can look amazing. Alice by Day uses variegated yarn and it looks very beautiful in her exquisite crochet.

Cherry heart has been my favourite blog hop so far as the design is really pretty while I enjoy the colours most but I also love Lucia's Fig Tree scarf as the design is so beautifully done and really captures the narrative behind the design. Looking forward to the other stylecraft promotional posts. Quite varied so far.

Shaon The Reiki Cat Lady

I have made your blooming cushion cover before in lovely vibrant colours and it has pride of place and looks amazing, I have on my to do list ( and have had for quite some time lol) another one in monochrome colouring so black, white and several greys but I also have a gorgeous bling button for the centre of the flower, you have inspired me to put it further to the top of my list lol. I love variegated yarn and am using some at the moment King cole Riot in rainbow colours and it looks fab in this dragon tail scarf. Thanks for all your inspiration Lucy x


Having seen the front of the cushion in person, so to speak, I can attest to its tactileness and yes, the resemblance to the Monet is startling! You did a really great job with yarn that wouldn't normally be your first choice. Xxxx

Elizabeth Sawyer

I love it! It is gorgeous! I like the variegated look for a change although clear colours are nice too. Well done Lucy!


I am with you. I try to like variegated yarns. They are so pretty in their skeins but just a mess of color when knitted up, or as in this case, when crocheted up. I have pretty much stopped buying variegated yarn. I agree that the back of the cushion in that color way and stitch pattern do look like camouflage. I think you did a great job given the product. Love your blog. Think I will check out what some of your fellow blog stars have done with the yarn as I am curious to know if there might be one that might be a good use of this yarn.


I too am not really a fan of variegated yarn. You did a brilliant job incorporating it into your Waterlily cushion. The amazing texture of the “bloom” side of the cushion more than makes up for, as you say, the absence of the “eye-popping” colors you normally use. I just love your work and have made a few of your blankets using the Stylecraft yarn you recommended. Looks like I have another project on my list!


Further proof that you are a genius! I am not a fan of variegated yarn either, except maybe for socks, but you have made this work beautifully - it is a thing of joy, which is what I associate with you and your designs. And Lagoon is my favourite of the yarn packs. Well done!


No I would not have been inspired to learn to crochet or make anything using these colours Lucy, but as always you have created a thing of beauty that many will enjoy.

Alison Smith

Your Blooming Flower cushion was the first Attic24 project I made! I may give this version a go as well!

Crafty Cath

I'm sure Claude would have approved :) It's a fab cushion!

Jessica Wyke

Well done on working hard and also for being so honest.
I love your blog and your designs and your colours and looking forward to more of what we all love from you. These colours are just not you!! Or me. X

Heidi Overgaauw

O Lucy, i couldnt agree with you more, this aren't your typical, sparkling, joyful colours. But how you have turned this into a beautiful cushion strikes me. Although the results pleases almost everyone, I doubt if you yourself are really as happy as usual when you have finished a work choosen and designed yourself. But there's nothing wrong with trying something outside your comfortzone, isn't it? Thumbs up for your persevering...


Oops, on second look I see that you used dbl crochet (US) on the back.


I love this beautiful cushion! Yes, on first glance, it's not your normal cheerful colors but these colors are very calming and serene which are pluses in my book. And I'm so glad you were able to connect the Monet painting you love with this cushion, I think it has made you like the cushion more. And I love all the other details that went along with the crochet: making the button jacket, adding a belly button to the cushion pad and crocheted cover. Genius! I actually like variegated yarns, depending on what I'm knitting or crocheting. The lengths of the color repeats need to match the pattern. Your single crocheted backing circle made the colors pool and gave the unappealing, to you, camo look. I'm currently crocheting a C2C Moss Stitch blanket using a yarn with fairly long color repeats and I quite like the stripes it produces.


Well I love your Water Lily Cushion Lucy x .....variegated does not always come out as you would expect just look at some sock yarns to see that but this looks lovely. X


I think it turned out beautifully. I love your button!

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