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October 29, 2017


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I’m not sure you will read this as it is an old post. I was searching for some recipes for small leaf biscuits and noticed your blog ( which I have read for years);came up in my internet search with this recipe on, I was also so pleased the leaf cookie cutters You used were the exact ones I wanted to use, I’d had for years and hadn’t used before. Thank you for sharing, they went down a treat at school! X

Cândida Lobão

I'm so happy to look your post! It's a fresh air in my life! The color, harmony and your generosity do my heart more focused in beautifully see the life, rather dan see only the destrution. I hope that the art can be the change to peace .
thank you!


Okay, it looks like honey can be substituted, but I did see that Walmart stores carry "Golden Syrup". There aren't any Walmart stores near me, but if they carry it, I'm sure other stores around here do to.


Looks yummy and so pretty. I have no idea what "golden syrup" is even though I have read some explanations above. They only sell light corn syrup in grocery stores where I live (northern California). Perhaps I can do a search on the Internet or find it in some specialty store.


These are brilliant Lucy!!

S x

Claire Austin

Hey Lucy,
Which issue is it? I have been browsing my Oct issue and can’t see them... am I being blind or am I looking at the wrong magazine?
thanks, Claire


Thanks so much for the recipe Lucy! We don't celebrate Halloween as such but we do play family games - couldn't get any ring donuts to string up so have made some donut shaped biscuits using this recipe. My youngest is in boy heaven as he prefers ginger biscuits to donuts! They're delicious too - will definitely make them again :-)

Maria João Machado

I wouldn't mind eating those delicious cookies near a conzy fireplace.

Nora McGrann

Another lovely blog, Lucy..can almost smell the cookies..
Happy Halloween to you and yours!

Nora xx

Denise Henderson

It was a ciold blustery evening here in Ohio so I thought I would bake some of these cookies. They are delicious and my house smells wonderful. Thank you!

Lucy @ Attic24

Oh Kate you are right – THANK YOU!!! It was doing my head in that I couldn’t remember!!
So lovely to hear from you and see you popping in to visit the Attic – what’s your @ on Instagram? Bloody love IG, although blogging is still my number one.
Hope you and yours are well and happy, I’d love to catch up sometime,
Much love

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I think it was Niki at the cottage on instagram as I follow her too Lucy. They look delish X

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Kate McCurrach

I think it was Niki at the cottage on instagram as I follow her too Lucy. They look delish X


Yummie! And hes, I have a big pile of old CL magazines. They are quitte expensive in Holland and I can't throw them away. And, hes we love gingercookies here but we have te make them ourselves because we can't buy ready made ones. Tomorrowl I plan to make some.


Love the look of those ginger biscuuts and the cutters you have. I know my cousin in America has a subscription to Country Living Magazine as she mentions it a lot when we speak. Its seems they don't have any magazine as good in the USA.


the biscuits look yummy and I could see those cutters being used as patchwork applique shapes. Draw round and cut out , then stitch down. good to know they are available


I am SO glad you did not “style” your photo a la Country Living mag. Ten out of ten for keeping it real! I love reading Country Living magazine but recently I have started to become irritated by those Instagram-type photos you mention. Real people with personality do not live like that. I love your house - a real country house - full of vibrant colours and with evidence that people LIVE there. Enjoy your biscuits! I might just have to try that recipe ....


Last weekend, I baked cookies with my eldest daughter (5). We made special Halloween cookies with chocolate, it was a lot of work to decorate the cookies with the chocolate, but very much worth it. Baking with kids is so much fun!
Your cookies really look yummy!


Remember you can freeze dough so if you make the full amount you can split it into 2 before making the biscuits and have some for emergency biscuit making in the freezer.

So what's new?

I have heard of people subbing a thick maple syrup for golden syrup. Molasses, perhaps even. It's the rich, brown sugary tasting syrup you're after. In a pinch, honey would work too. Golden syrup rounds out the flavour, I think.


These ginger cookies sound amazing, certainly just the treat for Autumn days - with a lovely cup of coffee of course! I look forward to giving them a try once I have the leaf cutters. Thanks for recipe Lucy. Is there any chance of a copy of your pattern for little heart key rings? I think they would make a nice addition to our local Christmas Fair in a few weeks time. I have tried several heart patterns but keep looking back at yours which always look best. I know you are a very busy lady so I apologise for asking BUT THEY DO LOOK SO.....N I C E. Annette


For those in the US, there really isn't an equivalent to golden syrup. You might find it on sale in the world foods section of a grocery store.


I didn't have enough golden syrup so I subbed half black treacle, which gave a gorgeous colour and the taste was delicious. Mine were star-shaped, not leaves. Still yummy!

Cas Allan

For Sue, in cups and spoons.

1/2 cup butter
1/3 cup soft brown sugar
5/8 cup golden syrup (please don't use corn syrup)
1 1/4 cups plain flour (US, All purpose flour)
2 teaspoons ground ginger
1 teaspoon bicarb soda

Teresa Kasner

What a fun time you had with your son making those delicious looking cookies! I have subscribed to the UK Country Living and my first magazine is schedule to arrive in January. I'm so excited! The US version is so thin and lacking compared to the UK one. My friend Gracie had subscribed to the UK one and passed them on to me and I simply submerge myself into them. I think your photos of your cookie project are worthy of any glossy mag!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Trish Annie Stevens

I love Country Living, too, I've read it since day one, over 30 years ago. It's my favourite magazine. And I love, love, love the flavour of ginger biscuits dunked in coffee! And I also have a pile of magazine upstairs which go back at least 2 years, possibly longer, as I find them so hard to part with...Inspiring and heart warming blog-post, as ever Lucy. Thank you!

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