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October 25, 2017


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Joan L Jensen

Super cute! Love the color combinations and inspiration. When you give instructions for the two-color squash, and also the twizzle, you wrote DC (double crochet). In the United States, that is a hdc (half-double crochet). Fortunately, the pictures made it clear.

Nancy Moreno

I live in the U.S. and love your patterns,is there a way to receive a I can get a printed copy of some of the blankets The only way I would be to screen copy the written you have online, thank you

Michelle chappell

Looking at these comments i am from uk but now live in Brisbane and i believe i actually work with mary-clare cavanagh what a small world


a marled grey pumpkin looks just like a sea urchin shell which can be found along the rocky shoreline


Hi Lucy. There is always such beauty to be found in nature. Your harvest pumpkins are simply delightful. Thank you for sharing such a detailed tutorial and post. Our readers will enjoy it :) I've included this in our latest Top 10 in Craft roundup. https://craftylikegranny.com/pumpkin-crafts/ Cheers Jodie

MotherOwl (Charlotte)

Dear Lucy. Those pumpkins were too tempting. I've made 3 so far - and tweaked the pattern a bit more (adding trebles in the middle of the rows instea of half trebles to make a bit plumber pumpkin) in the process ;) One of my sons baked the ginger cookien some days ago. They were good too.


What a brilliant pumpkin pattern. I looked for some crochet ones but couldnt find any I liked, but this is perfect and the stripes are genius! They really take it to another level. 👍👏. Next years project for sure! 😉

S x


They're so adorable!Pumpkin #1 has a little leaf. Can we have the pattern for it, please? TIA


Your pumpkins and the real ones are such a feast for the eyes. What a wonderful post! Sarah x


Thank you! I've made my first and starting another! Incredibly cute.


Lucy my happy happy eyes. Off these little pumpkins are perfection. I swear my neurotransmitters just shifted towards happiness because of these beautiful colours xxx

Carola Slagle

Lucy, you are one of a kind! You really need to be awarded for the BEST mam EVER! AND you let your little people have sugar! (I just bought a whole mess of cookie cutters on line, didn't pay attention and they turned out to be one inch-1 1/2 inch size. Dinky! But, I'm going to paint them and put them on our Christmas tree, maybe a garland).

Wasn't B a baby yesterday? I can actually say I knew B before he was born! You have been my go-to blog for many years. I don't know how you do all that you do, but we are so happy you are still doing it! Many thanks for a whole lot of blanket love and fab photos. There is going to be a world-wide shift if and when you "retire". We love you, Lucy!!! Ok, ok, I have a Lucy crush, at least I admit it!!!

Mary-Clare Cavanagh

I so miss the Austumn after 10 years in Boston, we now reside in Brisbane ,Australia. It's a great place but no seasonal changes to clearly see. We have the Jacaranda trees out in bloom for spring....there are purple hues spread all over the placenow....so pretty.

Carolyn Dietrich

You are amazing! Love, love, love the pumpkins you made. I live in the US - Idaho to be specific - and I didn't know there are pink pumpkins! Thanks for sharing.


Hello! I've just read this post and love every single photo!! I've had a crazy week and pumpkins make my day! I can't wait to make a strippy one...❤️❤️❤️


Such a fantastic post as usual. Autumn is my favourite time of year with all that glorious colour. Love the pumpkins and all bookmarked including PlanetJune for next year. No time this year!


Gorgeous crochet work. I'd love to learn to do this, thanks for inspired m.


Gorgeous crocht work. Id love to larn to do this, thanks for inspired me.

Helen Stephens

Gorgeous post.
Sincerely hope you enjoy your autumn with some fantastic pumpkin soup!
Until I came to Oz from Notts over 40 years ago I had never had pumpkin, we gave it to the cows!
It has been a staple in my fridge since I arrived though, so sweet in scones too.
Thank you yet again Lucy😊


Beautiful Autumn photos. Thank you Lucy. I made some small pumpkins on a knitting loom and made up a crochet pattern for the stem. Happy with them but not as nice as your pumpkins.


Gorgeous photos and so love your crochet pumpkins, gorgeous, Angela xXx


Your blog entries are the most wonderful things, Lucy! Thank you for them... and for brightening up my world every time you post. Autumn blessings~ Andrea XXX


Gorgeous, as always, Lucy - but how you keep doing that year after year is astounding. What I also wanted to say though was what NEAT colouring! And imaginative choices of colour, too. Go Little B!


Thanks for this inspirational post again. Love it so much!

Teresa Kasner

I love love LOVE your ridged pumpkins and the stripy effect you created.. and also am impressed with the dual yarn colors, they gave it such an organic realism.. I'm very impressed and I will definitely be trying some of these!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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