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October 05, 2017


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amazing post lucy, keep it up!

Debbie, Essex

Thank you for sharing Yarndale with those of us not lucky enough to have experienced it in person! It really sounds like such an amazing experience and I WILL make it there one day!!!!

Well done - I know you put in such a lot of time and effort but it always looks like it pays off!


Congratulations on another successful Yarndale. I always enjoy reading about the events each year. Sarah x


Thanks from me, too, Lucy, for sharing so much from Yarndale. It was almost like being there and then looking at one's photos afterwards (only they are your photos LOL). So inspiring to see glimpses of so many people's work. I love all the yarnbombing, too. What fun! Yarndale is on my own list of things to do. Love and blessings and a million thanks to all involved.
~ Linne from BC, Canada


Oh dear what a wonderful post. I have no idea how you managed to squeeze it "all" in there but you really managed to do a fabulous review of Yarndale. Or maybe it is just because I actually was there and can relate to every little thing mentioned in this post. Fantastic Lucy, thanks for sharing it all. And thanks for a fabulous event. I just have to come back next year. And then I will be more prepared... with a shopping list, water and a snack in a back pack to make it easier to navigate through the stands. And of course have my camera ready to snap away and create a library of cool selfie shots of every cyber friend I meet. ;)



Lucy...it is always so exciting to see the culmination of you and your team's hard work. What joy to see all that woolly goodness in one place. :)

Congratulations on another labor of love! because it is your love for this art that has grown into such a beautiful and delightful event!



I always find it a bit sad (blended in with quite a great deal of happiness) for you that you are so busy at the event that you don't fully get to experience the other exhibitors the way the 8500 attendees do. When I've been part of events, fairs, house tours, etc in the past we have designated an "exhibitors hour" lack for a better all around term. An hour or two is set aside for those who are exhibiting or docenting or volunteering etc at the event to have private time to visit the event themselves. Consider designating an hour or two sometime during the event when it is closed to attendees and open only to exhibitors and volunteers... just an idea! One day, I'd like to attend, until then I always enjoy the reports of those who did.


I just loved the granny sheep tote bag. Had to have one, even though postage to the US is as much as the bag itself. But I'll have a bit of Yarndale to enjoy, along with your blog and Winwick Mum's, since I'm not likely to ever get there in person!

Joan robertson

Another lovely post about yarndale , I wanted to come the week after, didn't want it to be over, I came on my own this year , on the Sunday , my third visit but that meant I could take my time looking at everything , loved the chat I had with you , told you how I am loving the Moorland blanket , a true representation of the Yorkshire moors , I also chatted to Sheila and had my photo took pointing to my heart , it is thanks to you all for creating this wonderful event , roll on 2018

Ingrid Meecham

Lovely blog as usual and wonderful pictures. I really look forward to your blog, you have inspired me to learn crochet, I'm on the third stripy bag and have just finished your hydrangea blanket, all much admired by friends and family. Only problem is deciding which blanket to make next! Thank you.


Oh my Lucy your incredible detail of the show not only brings back such a wonderful trip which I am sure I will miss next year and OH even said are you sure you don't want to go back for visit number 6!! But how to write a blog in such amazing detail. While I am loving starting my blog journey again, I am struggling to find "interesting" words to write.

Sara (the 50th birthday lady :)


So pleased you are back on form Lucy I could read your blog all day every day it is so inspiring. Yarndale is definatly on the to do list. Umm just had a thought perhaps I could get a group of us together that would be exciting. Need to work on that one.


What a fantastic blog post! Both writing and pictures - glorious. Thanks for taking the time to write it!


Grazie Lucy! Bravissima!😊


Wonderful post Lucy it made me feel as though I was there. Hope to make it next year.
Thank you.
Hazel c uk

Sandra Carling

Fabulous post Lucy can you direct me to suppliers of huge wooden crochet hooks and very thick yarn picture in your post suitable for throw blankets having difficulty finding this yarn in Australia. Thanks in anticipation.


Lucy, I've just discovered your blog and it is truly lovely! I am new to crochet and always looking for ways to learn and inspiration. I have searched the site and Facebook for a way to reach you, even emailed the retail shop. They suggested I leave a comment here. I run a small business and have an inquiry about the blog. I'd love to hear from you!

Angela-Southern USA

Bravo! The fifth already?! Seems like yesterday the first year was planned.

Teresa Kasner

What a perfect and wonderful story of Yarndale! Thank you so much for making all of us who could not attend feel like we're a part of it too. It looks like heaven on earth. Bravo to you and your fellow organizers for doing such an amazing job of it all. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Makes me want to go more and more. Glad you are feeling a little more tip top!

Brenda B.

Oh I so wish that I didn't live to far away--over the pond-- as I would LOVE to come to Yarndale! What a lovely place to be. You have given so much to make Yarndale a wonderful experience! Thanks Lucy for all you do.. xx


Golly is it 5 years already???? I came along to Yarndale#1 and life has conspired to prevent a repeat visit.
(this year it was taking son#1 to Uni for freshers week!)
Maybe I should just take the plunge and book tickets for 2018 right now!!!!!!
Loving the pictures - keep posting

Little Quiltsong

How awesome! You did a wonderful blog post with pics, on this beautiful Yarndale weekend event! All I can say is - Wow! The hard work to bring this all together is amazing! Thank you for sharing, Lucy!!

Helen Welsh

Glad to hear you are feeling better! Yarndale was the most amazing, inspiring, color-filled experience - big thank yous to you and the team who make this happen through all your hard work throughout the year - it is definitely much more than a yarn show!! Wishing you a happy hooky weekend,
Helen x


Thank you for this wonderful post Lucy - special thanks from the likes of me who were disappointed at not being able to get there.
No wonder Skipton has been voted the happiest place to live!

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