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October 02, 2017


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Jennifer haley

Dear Lucy , I missed Yarndale this year as I had just come out of hospital having had a new knee ! Couldn't drive and didn't feel like walking round an exhibition. So sad as I love it also missed out on the calendar. Am hoping to go to alley pally do you know if any will be on sale there as £4 postage is quite steep !! If not I shall bite on the bullet and purchase one as I can't be without it in my knitting room. !! Love Jenny xx


Let yourself relax after such a hectic lead time & eat well, get plenty of sleep & just BE. Huggles.

Rosaleen Cole

Yet another year has passed and no transport company has obliged crafters from North or South of Ireland by arranging a September break to Yarndale - this is despite requests. Here we are committing the 'sins' of Envy and Jealousy. Please Lucy can you use your influence.


Rest up and I hope you feel better. Someone posted a question about what herbs to roast vegetables. If I roast carrots and sliced sweet potatoes- I add a dash of cinnamon. Other vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower taste good with a
Splash of lemon juice mixed with the olive oil , as well as cilantro or oregano- salt and pepper . Onions roasted with carrots and potatoes is also a delicious combination. Might as well throw in some chicken - roast a dinner in one pan!

Rosaleen Cole

One more year and still no transport company has obliged the crafters of Ireland, North and South by arranging a much longed for September break to Yarndale - we live in hope in that our requests will no longer be ignored. In the meantime we commit the 'sins' of Jealousy and Envy.

Debbie, Essex

Rest and look after yourself!

We'll still be here when you come back!

Love Debbie


Yarndale must take a lot out of you, so take care and I am looking forward to your next CAL!!


Good morning Lucy so sorry to hear you are under the weather, what a saying that is especially with the weather we have been having! Time for some ME time, and no wonder after such a busy few months. Im sure we can all wait til you bounce back again Till then be cosy and cossetted. XX Denise.

Iris Techel

Congratulations! :-))
I received the Stylecraft Newsletter and read that you are winner of the British Knitting and Crochet Awards 2017!
Favourite Crochet Blog and Favourite Crochet Designer!
That's fantastic!
XXX Iris

Bernie Birkett

Glad you are looking after yourself. Love the look of lime and sea salt chocolate. It will make you feel better I'm sure. I need an excuse to buy some

Deborah S

So sorry to hear that, but not surprising with all the hard work and adrenaline that goes into making something like that happen. I’m sitting here crocheting my hydrangeas blanket snuggling in and sending good wishes for recovery. Take what time you need for yourself xxxx


Carissima Lucy! Grazie per le notizie, abbi cura di te! A presto!!


mmm... lime and sea salt chocolate sounds like a good combination. It's important to take the time you need to rest and let your body recuperate and re-charge. Looking forward to hearing about yarndale when you're ready :)

Pat Hayes

Loved your idea of the baked vegies, I presumed you tossed them in oil and crushed the garlic but would love to know what herbs you used. Love your crochet work and colour schemes. I am in the process of crocheting a jumper for my husband using my own pattern, so far so good, hope the end is result is a Ta Da day for me. Cheers and all the best to your and your family.


Lucy, Lots of warming ideas from everyone for you to apply some TLC to yourself and meanwhile, we'll all be quietly getting on with unfinished projects (Moorland Blanket! for me, or I might even try making your Blooming flower cushion again) in your own time, when you're ready.

mrs. smythe

What cheerful, pleasing images! Thanks so much for sharing. I love how you elevate the little, beautiful moments of life.


Take your time, rest and recover, think beautiful thoughts. I have so many of your blog pages still to read and so many of your designs still to make that I for one can wait until you are fully restored.

And congratulations on all your awards. Truly amazing and well deserved as you are so generous with your patterns and your knowledge


So sorry you're feeling under the weather, it's the season for it I think. All of those back-to-school germs, plus stress and tiredness no doubt don't help. Now that Yarndale has finished I hope you can have some very well deserved rest. A few days off in this house too and various odd viruses being passed round amongst children and mums. That chocolate looks sublime, lime and dark chocolate are some of my absolute favourite things. I do hope I don't ever discover where it's sold... Look after yourself Lucy, I hope you're back to full strength very soon. CJ xx


Take care Lucy.....lots of tlc required xx.


Chocolate & crochet.best remedy ❤️


Take good care of yourself, Lucy..

Again, loving your wonderful photos!!

Nora xx


Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell though not surprised really! Yarndale was amazing! It was my first visit and I loved it! It must take so much energy to prepare for it and everytime I was in your location you were chatting to someone! Take care and recharge those batteries!!!!

Angela Kirby

Take care and keep crocheting..x


hope you feel more energised soon. its amazing how after a lot of stress = even good stress = we can plummet after into a kind of malaise. rest up and you will soon be back to normal.

Janette Surtees

Dear Lucy, have you tried Echinacea tablets? You can buy them from supermarkets or health food shops. I always take them at the sign of a cold etc. They work wonders for me. Love the squishy mound of blankets. Very homey. Get well soon.

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