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October 30, 2017


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cecilia Quiroga

Hello. My name is Cecilia. I Live in Street Somerset UK.
We share the passion for crochet.
I came from Argentina so that my children could study here.
You help me where to buy good materials and at a good price like baby alpaca.
Thank you very much
my mails is : [email protected]
If you need something, let me know.


Alice Robinson

Hi Lucy, lovely post - as usual. Any chance of a link to the recipe, have tried googling it but to no avail. Still regularly cook a curry using a recipe you posted ages ago (sweet, easy curry?) - known in our house as "The Crochet Lady's Curry" Thanks Alice X


I so enjoy your post! Ah, Autumn. I especially like the hedge of turning leaves. Little B has a great eye for color. I wonder where he gets that from??!! I think Janis’s idea of a free form crochet of a Little B’s drawing would be fantastic! I just know it would be great!


Love, love, LOVE the church bells! Here they use mostly electronic ones or recordings and it's just not the same. My favorite thing about your mantel is how you make it your own celebration of what you love about each season. Thank you for sharing your life with us, Lucy. It is truly a gift!

Winwick Mum

There's something about seeing a church lit up at night, isn't there? I often walk past our church with the dog and it always makes me happy to see the illuminated stone and windows when everything else is dark xx

Debbie Tristram

Little B has inherited your gift of putting colours together. When I first saw it, I thought it was a piece of fabric cut out in the shape of a pumpkin.

Alison Smith

Hi LittleB. I thnk your colouring in is fantastic! You are so careful with your work and your colours are 😉 amazing! Tell your Mum she needs to show us more of your beautiful work😊😊


Lovely post. It sounds suspiciously like someone is falling in love with autumn.....hmmmm? :)


Any chance of a link to the recipe for the curry? It sounds yummy!

Christine Phillips

Lucy your photo's of the countryside are superb, I feel I am right there looking at what you and your camera see. The crimson leaves of what I imagine are Virginia Creepy leaves, on the wall are incredible.

Angela-Southern USA

Fabulous socks! I agree, nothing like having toasty feet in a pair of socks you've made yourself. LOVE L.B.'s pumpkin, well done indeed! Yikes! Christmas will be here soon! Have a great day.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I love your blog...it really makes for such a sweet read. Thank you. Also, your sons coloring is really good! He has an artists eye I believe. Enjoy your beautiful Autumn!
Cheers, Sue.


I loved reading your autumnal musings and can almost smell those delicious candles. Our parish church bell ringing practice is Tuesdays too! Obviously the thing to do in these parts. :) See you soon xxxx


Tuo marito é molto intelligente! 🏃🏼


Very impressed with Little B's coloring...tell him someone here in the USA has seen it and thinks it is delightful!

Yes, where does the time go? Two months from today is New Years' Eve!


I love to hear bell ringing practice as well, it's beautiful. There's a lovely beech hedge here, around the castle, I always enjoy watching it change in the seasons. The pumpkin is fabulous. My littlest boy loves to do colouring in as well, it's one of our favourite things to do together in fact. I love how we have little chats as we colour. Long may it last. The farm shop walk sounds excellent, I do like a stroll with the promise of a sit down and a little smackerel of something. A lovely autumnal post Lucy, I most enjoyed it. CJ xx

Teresa Kasner

I so enjoyed all your autumn leaves and wow.. the pumpkin Little B colored is gorgeous, I'm glad you're preserving it forever. I played the bell video and loved it! That is a lot of people to make it happen!! Thanks for sharing it.

*H*A*P*P*Y* *H*A*L*L*O*W*E*E*N*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Such a lovely, inspiring post! (As usual)
I've been reading your blog for years now, you make me feel like travelling to Yorkshire, Dorset and co... Not so easy, since I live in Brazil! I just love looking at your pictures... And I made a rainbow ripple blanket for my son, based on your pattern. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing all this!


The possessive "its" does not take an apostrophe.


That kid's got your eye for color -- gorgeous little pumpkin. I'd love to have that printed on fabric and have a little placemat made of it.

If you ever get into the whole "freeform crochet" thing, I imagine the two of you can have a nice little artistic collaboration going on where you crochet one of his drawings.

Lucy, Kent ~ England

As others have said Little B's artwork is lovely. Apart from the fact that the evening walks will keep J fitter I think it's a super way for him to build more memories with the LP's. I know you wanted to share the walk but Little B had a point, as a family you are really good at family activities and you get to spend quality Mum time with the LP's. This looks like a fantastic way to balance up for J and the LP's which will give them all not only great memories but also a super template for their own family lives in the future.


Lucy, I hope there will be a new autumn or winter colours blanket from you soon with a pack & pattern at Wool Warehouse (in time for Christmas if poss pretty please :0). I've done all your other patterns & am now getting serious withdrawal symptoms!

Fiona M

I love reading your posts, particularly as I lived in Skipton myself for 10 years and recognise so many of your scenes. I adored listening to the bell practice too! The farm shop wasn't there in my day, or if it was, it must have been in a very early incarnation and not the wonderful attraction it is now.
Now, about that Woodland blanket you mentioned .... ;)

loesch dominique

Lovely post as usual !

Susan Smith

Great post & your sky looks more like here in Oz, though not at the moment, as we are having a week of inclement weather, with temps back in the teens. Little B certainly takes after his Mum with all that attention to detail & colour choices. Have a great week & take care.

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