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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 19, 2017


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Hi, Lucy. Thanks so much for your constant uplifting posts. I come here so often for that and because we share a love of colour and creativity. Your photos inspire me, too. I love your acorns and oak leaves, too; they are special to me. I'm looking forward to your tutorial for those. I love that you take time for yourself in those small but meaningful ways; I do that more and more these days. Like you, I'm a bit wistful to see the end of summer, but autumn brings its own loveliness and even winter, as it's then that I have more indoor time for creativity. Love your fireplace; I still prefer an open wood fire. The garland sounds interesting and I'm also looking forward to the blanket's progress. Thanks for sharing so much with us.

Brooks Ann Miller

Love your blog! Your oak leaves are really lovely. I find it interesting that although I live in Texas, USA, we have very similar oak leaves here. I found it amusing that your "weird sky" and orange sun were so unusual. Here in the area of Texas where I live we often have dust storms and other similar phenomena that cause us to have similar skies on a regular basis. I think it would really freak me out if I didn't see this on a regular basis! I had never thought that this kind of sky wasn't a normal occurrence in other places. I was truly very pleasantly surprised to learn this. Thanks for your glimpses into a place I someday hope to visit. Very charming!

Anna Vacha

I don't often comment, but I read every week, and wanted to chime in. Thank you for continuing your Summer Moments into Autumn, and thank you for sharing the wonderful gift you have - of making small moments magical - with us. You are an inspiration for your crochet and your "eye", but also for your outlook and positivity, and joy in small moments, as well as your gift with words. Truly an inspiration and a role model, and every time I feel glum I come to your page for a reminder of how to open my gosh darn eyes and see the wonder around us. (plus as a wee 28 year old just starting to settle down and build a life it gives me such a deep feeling of hope to see the reminders of how possible it is to keep exuberance alive and present while still being a successful adult (and mother!!)).

Anyways, sorry for gushing, and thanks for sharing of yourself!


I loved reading this post, please keep them up! We are currently enjoying the spring season here in NZ. Our seasonal changes are nothing near as dramatic as what you experience in England, I miss that so much!


Loving your oak leaves x Although I do love the Autumn and the colours I hate the thought of winter and dark nights.The clocks change next weekend arrgh. I do keep my garden clock on Summer time to make the dark nights hurry on through x

carolyn mary jackson

A belated Happy Birthday and congratulations on your awards. I always enjoy all your blogs, and pleased you have had a few restful days after all your hard work at Yarndale. I look forward now to seeing all the hearts,
always enjoy seeing the bunting, and mandalas again.
Many thanks, Carolyn.


Gorgeous as usual.
Is there any chance of a tutorial for the owls which you designed for the Yarndale brochure last year? I tried to buy a brochure but there were none left.....too successful.
I feel an owl would sit well on an autumnal wreath!
I hope not too much of your allotment was damaged. Are you allowed to use the wood?

Teresa Kasner

I enjoyed the Autumnal images and colors in this post. Bravo on the leaves and acorn designs! I adore acorns. I found some black ones last year. I ordered the English version of Country Living and will get my first one in January. It's so much better than the slim US version. I'm glad you noticed all my "Lucy" projects on the sofa in our caravan! You have inspired me so much, my friend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Congratulations on your many well deserved awards. A very belated Happy Birthday. We have been away to a family reunion and not checking in regularly. It is always special to see the wonderful sites from your part of the world. Autumn really doesn't happen in Florida. Nice to see your pictures. Thanks Lucy.


I always love your posts of home and crochet and seasons Lucy. They are so comforting, inspiring, delightfully cheerful and colourful.
A visit to Yorkshire is long over due I think. I hope our shed is finished soon, then mum and I can sneak away.
Jacquie xxx

Tina Kercher

I love your autumn creations. I love seeing how others make leaves and such. I decorate pumpkins every year made from upcycled sweaters with crocheted stems and leaves. It's so much fun.

Elizabeth Wittig

The leaves look lovely and the acorns - so cute

Kay Amhaus

Such beautiful pictures, and such a pretty place you live in. I just love popping in here from time to time to see what you and your family are up to. Loved the summertime "moments," and so do continue into autumn (my favorite season). Warm weather here in southeastern Wisconsin has caused our trees to delay turning color so you pics especially fun to see.

Angela-Southern USA

I look forward to seeing your autumn garland, I too have been inspired by autumn to reach for my hook I've been making mini pumpkins, crows, spider webs and even a spooky ghost cactus. Enjoy the season!x

mrs. smythe

Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. There's something so magical about a cloudless, autumn-blue sky. It's my favorite color, I think.

Denise Marshall

Like you I cling to the last vestiges of Summer, but I do adore the Autumn colours. Love your acorns and oak leaves. Can't wait to see what you make of them. D


such a wonderful-lovely-heartwarming post, dear Lucy <3
I absolutely love the attic view of the opposite hill, be it green or brown or grey, I LOVE it.
And I am so curious about your new blanket project :)
Thank you ever so much for your kindness to share your world with us.

Pink Milk

So you love the sun on your face, huh? :-)

Just a little 'hello' and a big squeezy hug by way of thanks. For being a colourful constant in an ever-changing world, an inspiration to embrace the little moments and for being lovely, kind you.


PS. I have some teal lace-up Fly London boots. Toe twins. ;-)


The weather has been lovely in parts but soo strange on Monday. Love your crocheted oak leaves and the acorns are a delight.


Just a quick note, Lucy, to say I received my Yarndale purchases today. Thank you so much. The magnets will be included in Christmas gifts for my knitting club, and I will enjoy the bag! :-)

Jackie Farrow

I love Autumn in the UK, that's why every time we can afford to have a trip over its that time of year I go. Don't need Summer there as I have too much here. Thank you for sharing and I love acorns. I'm so looking for to seeing you again at Yarndale. I plan the holiday around it.


Lovely thank you Lucy love Jenny xx


Love your seasonal posts as we are just the opposite down here inAustralia !!!


What is your favourite magazine please


Incredibly we had also walked through our park today in Uttoxeter after a deluge of rain & the colours were stunning.I kept stopping to take photos like you 🍂

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