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October 27, 2017


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Beautiful scenery. Thank you for posting.

Sarah Stevens

I’ve recently become a follower of your work and started reading your blogs. Having not been much of a follower of blogs before and not really ‘getting’ them, I can now say that I am a huge fan, and I think the fact that I enjoy a similar interest in the topics you blog about helps no end. I’m already planning on making the Hydrangea blanket as it is my favourite flowering shrub and I am always mesmerised by the beautiful colours they can be, which I think you have captured beautifully! Despite Halloween passing, I am also interested in your little pumpkin pattern and I am looking forward to adding these to my long list of makes!
Thank you for introducing me to the world of blogging and for interesting topics! I keep coming back and reading new blogs or re-reading ones again as I thoroughly enjoy reading about what you get up to!

Ruth Millett

I had never heard of a money tree. I had to look this up to see what on earth it was. The hanging pumpkin was mysterious enough, but in the US we throw coins in fountains. I've never seen coins driven into trees before. Hmmm... maybe I should start a "savings account" in some of our old dead wood.
Do you have a pattern for crocheted mittens that a beginner could make?

Love your blogs. You have an exceptional sense of color.


I love when you get excited about a new blanket! I just finished making your summer harmony blanket and I love it sooooo much! Your patterns are wonderful! And your choice of colors! Thanks for sharing them with us all : )

Angela-Southern USA

I adore autumn! When the trees put on a show like no other, and the crisp air makes you stop and think of the time that is passing. Enjoy!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Beautiful photos, as always, Lucy. It seems that the media are catching up on how useful being amongst trees is to our general wellbeing! The Japanese method of "Shinrin-yoku" is being advocated to help lift our spirits, and now there's science behind it to prove that it's a chemical released naturally by trees to which we react, and which makes us feel good


How fab is that?? Validation for all us tree-huggers, at last!! xxx


I love the photos, too; it's like going on a walk with you when you post like this. I especially like the one with the tree with the enormous tangled roots and the one with the bridge over the river. just perfect and very faeryland; to me, anyway. Thanks a lot. ~ Linne


I made a toffee apple pudding/ cake yesterday. It was a Mary Berry recipe from 2005, and was supposed to be steamed, but I cheated and microwaved it😉 I fact the last piece is in the microwave oven right now, as I was going to eat it after I finished the washing up.... about four hours ago!


I love intensive cake research. Would be a good recipe to have.


Thank you for the beautiful Autumn walk. Nothing like that to see in Florida but remember the seasons from the time we lived farther North.


Funny thing, Lucy, I made a spiced toffee apple cake this week:
Delicious - if your cake is anything like this one, you'll love it too.
Love, love your photos of the woodland.

Winwick Mum

Extensive cake research! I love it! :) xx

Susan Smith

Beautiful colours Lucy & like you I always crave "light" & feel gloomy on dull days too. Can't wait to see what you are hatching. Have a good weekend & take care.

Fiona M

I'm excited about the Woodland blanket too! It sounds like it might be the one for me to try. Can't wait!

vaidehee from The Happy BandVegan

You must have seen this but this is my favorite

Karen Wall

To Lizzie and Helen, you asked about the orange ball in the trees......it's a pumpkin! I live by Sherwood Forest and they hang Halloween themed things from the trees at this time of year for children to follow a trail.....great fun!


Thank you Lucy lovely post ! Love Jenny xx

Cathy S.

Gorgeous fall pictures!!! Thank you for sharing!


The light was just gorgeous today. Today was the day I got to be a year older, and supposedly a year wiser, and usually the day is grey and wet. So, today was a beautiful treat. I had the most beautiful forest walk and it really made for a fantastic and special day. The smell of Autumn was in the air and it was beautiful. I have blanket fever in my head too. Soooooo many ideas to make........I just need more time!!!!!!!!! Xxxxx


Fantastic photos, the sun really was so welcome when it appeared today wasn't it, I've been loving the light as well. I like a little obsession about a new making project, it's a very good thing I think, and very good for the spirits. I shall look forward to seeing your colour palette for woodland. No doubt it will be scrumptious; things inspired by nature always work well. Have a good weekend Lucy. CJ xx


Ooooh, you have me excited with a blanket called Woodland! Can't wait to see, and maybe I will even try and do the CAL if you do one. :)

Shirley Flavell

Oohh Lucy, what sanctuary. Fabulous photos. We here in N.Z. are now having 1 hour longer days but gosh the Spring has been cold, long and wet, but all the lovely colours of the trees and flowers are lovely.

Mary Lloyd Jones

Absolutely lovely!

Liizzy Dillingham

Lovely. What is the orange sphere in the thrid photo> And what are the coins embedded, and why?


I am curious about the giant onion-like thing hanging from the tree in the third picture. Is is a wasp nest?

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