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September 01, 2017


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Sara R

Does your kitty's nails every get stuck on your blankets? My cats are not allowed near my crochet blankets for this reason! eeek!


Another wonderful story, Lucy..and all those wonderful photographs..Bet you could make some fantastic calendars with the different seasons photos!

Thanks ALWAYS for sharing your part of the world with us all! xxx


Mushrooms are so magical! I've been taking a lot of mushroom pictures around here too. And we also have first glimpses of Autumn. It's bittersweet because I love Autumn, but it means cold is coming! Lovely post!

Libby Parker

Lucy, I can empathize with you in your dismay of seeing Autumn colors so early. The same is happening here in the States in Northern Illinois. We are having a long dry spell and all of a sudden our temps dropped to the high 50s and low 60s Fahrenheit. The leaves are turning early and my veggie garden is shivering. Your photos are so very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie, Essex

I'm still calling it Summer! Autumn doesn't start until the Autumn Equinox (otherwise, why is it called the Autumn Equinox!!)

Lovely pics!


oh I am a summer girl too .... still in flip flops.... it's not over til it's over


Lovely to see kitty in your photos, we too have a feisty girl along with her sister who is a sweet little bear.


We met a couple a few years ago searching for fungi in our local woods and they called your red ones Disney toadstools. Im unsure if thats the name but thats what i call them now. Summer is still here until the 21st in my eyes and the weather is still warm here in Norfolk. Rae x


Wonderful photos!

Lizy Tish

What a lovely capture of summer! Sounds wonderful.

Crafty Cath

I love your photos again, the lush green of the field and browns/oranges of the Autumnal leaves. Maybe an Autumn blanket the colour of Tilly and the leaves with a bit of red toadstool could keep the Autumn blues away? Just a thought (like you don't have enough to do already!)


Oh, I am with you, it is not Autumn until after the 22nd of September. Must hold on to summer as long as we can!

Little Quiltsong

Loved your post and all the summery pictures, with a few autumn 'post-notes' :)! I again, love my Fall, maybe because the cool days chase the summer humidity away. I thrive, and wish it would just stay and stay and maybe skip winter along its way - wouldn't that be nice :)! Thank you, for a lovely peek into your days. Enjoy the 3 weeks of summer - and hope everyone has a great start to the new school year. Our new school year starts next week here too!!

mrs. smythe

I love your tonal study with the leaves! Makes me want to do something similar with the leaves I'm finding here in Massachusetts, where it's been surprisingly cool for the past month. We are definitely seeing signs of fall - much sooner than expected. As I write, the radiators are on - something that usually doesn't happen until mid-September...at least!

Kerry Lucas

Hi Lucy, I love your blog and I have a question that I wanted to private message you. many thanks Kerry


Definitely three weeks to go to Autumn! Let's enjoy our Indian summer, if we have one and get out taking in the last of the summer sun and enjoying blackberries, apples and very soon SLOES!! There seems to be a good crop this year - must just buy the gin.


In my mind, Autumn officially starts when you have to put your sandals away for the year and switch to shoes and socks. I live in Iowa, in the Midwestern part of the US, and that usually happens in the middle or end of September.

I like to knit socks too, so I'm looking a little bit forward to the weather change.


Oh my word, I can't imagine actually finding one of those red and white toadstools in real life! Of course even less likely down here in Sustralia I'm guessing ....... but I DO have Buddlias growing in my garden too! Did you know they can easily be grown from cuttings? That bright pink one is rather pretty! ....by the way, I just mentioned you in my blogpost today after making Lemon Drizzle Cake lol ......it's become a hot favourite of ours when its citrus season here ( like now)


And as we pass the 1st of September down here in Kangarooland, I breathe a sigh of relief and an equally big breath of fragrant spring scented air! I love all the photos of your delicious part of the world!


Great pics!

Angela-Southern USA

I hope it stays summery in your part of the world, but for us here in our part we are ready for Autumn.lolxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Heidi Rose

Here in New Zealand after a long wet Winter the 1st of September definitely counts as Spring. Thanks for sharing your Summer, I've really enjoyed your posts.

Margaret Simpson

As always Lucy, beautiful blog and stunning photo's. 😊🇦🇺


Autumn comes a few different times. 1) On the Autmnal Equnox, of course; and 2) near the beginning of August from a Chinese Medicine point of view (I'm an acupuncturist); but today is, indeed, the first day of 3) Meteorological Autumn from the point of view of those who study the weather.
Unless, of course you're in the southern hemisphere.


Thanks for another lovely post. I was tempted by the oaties recipe a couple of weeks ago and made it with a few changes based on what I had on hand (whole wheat pastry flour, dates). They were delicious. I grew up on the east coast of Canada where oat cakes were common when I was a child. I was happy to see that I have all of the ingredients needed for the crumble and I will follow your lead and not include the syrup. I noticed that someone wanted the volume (cups and tea-/tablespoons) measures for the oatie recipe. As someone who grew up cooking by volume, I think that cooking by weight is faster and there are fewer things to wash at the end. Here's to buying an inexpensive scale and enjoying Lucy's recipes!

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