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September 13, 2017


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Thanks for the recipe; I must try it. Sounds wonderful. This(https://www.theyummylife.com/Slow_Cooker_Apple_Cinnamon_Oatmeal) has been my go-to for such a long time that I think it's time to switch things up a bit. This recipe lends itself so nicely to variations that it's east to make the entire family happy. The only change I've made is I don't like letting the slow cooker on over night, so I just make this during the daytime and keep it in the fridge. Always looking for something new to try -- so many thanks!


Thank you for the recipe. Ran out and bought all the ingredients. Burned the nuts like you said not to do because I was consumed with reading your latest post. Looking forward to trying it in the morning.


Oh yes, meant to say, for cutting up your nuts, get a mezzaluna, and preferably a concave chopping board to go with it. My stepdaughter sent us one years ago and it's one of my favourite things in the kitchen, also invaluable for chopping fresh herbs. Fun to use, not expensive and doesn't take up much space, get one!


I remember reading years ago, I think it was one of the gurus of the raw food thing, that in fact the plant foods you shouldn't eat raw, because they were indigestible, were cereals, and that people thinking eating plain oat muesli was a healthy choice were making a mistake. I kind of internalised this idea (probably partly because I didn't much like raw oat muesli anyway!) and only ever ate oats in porridge, or otherwise cooked into things (oat bran in dumplings is delish!).

Recently though, I've thought to question it, and looked it up, and it seems that in fact rolled oats are partially cooked anyway, being slightly steamed in the rolling process, and are perfectly safe to eat as they are. In fact, when I think about the completely whole, raw oats we used to buy for our chickens, they were hard pointy black things; indeed, even the chickens didn't care for them!

I still find them a bit like nosebag to eat mind, but in the course of my researches I heard about 'overnight oats' which one of your other commenters mentioned, and wonder if perhaps this is the way to go.

So yes, porridge once a week (I fear the health benefits may be rather cancelled out by the sugar and cream I like on it!), and DH cooks boiled eggs which we have with wholemeal bread three times a week, and the other days it's bran flakes, with some kind of fruit, dried or fresh on them, toast, juice and coffee. I love marmite but have run out and refuse to pay seven euros for a tiny jar! I like granola type cereals but they are so full of sugar, and quite expensive, so I don't often buy them.


Never thought of making my own muesli, very easy to make and tastes delicious - thank you!

Cathy S.



Cara Lucy, per colazione in Italia solitamente si beve latte, caffè, cappuccino o té con biscotti, torte, pane burro e marmellata e brioches ( non tutto insieme, eh!). Recentemente si sono aggiunti muffins, pancakes e waffel con succhi di frutta e yogurt.
Che bello leggere le colazioni di tutto il mondo!😄


At this time we are eating whatever is left in the pantry. When the stores are stocked again I want to try this. It may be another week or so because many are stil without electricity. My family and I are safe but have various types of damage to property. Hurricane Irma was terrifying.


I have oatmeal every day. I guess you'd call it porridge? If I'm at work I have instant with real maple syrup and a bit of salt. If I'm home, we have old fashioned with frozen blueberries. I like Meusli too but I've never made it!

Geovanna Conejo

Hola Lucy, muy rico tu receta, alguna vez la voy a intentar hacer. Aqui en Costa Rica, desayunamos un poco diferente.

Nuestro desayuno es :

1 huevo
a veces natilla
y pínto (que es arroz y frijoles se revuelven con especies )

es delicioso,
pero tambien es delicioso probar otros desayunos



Try soaking your müsli-mix in orange juice before adding the yogurt and fruit. Yummy!

Beth in Maryland

Thank you, Lucy, I'm going to try this!


Overnight oats with milkadamia (macadamia milk), chia, ground flax seed, any kind of nuts, fruit (usually blueberries). So easy to throw together the night before and dig in to the next morning.


Similar to my breakfast, but I love my coffee with it!!


I'm the odd one here, I eat leftovers from the night before for breakfast. Other times I drink a bottle of Ensure or have a tuna sandwich. I've also been known to eat a can of sardines for brunch. It's one of the perks of being single.

Teresa Kasner

That looks delicious! I just have a bran muffin with my morning coffee, or a granola bar, zucchini bread or toast. But yours looks much healthier! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Susan Smith

Thanks for the Muesli recipe. I've seen others, but sometimes they are a lot more complicated. I usually have porridge for brecky, but do like muesli as a change a couple of days a week, so will possibly give this a try. My blueberry bushes are just starting to flower, so fresh ones will be here by Xmas, though I've still loads frozen. Take care.


Müesli does not mean "mix" - Müesli is the diminutive form of the word "Mus"= puree, e.g. Apfelmus = apple sauce, Pflaumenmus = plum puree ... and yes, I know because I am Swiss, born and bread ... :-). And that's where it all started - he "invented" the Birchermüesli:

My very early breakfast consists of oats soaked in plain yoghurt and fruit. Always enjoy reading your blog!


I'm a big muesli fan too. I have oats, cashews (whole) and a little dried apple, apricot or occasionally cranberries. I soak it all overnight in unsweetened soya milk then in the morning I add Greek yoghurt and just take the chill off of it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then I mix the yoghurt in. It is the most delicious meal of the day, I absolutely love it. Especially if I get a little peace and quiet in which to eat it... CJ xx


It sounds/reads delicious.
Because I follow a diet , Icann't eat oats.
So my breakfast contains , fresh yoghurt , nuts ,
and fresh fruits , and I love it every morning again.


Wow that sounds yummy Lucy! I eat cooked oatmeal with a tsp of sugar and 4 or five Orange Essence Prunes sprinkled on top. No milk or yogurt. And this also keeps me full until lunch time. I usually have a little handful (4 or 5 pieces) of natural almonds in the late afternoon to hold me over until dinner.


As I do it but add grated fresh ginger. Umm

Deb Lee

ooh that's exactly how I make it. Hubster prefers granola so I mix all the same ingredients with some honey and coconut oil then bake the whole lot after mixing.


This looks wonderful. I adore nuts, etc., but I suffer from IBS-D and can't have a lot of fibre so it would make me very unwell, unfortunately. I'm one of those few people for whom the more 'refined' a foodstuff is the better.


Overnight oats here, which were previously known as bircher muesli in the 70s, no? I add frozen fruits. But porridge in winter, with NOTHING other than my Dad's honey on it.

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