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September 10, 2017


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Connie Walrath

I am working on this afghan, have started on plum #34, and have discovered that it is not the same yarn as the rest of the yarn is for the kit. The label states Special Chunky, 144 meters/157 yards. While the rest of the yarn states Stylecraft, 295 meters/322 yards. I hesitate to continue with two different weights of yarn. Am also writing to the woolwarehouse to inform them as it may be a mistake.

Louise Fisher

and voila now I am back in UK and looking forward to ordering some product from you or rather yearning! lol

Best wishes ~ Thank you and happy day ~ x ~


Thank you for sharing.

I went to High School here but now I am in Canada :) x
I still miss UK.


My daughter-in-law bought three of your kids for me to crochet. I live in the USA thus I crochet with USA technique. I am confused with the instructions. Should I crochet according to your pattern instructions or convert to USA? Is it even possible to convert the pattern to USA? If it is not possible to convert, I understand that the dc in UK is the same as the sc in USA. I should could use your help deciding on how to proceed. As in the Moorland instructions one page is dc, dc, htr, htr, tr, tr, htr, htr, dc, dc. That means to me sc, sc, hdc, hdc, dc, dc, hdc, hdc, sc, sc. I think your tr is USA dc.

Helen Skirton

Hi there!
I love this blanket (and your woodland blanket too)!
However - I’m a knitter not a crocheter - Could you recommend a knitting pattern that resembles the wave pattern you used on this blanket?
Thank you !

Madeleine Edwards

Love your colour choices and blog! This is my second blanket after I got 'hooked'again after a 30 year break! Was glad for the instructions! This one is for my son and it will match the colours in his lounge perfectly! Glad I stumbled across your website! Thank you!

Roslyn Hill

Aw it took me about three months before I finished my moorland blanket and three years before I managed to get a decent photo of it without hanging it on a washing line!
But I just popped by your late summer blog post and you mentioned it as I was posting my copy on Prudence Mapstones Friday Freeform Facebook group!

Is it three years? Anyway I see you posted the unfinished version with the other fantastic moorland colour projects. They are lovely, anyway here is mine...
Sorry couldn't post photo.

Gretel White

Thank you so much for this beautiful pattern, Lucy.
I have absolutely loved this project. When people asked what I was making, I said it was a blanket whose colours would feed my soul. Everyone who has seen it agrees. I made a whopping big version, used 3 packs, for my large sofa, and it is just gorgeous.
I was going to do matching blankets for the armchairs, but am now thinking of doing a 'Sophie's Universe' or a 'Mandala' version with the moorland colours.

Gabi Bifulco

I live in Germany and have been a big fan of your art for some time.
Finally, today I ordered the yarn package for this blanket.
I am very excited and looking forward to the yarn.

robin corser

does anyone have a tutorial for the first row of a border, especially the sides?

Jane Gourley

I sat making this whilst watching all three series of Hinterland - a rather depressing police drama set in and around Aberystwyth where the bleak landscape of rock and dune, gorse and bogland meets the skies. It got me thinking about colours so I made a second version, using your colour repeats, but with dull greens, browns, greys, blues and an orange gold to pick up the repeating image of rust. This blanket design is perfect for representing landscapes and I've really enjoyed this journey into the Hinterland. Thank you.

cheryl davis

I just finished my second blanket with you!!! I must tell you I am sad that this project has ended. It took me 11 months to finish and I enjoyed every minute of it .Thank you for your precise directions and I have learned to read them all before moving forward. LOL
Blessings and Merry Christmas

Ann King

I would so like a pet tern as you had for all of your other blankets. I have perchased the wool but am at a loss what to do next. I am 80 years old and not computer literate. What can I do Ann King email. Annking3855atyahoo.com


Sorry to be a late addition here, but I do just love this pattern and your color selection. I bought the yarn pack but then got sidetracked :) and am currently finishing up your Hydrangea Blanket!! Moorland will be next up! I’m already thinking ahead, though,and would love to make another, using a merino or other wool blend. Do you have any suggestions for a yarn line that would offer some of your gorgeous colors?
Thank you! I can’t wait to see what this next CAL will be! ❤️


I just want to say that I really like Moorland blanket, a lot. I have in my couch and have it on me almost every day, especially when it's cold.
I think it goes along with my dark blue coloured couch very well and I thought that from the beginning, that's why I started it from the first place. I am so very pleased with it, I love the "simple" design.

June Nixon

Hi, I throughly enjoyed working along with this CAL. If I remember correctly you made a round flower cushion with the left over yarn. I am so bored wondering what to do could you please post a picture as I could do with some inspiration.
Thank you in anticipation.
June Nixon


Hi there Lucy, I hope you saw or know of your moorland blanket design amongst the collection of the new couple on Gogglebox tv program? It was surreal watching it and pausing squealing 'omg theres my blanket i made!' :-)

Clair Green

I enjoy following your blog and love the colors in this blanket. Where can I find a pattern for the beautiful Jacket Heather made? Thank you, Clair USA

Lizy Tish

Just love this. Have my yarn pack and got started, hit a speed bump, but WILL be finishing. It's just lovely and I love that last picture. Perfect! You do beautiful work and I love reading your blog.

Janet ainsworth

Lucy - you never fail to impress - just when I think your blankets can't get any better - there's another one to make me have blanket envy ...


I have everything to make this amazing blanket. Seeing these photos and reading your story convinces me that I'm going to love this project. My only challenge will be fitting it into the schedule! Your work and and sense of colour are so inspirational!


It's absolutely gorgeous!


Thank you so much, Lucy! The Moorland blanket is really worth this ta-dah blog; it is my absolute favorite of all your blankets. I love these colours extremely!


These moorland projects are all gorgeous! I especially love the landscape decorations in the hoops. Great color choices everyone!


thank you for your awe ispiring crochet and photography. you inspire me evry time I look. rachel

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