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September 20, 2017


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Love those morning moments when nature seemingly comes together all for your composition. Well done.

Mieche Walker

You make one want to dream again. Sometimes your journey makes one think they're in a movie.Thank you :)


Your pictures make a misty morning look beautiful. Photography becomes its own digital storyboard with feelings and settings. Thanks for sharing, these make me excited for Autumn.


That are beautiful pictures!

Cathy S.

I never tire of your beautiful pictures!


What a lovely place to live. Let's hope we have a few more warm sunny days before winter. Love seeing your photos. Cathy x


I love these photos. You have beautiful scenery and a skill to capture it.

Teresa Kasner

What a fun post of mist and canals and narrowboats.. I adore them! We also have Autumn happening here and I put an orange tablecloth on the table and put out 3 little crocheted pumpkins and I'm in the mood too. It's cloudy and cool here in Oregon and 3 days of rain have helped to put out the fire in the Columbia River Gorge.. after almost 50,000 acres of our forests have burned. Tragic to say the least. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Well, that title took me back! I used to recite the rhyme to my boys (now 24 and 21) when they were small. I remember it even now:
One misty, moist morning
When Cloudy was the weather
I met a little old man
Clothed all in leather.
He began to compliment
And I began to grin
How do you do, how do you do
And how do you do again.
Complete and utter gibberish but my sons adored it. Thanks for bringing back the memory :-D


Lucy, you have captured a bit of the San Francisco Bay Area in this group of photos. We have so many days like this - usually not in summer, but sometimes even then. I always appreciate the beauty of it, but not my hair frizz. Sometimes the fogginess gets so heavy that it feels like little rain droplets. I'm sure you've seen pictures of our Golden Gate Bridge amidst the fog. Beautiful - your place and mine.

Maria João Machado

I just love foggy and misty mornings! Don't know why, as I'm not so keen on cold days, and they always come together! Is the mistic, it carries, I suppose. XOXO

Angela-Southern USA

Enjoy! Best of luck at Yarndale!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


We are having beautiful Indian Summer weather here in Canada - 28C, which feels like 35... this is unusual. In the summer, we take the light and warmth more for granted, but in the fall, I feel every last summery day is like a gift... So lovely to bike to work in summer dresses. It's supposed to last over the weekend. Will be thinking of Yarndale! Hope everyone has a wonderful time. Monika


You have a beautiful walk to your school and weather sounds like it was just perfect today. I fully understand squeezing as much enjoyment and summertime out of it.

Little Quiltsong

What beautiful pictures - and what a sunny, clear day it turned out to be. Love all the pathways and walks - enchanting!

L'Empreinte de l'Ange

Same weather, same atmospher, same feeling here in the french Pays Basque. Thank you for your lovely photos and words.


What a fab way to start my day.I know exactly what you mean about squeezing that last drop of summer.We have be in the moment with any sunshine.store it for later😎

Nadine G

Bonne journée, c'est l'équinoxe d'Automne ! Douces pensées pour vous et votre famille. J'aime lire votre blog.


So magical. I would love to walk where you walk. I could smell the morning air and feel the mist on my skin while reading your post. So lovely.

Carolyn wood

Beautiful scenery! What is the name of your village it's lovely. We are going in to spring here in Christchurch. Having lots of rain though but the daffodils, tulips and blossoms are out just gorgeous.


Summer is such a happy time. Wishing you much success with Yarndale. I don't think that I will ever be there but can live through everyone's post.

Susan Smith

Funny when we live on down under side of the planet & are quietly sliding into Spring after a long cold winter, which to start with was dry, then quite wet with numerous frosts, & you are preparing for mellow autumn with winter to follow. Although I usually enjoy winter, this year has been extra cold in West Gippsland & now I'm looking forward to the warmth of summer, but just not too extreme. Love your photos with so many memories for me. The spider webs are so pretty when laced with watery vapour. Thank you, take care & enjoy Yarndale this weekend in amongst all the hard work.

Pauline McCarthy

Hi Lucy, I am in Australia & we are just going into spring.I love the change of all the seasons & the differences that it brings to my life.Eating different food, crocheting smaller (in summer) & larger (in winter) projects, wearing dirrerent things etc.I love your blog & enjoy your photos. This past winter I have been making your Hydrangea Blanket & I am hoping to finish it before our hot summer arrives.Goood luck with 'Yarndale' .I wish we had something similar here.Cheers, Pauline McCarthy

Margaret Simpson

As always Lucy, stunning photos and enjoyable blog. Bless you. 😊🇦🇺

Winwick Mum

We had a misty moisty morning yesterday too, and my camera is full of cobweb pictures as well! The air is definitely turning away from summer now but it's still lovely to catch those moments of warmth when we can xx

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