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September 02, 2017


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Just spotted a lovely Moorland blanket on the back of the new Manchester family's sofa on Googlebox on channel 4. You're on TV!


Wow-those views are so beautiful! It makes me calm looking at the pictures and also makes me want to get away...


Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of the moors. It is so beautiful.

Ellen Colville

gorgeous photos. I bought the wool for the Moorland blanket months ago but still have not started as I know once I start I cannot stop and there are several other things that need to be done first.

Eleanor MacLean

Such beautiful photos, Lucy! I love the way your creations mirror the natural world!

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Fabulous! We were lucky to see the heather for ourselves on a recent camping trip to Northumberland...I thought of you and your Moorland blanket! 😊💜💜💜🌊🌊🌊


I agree with lots if the comments, your photos certainly look like the moorland blanket, they are beautiful. Hoping to buy the kit after I have moved, I cannot buy it now for I just know it would distract me from my decluttering and packing.
Thanks Lucy for taking us into your beautiful countryside.
Hazel c uk


I'm a big heather-lover too! The hills here in Scotland have been beautifully clothed in it for the past month. I think one of the the things that makes it special is that it doesn't last very long - 4 or 5 weeks and the it starts to turn brown again.


Such gorgeous pictures. I would love to hop over to the UK and see the moorland! I have been to the UK but have never seen this.
Thanks for all you do, Lucy!


Some I know have said its so blank out on your moors, I gasp in disbelief and nearly faint dead away at the very thought of such shallow thoughts ~ what a blessing to live in such unspoiled Natural Beauty... And all the more wonderful that your enjoy it all so much with your Little People!!!!


I finally gave in and bought the Moorland Wool pack. I love the colors of the Moor and the colors you chose. I can't crochet to save my life, but I am going to figure it out! Determination!


Absolutely beautiful photos! I love seeing the heather on the moors. Thanks for sharing ♡

Lizy Tish

Just gorgeous, wonderful photos. Looks like a wonderful day you had!

Melinda Matos

Thank your for sharing such gorgeous photos, makes you want to visit!


The photos do look like your Moorland blanket; so gorgeous! I love your interpretation of beauty! x

Angela-Southern USA

I can see why it's not to be missed!x


Goshdarnit! Now I need to move to England. Those photos are so beautiful! Very Jane Eyre/Wuthering Heights.


It's seeing your photos that reminds me how much I miss my home county sometimes. Thank you for the memories they evoke.


It looks just like your blanket.

Teresa Kasner

Reading books set on the moors over the years it's so nice of you to share photos of it in real-time. It's every bit as beautiful as the writers extolled about it in classic books. I wish I could smell it! You'll have to get a kite of your own to fly with Middle Sized B! :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


When I first scrolled past this post, I thought I was looking at blankets. Then I cleaned my glasses and realized it was photos of real "Heather on the moors!" Beautiful.


That heather certainly is gorgeous, such a beautiful shade. Thanks for sharing your pics of it! Jillxo

Cindy G

These photos are glorious! I drive along a stretch of highway on my way to work, and right now, the grasses on the median strip in one particular section are reminiscent of the colors in the Moorland Blanket. Not quite the same expanse of colors, but a nice little patch that makes me happy to see it as I zoom by on my morning commute. I really need to unpack my yarn for this blanket, and now that fall weather is imminent, I should tackle my own version of your blanket!


Lucy, your heather landscape photos just took my breath away! I doubt there is anywhere else on Earth that has so much heather set against such a vast horizon. It seems to go on forever - your little slice of Heaven... It's currently 107F (42 C) here in Redwood City, CA - a repeat of yesterday's unheard of temps. San Francisco is 40 miles north and currently 103F (39.4 C). Yesterday was a record breaker for SF, and today has already broken yesterday's record. And Donald Trump says there's "no such thing as global warming." I woke up this morning with a tightness in my chest - no doubt from the air pollution. There are many wildfires raging in California at the moment. Guess I should be glad we're not living in Texas. Feeling so sorry for all those folks. Thanks for bringing us your little piece of Heaven. Your posts always make me smile. The English countryside is beyond gorgeous.


Beautiful pics and I hope it's still as pretty when I'm there in three weeks time xx Joy xx

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