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August 17, 2017


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The beginning of the school year usually heralds the end of summer here in the north. This year has been no different.Autumn is on its way. But with your beautiful photography Lucy, along with the vibrant colours of the summer harmony blanket (still in progress) I can have summer every day in the Lilly van. Thankyou.


I have just learnt how to crochet in the past 6 months and my first project is your Cosy Blanket. I ordered the kit about 2 weeks ago and was amazed when it was here within 48 hours. I have only done 5 stripes so far but have to say I love, love, love the colours already and they are most definitely NOT my usual choice.
I had to write today to say how much I am enjoying your blog and to tell you how amused I am that I can relate to all the places you mention in your posts. I come from Poole in Dorset, Cornwall is one of my favourite counties in Great Britain and we live not far away from you in Lancashire and love days out in Skipton. We are off down to Dorset for a holiday in a few weeks and reading your post will have me counting down the days.
Thank you for all your inspiration. My cosy blanket is going to be the first of many

Marion McIntyre

I have taken advantage ofbeing on sick
Leave to do a great deal of crochet and knitting. I have finished a ripple blanket
Made the moorland blanket And have nearly finished my harmony blanket. Cold wet
Weather has been perfect for crochet.


Love your summer moments posts, but this time what caught me most was the blanket you seem to be working on; I'm assuming it's the Summer Harmony border. I am still close to speechless at the colourwork in that one. I am very colour oriented, like you, and can spend a couple of hours in a paint store getting them to mix just the right colour for me. So your blanket has been a great joy to me. Looking forward to the one in November, but it seems such a long time . . . All the best to you, Lucy. ~ Linne

Kathryn Ashe

Oh my! It doesn't seem so long ago we read that little B was born...and now he is writing in cursive! How proud and pleased you must be!


Lovely summer moments filled with love, colour and simple pleasures - for me they are the most precious.

Trish Annie Stevens

Hang on to those precious notes the children write, Lucy, they bring back such memories! One of my favourites was a long rambling note left on the kitchen table by one of my sons for us to find after an evening out, explaining that it was not their fault the dog had got hold of some forbidden food and been sick in the kitchen....

As always, I so enjoy reading about your gentle pleasures and your love affair with colour and yarn. Can't wait to see the finished Summer Harmony blanket!

Tuula Maaria

The colours in the blanket are so lovely that just looking at the photos make me happy :)

Wendy Constantinoff

I have finally mastered crochet :) Oh the years I have wasted. I am hoping I will be able to make one of your beautiful blankets before long :)

Angela-Southern USA

Lovely moments, none are as sweet as those with family. L.B. and his note, would melt anyone's heart. I look forward to hearing more about your next hooky blanket journey. I'm currently hooking one up (a chunky one with many strands as one with front and back post double crochets (US term)for my youngest daughter's birthday. x


Thanks for bringing some sunny colour to my damp afternoon here in Manchester. The latest blanket is looking fantastic :-)


Your last picture of the sandy beach with the sea rolling in is very inspirational! Wouldn't it be beautiful to make a blanket with this colour scheme?


Lovely photos and the way you have presented your blog. Great idea and I can't wait to see your new CAL.

Live and Let Pie Blog

Beautiful photos, and really looking forward to seeing what the new Blanket will be like!


I used to have a "who can go the longest without speaking" contest when delivering a car full of small boys to Beaver Scouts. It was the only way I could cope with the drive. It was only about 8 minutes but oh my goodness could those children wind each other up if given a chance! Luckily for me the worst offender thought it was a great game!
The coastal blanket is coming along but the university start date is now only a month away.....should have started it earlier!
We will be in Bridport next week. I'll send it a wave from you!


Early in the morning , drinking tea and reading your blog.
Quiet en nice start of the day.
Curious about New Blanket in novenber.
Enjoy your holiday!

Teresa Kasner

I'm so glad you got to go to the sea for a visit, I know how you love it there and I'm looking forward to the photos. I just started a little baby blanket today for my son's best friend's expected little one. I'm using a soft yarn that has rainbow pastels since I don't know if it's a boy or girl yet. I love all your colorful blankets! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


What lovely summer pics although I can't abide even the thought of a blanket in my lap right now, what with temps in the 90's (also in the southern US)! It will be cooler soon enough though. No summer trips for us this year, so I look forward to pictures and vacation, or rather "holiday" stories of your trip to Dorset.

Like the poster above, Yorkshire has won a place in my heart and is on my "must see someday" list. I'll even plan a visit to Coopers as well and hope that I can take a peek into your studio, too. I'm smiling at the idea that a small English cafe has gained such notoriety! I hope you have a visitor's book for all who make a trip there to sign.

Elizabeth Waggoner

I know you love more color than that, but I think a blanket in the colors of that last photo would be glorious!!! :-)


I'm currently working on the Moorland blanket and hope to have it completed before your new CAL. I love looking at your pics of scenery and hearing of your life. Love the pics of your blankets. Thanks so much for sharing!

Margaret Simpson

Lucy, you always evoke so many happy memories for me with you beautiful photo's, of the Yorkshire scenery. Thank you so much, you have just given me a beautiful early morning read your blog. 😊🇦🇺

Spécialiste de l'éphémère

I would have said "yes" for the hot chocolate too!
Those little things are soooo precious!
So are the moments you captured and shared here.
It's always a GREAT PLEASURE to read your posts, as a GREAT lover of England who had the chance to live in the fabulous Derbyshire for a few months.

Susan Smith

Thank you for a lovely 'summer' moments post, which although I'm not a fan of heat, I could do with a little sunshine just now. It's blowing a gale, chucking down with rain & utterly miserable here in Oz. Good to see you enjoying Friday coffee mornings, precious family time, kitty cats & thinking up new projects. Now for me, the thinking of a new quilt project is great, until you realise half way through, that you've not enough fabric that you've been using from your stash. OK, I can usually think outside the square, but it's seeing it come together that is exciting. I think you feel the same when you are near the end of a project too. Oh dear, sorry about the babble. Have a great weekend, hopefully sunny & take care.


Looks so nice and cool, well at least cooler than the Southeast United States. Temps in 90s feeling like over 100. Lol Fall will be here soon enough. Our kids are back in school (having been out since May) and mothers are taking a sigh of relief. Love reading your blogs and looking at your pictures. Next week am looking forward to photographing the change of one scene during the eclipse we will be having on the 21st. Here in Georgia we will get only 96% eclipse but still excited just the same. My grandson will get out early and has asked me to pick him up and we will view the eclipse together.
enjoy the rest of your holiday.


It's so lovely to wake up on a miserable winters morning on the other side of the world to such glorious summer images! I think when Spring kicks in I may have to throw some sunflower seeds around in my garden! xox

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