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August 26, 2017


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Kathy Kraetsch

Absolutely Love this post!! Thank you so much!


I've grown pea shoots for the first time this year and had huge success! Any old left over pea seeds popped in a large pot. As soon as they start to grow I nip out the growing shoots and they then throw out side shoots. The more I pick the more they grow! With regular picking they will last several weeks. The crop that keeps on giving :) xx

Maria João Machado

Just to say that I love blackcberries, because I have no words, great enough to comment the other pictures!!! XOXO

Linda geiger

I love your blog . Haven't followed for awhile and I had forgotten how relaxing and inspirational you are. Makes me want to visit England. Going to make this hydrangea blanket one of my favorite flowers. Love the colors thanks so much for sharing.

Carol D

Thank you, Lucy - I feel so much better now after taking these few short jaunts with you and the Little Peeps!
Sharing your walks and your scenery always cheers me up and almost feels as if I were right there with you.
I'd so love to see more of the English countryside. If I'm ever fortunate enough to get back to England, I think I'll forgo any visits to London and tour the countryside instead!


I love love love the idea of a tree inspired color palate!! A thousand times YES!

Fiona Lake

oooohhhh!!! Pea shoots!! In China they are the must have winter veg. We buy them by the carrier bag-full at the local wet market and stir-fry them with ginger and garlic. Yum. Pea shoots are the only seasonal veg we have. You know winter is coming when they arrive in the wet market!

Bex Crowell

I just completed a squares blanket using the Moorland yarns, don't know if you can do links here, but this is it:

I love it to pieces. Used Victorian Lace(Lattice) pattern on all squares with slight variations.

Thank you Lucy for all you. My life is forever changed because of you.


Lucy, I'm beyond thrilled that you have discovered pea shoots - I mentioned how delicious they were in a comment i left on one of your earlier posts!! I've been buying them for years (literally) since I discovered them in Morrisons near me. Love all the colour in your photo posts, I always check your blog out and knitted socks for my son and d-i-l last Christmas based on your posts!! Take care.

Luisa Muñoz

Lovely post as usual :)
I hope someday you decide to hug that beautiful tree, I am a tree hugger myself I cannot help it, it's one great pleasure trust me ;) and if you google the benefits of hugging a tree you might be pleasantly surprised.

Luisa xx


Lucky you with some Elderflower left.must try to not give away so much next year.Go hug that tree😊🌳


Dear Lucy, your blog is my all time favourite and I am looking forward to every single one of your posts. I've come across harsh criticism of your blog, though, and thought, why do those people read your blog if they don't like it? They should stop reading it and be quiet. Negative comments on the www are ugly. So, today is the day I need to raise my voice. Not to throw a piece of ugly criticism on you but to ask you a favour. Nestlé's involvement in slavery working conditions and child work is not a secret. In linking to a Nestlé product, you - by the global power of your voice - actually strengthen Nestlé's market position. May I ask you to please not do this again? I will not stop following you, I will not spread criticism, and I will continue to like you for your wonderful work. I appreciate what you do very much. It's just this little favour I am asking, for the sake of millions of workers in terrible working conditions. There's plenty of fairtrade coffee on the market.
I am happy if you don't publish this comment, it is meant as a private note.
Have a happy bank holiday weekend, Lucy

Winwick Mum

It has been so very warm despite the rain, hasn't it? It was lovely to see the heathery moorlands when I came up to collect the Yarndale Sock Line socks last week - I really must get some more of my own blanket done! xx


I was walking in the most gorgeous heather last week in Pembrokeshire, it was utterly glorious. I love your walk through the park on the way back from the farm shop, what a beautiful spot. You've reminded me I haven't had pea shoots for ages. I grow them sometimes in a tray with very shallow soil - really easy to do but you do need to use the right variety of pea or they can be a bit tendrilly. Sugar Ann is a good one for shoots. Have a good long weekend Lucy. CJ xx

Laura Gabriela Martin Del Campo Sescosse

I just LOVE reading your blog!!!

Teresa Kasner

I so enjoyed your post today. So sweet and like I was walking along with you. I actually think you really need to hug that tree and even get a passerby to snap a photo of you! That is so neat that Middle Sized B (lol) is doing so well flying his kite! Great memories for him. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Susan Smith

Another lovely 'summer moments' post & realising your summer is nearly over, are you contemplating an autumn one? I know I'll miss seeing Yorkshire in all it's 'Lucy' glory, so hope you may think about it.Our rather atrocious winter should be slowly retreating and Spring is definitely popping it's head up with some lovely blossom trees & lot's of gorgeous magnolias, even though my little one has yet to burst it's buds. Your tree is a wealth of unusual colourings & wonder if you'll pursue that palette with a crochet item!! Have a lovely week, thanks for the pics and take care.


Did you know you can grow pea shoots from the dried peas that you can buy in the supermarket? The ones you use for mushy peas. Just plant them thickly in a pot, keep well watered and in a few days you'll have fresh pea shoots. The plants don't last long so pick them while they're fresh. Lovely in salads.
That tree is gorgeous and I can see a tree inspired blanket!


We spent four weeks in the UK for a holiday this year and we know not to come for the warm sunny weather ;>p But the heather, the gorgeous purple was breathtaking.We made long walks across the moorlands.One of the things we love the most is to take the gluten-, milk-, wheat- and egg-free cookies you can buy in the UK, and the bread of Genius! We bought one every day and tasted every different one Lucinda made. We picnicked every day with tea, fresh orange juice and coffee. Such a rich feeling.I'm curious how that colour combi will turn out Lucy.


I would be hugging that gorgeous tree for sure!


I just wanted to say hello and thanks for all your heartwarming posts. I've been reading your blog for years now and feel like you're my friend. If we ever meet I'm gonna give you the biggest hug! Greetings from austria, nina

Mary Nolan

love love love...thank you for taking me along.. it warms my heart


I thought you would like to know that I made a moorland ripple blanket for my daughter. We live in Norway and the colours fit beautifully to our heather and bilbury clad forest landscape. The blue echoes the harebells that grow here and the forest lakes too. She is about to sail off around the world for a year and her own " little bit of Norway" is going with her to snuggle up with in her hammock on board ship, or throw down on the beach in far flung continents! I like to think of her sitting on the deck watching the stars through the sails, blanket around her shoulders or on one of those days when the sunshine is just too hot and too bright, the gentle earthy colours will soothe her eyes and remind her of home. Thank you for your inspired design.


I love seeing pictures of your beautiful town! The views are amazing and quite different to my Pennsylvania mountain town. It's so easy to see the same things every day and forget to notice the beauty around us. I look forward to the photos of your projects and your scenery!


ALWAYS, BUT ALWAYS! look forward to your blogs Lucy..and this one didn't disappoint...

Continued success with all that you do and ALL the gorgeous projects you share with us all....

Love to you and your family....
Nora x

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