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August 24, 2017


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At first time I dare to post a coment, because English is not my native language =p

I'd like to say THANK YOU Lucy for your blog & for your wonderful crochet!

I'm not such a mature crocheter as you are, I just borrow ideas from the net and adapt them for my needs. The border of your Summer Harmony Blanket inspired me to make a scarf for my babyboy =)
The colors repeat the colors of our greenish jumpers but the brighter ones.

So I decided to share some photos with you and wish you all the best as mom, wife and crocheter!


P.S. The photos are not professional...

Marion Roebuck

Beautiful as usual Lucy. Any chance of doing a blanket in block stitch and once again giving your colour addiction full reign?

Lizzie Clark

Just finished my blanket - thrilled with it. Only problem what do I do with the leftover yarn! Anybody got any suggestions.

Dianne Griffiths

So excited. Have just ordered my pack of yarn to make this blanket. I have just returned from UK and have been looking for Stylecraft but couldn't find it anywhere. (Was up in Scotland mostly). I had wanted to feel it before committing, as I am fussy with the yarn I use, it just has to feel right. However based on comments from everyone else, I have made the purchase and now will wait for it to arrive.
Just love your posts. Follow all your travels and photos and of course the crochet. I also love stone walls, would not like to admit to how many photos I take of them whenever I come to UK. (It has become a family joke). I made a harmony blanket using up all my scraps to go in our holiday home, but it makes me feel sad leaving it there when we come away. Was really pleased with it.
Keep up your amazing work.
Dianne New Zealand


The combination of colours in this summer harmony blanket are so uplifting. It makes me smile just looking at it!
Would it be manageable to make it into a queen size coverlet?


Gorgeous design! Thanks for so generously sharing your process.

Debbie, Essex

This blanket is SOOOOOOOOO beautiful!
The way you have put the colours together is like alchemy!

I have at last started on one of your blanket designs!!!! I'm doing a smaller version of your Cupcake Stripe blanket in shades of blue Stylecraft Special DK, for my hubby when we go camping in our motorhome. The yarn is SO lovely to crochet with and I am absolutely ADDICTED to it!. One of my friends started before me, using a sludgy/autumn colour palette. She was inspired by 2 of her friends who had bought Attic24 yarn packs from Wool Warehouse. Her mum started with me and she is also using Stylecraft Special DK.

I take it out with me and it has started conversations at the phlebotomy lab and at a campsite in Norfolk (where a lady asked me if it was a Spice of Life blanket - I directed her to your blog!)

Enjoy your blanket - and thank you for all the enjoyment you give us!



So beautiful! Xx

Crafty Cath

Bloomin' brilliant! I love it :)

Mia Robbins

What a fantastic pattern! Love this blanket - can u tell me the finished size pls? Many thks xxx Mia

Mary Claire

Wowsa!!! Shazam. You nailed it!!

Mary Claire

A blanket of color that is just lovely to behold. Wonderful!!
Luv it, Lucy.
Thanks for sharing.


Your blanket is wonderful. I love the colourwash and the border

Mette Lourdes

What a gorgeously bright and happy blanket! To boot you are a talented "story" teller! You are blessed with talents. Thank you for sharing your inspiration!


I ordered and received my yarn. I am on the second round of my squares and every day I look forward to evening when I sit ,watch tv and crochet : ) this pattern and the colors are amazing. It's like a beautiful puzzle to me and I'm enjoying it sooooo much. Thank you so much for sharing your whole process with us!!! I would have never figured it out on my own.

Carol Crane

Your Blanket is so beautiful and I understand about the therapy of crochet and and colour. It really does help. 21/2 years ago my mum passed away and I made a rainbow granny strip blanket. I needed some colour to lift me out of my dark place and this blanket really helped. Sadly I wasn't able to do this when my dad died earlier this year. But I am working on a knitted blaket.
Looking forward to your next project.



Lucy, you've done it again! A post full of blanket-y gorgeousness. I adore your blanket and am most definitely going to try your stunning border. You've added a good dose of colour and cheer to a wintery day here in NZ.

Have a fabulous week.


Lucy, this blanket is so so lovely! You are amazing to have been able to figure out the colorwash as well as having such a good eye for color to have thought of it. Oh, and patient as well :) Thank you so much for your very easy-to-follow posts and instructions. Your blog is one of my happy places!

Teresa Kasner

Bravo and *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* on a job well done! I love it and the border is amazing! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tina Kercher

I was unsure about the border, but you nailed it once again!

winifred waite

Gorgeous. Love those colours and the way they shade across the blanket. Congratulations Lucy!

Hanna Farrell

Lucy, I'm absolutely loving this blanket! I think your color palette for this one is the best. Will ther be a written pattern and kit to order for this one?


Another beautiful blanket, Lucy! Thank you for sharing it with us!


That is such a beautiful blanket. I've got to say, that border is so wonderful I'd be tempted to do an entire blanket in it!


Wow- that is a beautiful blanket Lucy and the colour wash effect is stunning. Thank you for so generously sharing all the instructions with us. I recently finished my Moorland and am currently making a smallish granny stripe blanket using up some yarn from my stash-it's bright and cheerful and doesn't require too much thought!

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