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August 21, 2017


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Lucille Rich

I really need to make some sample sticks like you have!! I'm sure it helps you with choosing the colors much easier for your projects! Love everything you do!

Lynne Armstrong

Fingers crossed that you're going to make a blanket with that gorgeous vintage-y palette Lucy......those colours are all stunning together! I LOVE Lincoln!! And Blush is lovely. Not so keen on Lapis, I agree that it's too similar to Lobelia.
Hugs from Downunder :) xx


what website shows 88 colors?


The colour pallet you have put together to showcase the Lapis is absolutely beautiful! It works really well with those jewel colours. But you're right, in the photo with the other blues it gets a little lost.

Ali Dufty

Looking forward to your newest ta-dah !I always admire your play with bold colours .You always make it work !! :) . I tend to play 'safe' , and generally gravitate to more muted shades . Good old Stylecraft , they've come up trumps again with the new shades .Delicious , but I must admit I'm not as 'loyal' to one brand as you , and have enjoyed using Paintbox's 'Pistachio' green ( which I have to say is almost identical to the Stylecraft 'Lincoln' but just a teensy bit lighter ) in my latest vintage-inspired project . I hope they will bring out a pale dusky pink one day , maybe I'll write to them !!! .....
Glad you had a lovely break in Dorset - lovely pics as usual . Hope you aren't affected by the adverse weather at 'home' now though :/ ??!!

Samantha Parker

I always love your posts about color - so well thought out and interesting. I often bookmark them to refer to in classes (I teach Home Economics to secondary students). However, what I enjoy even more than your knowledge or artistic eye or skill... is your JOY!! You get so excited by your work, it shows through all your posts and just makes me smile when I read them. Thank you for sharing your joy with us!


You are an artist with your yarn!

That blanket, it looks lovely.


Thank you for the update.


Gorgeous new shades, something for everyone I think. It's always lovely to see what different people put together. I'm really drawn to the muted blues and greens at the moment. CJ xx

Jo Hyde

Oh Lucy, you make it very hard to ignore your beautiful colour combos and stick with the existing project finishing those LONG borders(yawn!) and not have another unfinished project in the corner!! Playing with new colours is a tempting diversion but I will be sooooo chuffed when Summer Harmony is done,, its so pretty, Thank you for always inspiring us all and sharing as you do.


I'm concocting a colour combination for a blanket using lincoln. I've been hoping for that colour for ages. It was great to see how lincoln looks next to the vintage-y colours


Ooohh how I wish I could find those colours here in Argentina!!! Beautiful Lucy!

Cathy Jupp

Please use any influence you may have with Stylecraft to persuade them to offer more - far more - colours in their Special Aran range. It's a wonderful yarn, but the colour choice is paltry compared to Special DK.
Thank you.


Thank you for this lovely blanket, Lucy. I have only the last two rows to do and then it's done. Looking at the photo on your blog, it looks as though the last row is worked slightly differently from the previous treble rows. Am I right or am I seeing things?!


On pins and needles (and hooks!) The most beautiful colors in this blanket and the most beautiful border ever !!

Susan Smith

Lovely new colours & I've just ordered your hydrangea pack & another couple of balls for DD & one for a scarf I'm knitting for Missy Moo (grandie), but they probably won't be here for another couple of weeks, due to their long journey. Look forward to seeing the new blanket in full. Have a good week & take care.


Absolutely spot on with the Quality Street colours ...very Christmassy indeed!


I'm in Canada and order this yarn from Wool Warehouse often. I cannot get these colours and this price point at local retailers. It's the most economical way for me to make blankets. Every time I get a new colour I make a small granny square with it so I have a colour reference for blanket planning, I also bought the shade card, but it's easier to use a small swatch. Also, when I order, I add one or two more colours that I don't need at the time, to add to my collection, as I'm sure I'll use them eventually ;) Looking forward to my next order so I can get these new ones!


Deborah, you can get the yarn by ordering through Wool Warehouse. Postage to the US is not overly expensive--I think for my last huge order it was something like $11.95.


I wish we could get that yarn in the U.S.

Angela-Southern USA

I can always count on you Lucy for my color fix for the day. ; )) All yarn companies should have such range of colors!

Kate Perry

Thank you Lucy. I will have to wait to build up a full order (to make the most of a set international postage I need to but 18 balls), but then I shall order the new colours. i try to keep one ball of each colour in my stash. I love just playing with it, even when I am not planning a new project. I am a little disappointed in the Lapis as I love using lobelia and don't feel this is sufficiently different. But maybe will will get a lighter blue next time. i can't wait for the summer sunshine to cool down a few degrees so I can get back to my wool work. Kate x

Shelly ~ 78thStitch

This is definitely and by far the most inspiring, exciting and informative post about the new Stylecraft Special colours I have read! Thank you so very much, Lucy - I can't wait to get my hands on these new colours and play with them!!


Oh, new colours are vry exciting! I usually love everything blue, and Lapis is such a nice name, but by the photos it seems Blush and Lincoln do enrich this colour palette so much more. Is this due to end of season, but I even like the combination of Lincoln and Blush... dreaming of roses. Looking forward to the Ta-dah of the summer harmony blanket (I sure am in need of some harmony time - thanks for your great work!)


Thanks for this Lucy! To see all of the colours combined is such a joy!!

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