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August 19, 2017


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Gaye Tye

Hello ! Just discovered your lovely account of your visit to Dorset.
Its a county Ive long loved, due to the Thomas Hardy novels, studied for A level English, way back in the mists of time !
Thank you for the writings and beautiful photos..
I have also long loved the Leonard Clark poem, 'Song for Loders', set to music and sung by John Coppin. Its a beautiful song, and when I visit the area, I often think of the place names as we pass through Dorset.
Its a magical area, and with such pretty, undiscovered villages, great reading about it, thank you.

Corinna Mazzotta

I've always wondered where Eggardon was and now I know thanks to you! I love this poem by Leonard Clark which has been set to music by an amazing folk singer called Johnny Coppin, whose music has been part of my life since I was a little child. This is one of his more recent tracks recorded on his last album.

"When frost lies thick on Eggardon,
And every pool begins to freeze
From Muckleford to Nettlecombe,
And hills are hung with sparkling trees,
O, then, to Loders we must go
Before the world is drowned in snow.

So here, my dear, and there, my dear,
The air is singing love tonight,
And you my dear, and you my dear,
Are trudging home in winter light.

When mists fall low on Eggardon,
And morning reddens sea and sky,
From Vinney Cross to Powerstock
The flocks of silent starlings fly
O, then, as evening breathes farewell,
We take the rutted road to Bell.

So, up, my dear, and down my dear,
The house is bringing Love tonight,
And you, my dear, and you, my dear,
Are trudging home in winter white.

When stars shine clear on Eggardon,
And field and fold are hushed with sleep,
From Yondover to Askerswell
The lanterns burn for wandering sheep,
O, then, for us those lanterns burn,
And one by one, we shall return.

So, swing, my dear, and chime, my dear,
The tower is ringing Love tonight,
And you, my dear, and you my dear,
Are trudging home in winter bright."

Patti in WA state

While in college, I was looking for 4 leaf clovers with my boyfriend who was a pre-med major and he explained that they are a genetic defect. That means keep looking in the same place and you may find more. It doesn't always work but it has worked for me on several occasions. Happy Hunting!


We have lots of for leaf clovers on our farm in fact I have found a six leaf clover once! I really enjoy your blog and have made quite a few of your afghans and I am so in love with Stylecraft yarn. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.


Hi Lucy,

My condolences for your loss. It is so difficult to cope with the loss of one's mother. It doesn't ever go away, but it does get easier to bear with time.

I wanted to tell you that I just visited England from the US and my friends, who live in Exeter, took me to Lyme Regis for an afternoon. I had such a lovely time wandering the beach and the shops, eating whelks and cockles, and having cream tea overlooking the sea. I can hardly wait to come back!


I live in Dorset, and it's lovely, but I have lived "up north" too, Lancs, Yorks border etc, I enjoy your photos of both places, where you live now.

I found a four leaf clover many years ago, I just put my hand on it !
I don't believe in luck, but it was interesting all the same.

Love your blog, keep on hooking gal !
I am more of a knitter...oooh dare I say that here.

Kindest regards and best wishes


Lyn Dines

Only just discovered you! Loved reading your post about your Dorset holiday with all those lovely photos. I was born in Maiden Newton, just up the road from Dorchester, and was there on holiday in June this year, stayed a couple days with a sister in Dorchester and visited a sister in Weymouth too. It was lovely to be back for first visit since moving to Longmont, Colorado, almost 3 years ago. Your writing evokes a wonderful sense of calm and serenity. I am so sad to see that you lost your mum recently too. She is a big part of you and who you are and maybe you will find comfort in talking to her as you go about your chores and need answers when figuring out a new pattern. She will always be near you. God bless you and I pray that your grieving will find an outlet in your beautiful work.


As always you pictures of Dorset were wonderful despite the sadness you were experiencing. There was a good atmosphere in Bridport with the first Folk festival. I had to smile at the picture of the Morris Men. I took a similar picture from the other side of the road possibly around the same time! Sarah x


I just love "listening" to you. You tell it so colorful that I can feel it. You have a beautiful way of writing and creating. Grief does release that strangle hold with time.


I loved going on vacation with you, Lucy! Now back to reality... You certainly live in a beautiful place. My Mom died on 9/11/15. It does get a little easier with time, but there will always be a hole in your heart. Enjoy your Dad while you can. Both of my parents are gone now and I miss them so much. Hugs from Kimmy


I find it very generous of you to share so much with us all, fun and not so fun.
I recently met a young university student who has already found 150+ four leaved clovers.


Whaaw, great post, fab photos, and wonderful writing, as ever. Thank you for sharing, it lifts the spirits!

Crafty Cath

Hang on in there Lucy, it does get easier. My Mum passed away 8 years ago and I still shed a tear every now and then. She would have loved your talent. I love the photos of Dorset. Your blankets look brilliant on the Chesil Beach shingle. Shine on bright star :) xx


In 1996 I went with secondary school to Prague. Outside the hotel was a little hill and we'd often sit here and just chat with friends when we had some time left over between sight seeing. Between us we found about 15 four leafed clovers! It was the weirdest thing, but I haven't found one since.


Lucy, I feel the same way about Monterey, California. And this year we are going for their County Fair with a whole building of wool! Can't wait! <3

Thank you for your blog. It brings me happiness.


I found a four leaf clover in the garden of the tourist office in Reeth, while on holiday in Yorkshire last year.

Di Smith

I found a four leaf clover on the morning of my Geography O level exam (which I had not revised for as I was not interested in the particular aspects that we had studied). I was not expected to pass. When I turned the paper over there were 4 questions relating to topics I had learnt in Junior School so I used those questions to write my 4 essays and I passed!!!! It must have been the clover!


It's such a beautiful part of the world. Some of your holiday mirrored mine a few weeks earlier. I had never visited Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens before but found it absolutely stunning. Although she wasn't from there, it is a part of the country I will always associate with my mother as she loved it, so my annual trips there are a way of remembering her.


Glad you enjoyed your visit to Dorset albeit with melancholy overtones. I am lucky enough to live here and know how uplifting the scenery can be. I hope you continue to heal. Sarah.

Karen Greenfield

I dream about my mother often. She's been gone since 1999 and I miss her often. I wish she was here to see her grandchildren (my two) growing up and being successful. When I dream about her, she's well and happy and not as sick and unable to walk as she was in the end of her life. My daughter remembers her well and we often speak the fun times we had with her like the time she rescued a baby bird, kept it alive until it had flight feathers and then unbelievably taught it to fly! It finally flew away with adult birds and we assume did quite well. Will keep you in my thoughts.


I just loved seeing the Morris Dancers and esp. the Border Morris dancers you wrote about. There's something about tugging at my heart in a special way. The music maybe, the dance...
I have found four leaf clovers during my childhood summers spent up in the country away from the city.
Did they bring me luck? I don't know. I do feel blessed though, so maybe. Glad you had some good memories to ease the heavy ones. It does get easier but it takes time.

Jenny Young

Change can be the hardest or the most exciting part of life. Flexibility is so very hard!

I remember my mamma always finding 4-leaf clovers. She would tell the story of visiting the house I grew up in when I was a baby. They were thinking of buying the house. After looking through it she sat on the edge of the porch looking around & as she looked down she found a whole patch of 4-leaf clovers! I remember her finding them over & over again as I grew up.

At my own home, 1,000 miles from her home, I've found many 4-leaf clovers as well but nearly as many as she found.


Thank you for sharing your visit to Dorset. Still working on Summer Harmony.


I laughed right out loud when you talked about persuading your kids to throw their stones at a non-moving target instead of their sibling. So so accurate of having siblings. I hope that your loss turns back into joy soon, sorry you've lost your mom.


Your photos of Dorset really make me want to visit - my Mum's family came from Bridport for generations! I'm sure that it has been very emotional and sad being there but I promise you that it does get easier. You can remember without the heavy heart. Hugs to you. xxx

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