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August 30, 2017


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Laura Gabriela Martin Del Campo Sescosse

So sad I just read your blog.... I would have voted for you! I just LOVE reading your blog and it is because of you that I knit blankets and bake bread!❤️


Oh boy...it seems like some people expect your blog to be the way they want it to be.They seem to forget it's YOUR blog and you should write it the way YOU want it to be ( which is how most people - including myself - like it best! ) If you want to shout it from the rooftops just how great you are then go ahead do it ( because you are ) and if you want to keep quiet about it ( or simply forget ) then that's fine.life makes blogs,not the other way round! Your blog is lovely and your work is wonderful! When I started crochet it was your blog that kept me inspired. I'm always happy to find a new pattern and I'm amazed at the amount you create! I would totally buy your book and i absolutely understand that there are patterns you create exclusively for magazines or yarndale. Not too bad an office yours is ;)
I do hope you don't get upset by nasty comments,it's the bloody internet giving everyone the right to say whatever they think,without having to face up to an actual person.
Right...just had to say this.
I'm gonna spend a lovely weekend on the moors via your lovely moorland blanket,since it's finally cooled down enough to handle heavy blankets again in my part of the world. I can't wait to get lost in those beautiful colors and that soothing pattern! Thank you so much for sharing!

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Thankyou Lucy for this great blog post...as an aspiring designer myself, I find this very inspiring! 😊❤❤


People who follow you and love your patterns would love to know how they can find more of your work. You shouldn't be afraid to announce it on your blog. In fact, I would prefer it because I don't normally buy magazines but would like the chance to get the ones that your work appears in.

Blossom was rude. You DEFINITELY deserve to be paid for your work. If you can make a living by blogging and designing patterns then you should, and not feel that you're doing anything wrong.

Don't let people like that get you down. They are in the minority, and they are WRONG to expect you to spend so much of your own time and money and get nothing in return so that they can have something for free. I'm sure if it came to supporting your family, and maintaining a blog with a bunch of free stuff for strangers then we all would know that the blog would go away.

Blossom, if you don't want to buy the things or read about them, then you don't have to, but for those of us who DO want to buy them we are happy to support designers.


Hi Lucy
I won't be able to attend Yarndale, but would love it if you released the pattern for the crochet heart keyring....might that be possible please?


Why do you profess to be reluctant to tell about the things you write and get paid for? You're certainly not reluctant to endlessly promote your other money making ventures!

Whatever happened to this homely blog, now it's all about buy, buy, buy.

Martha McKinley

I'd like to add to the requests for a book (when you get time), as I'd buy it like a shot! Also am very interested in what you have done for magazines etc, please feel free to self promote :) as you always inspire me to pick up my hook again.

Crafty Cath

Oh no!!! I missed the vote :( but I'm sure you'll win :) and when you get a moment(!), do please write a book.....I'll definitely buy it. I love blogs, but I like books better.


I missed the voting window but would definitely vote your blog best in show. :-) You've brought me hours of delight and support - your crochet projects have helped me through some hard times. THANK YOU!


Please shout all your projects from the tree tops we are a (nosey) interested lot and want to share ypou wonderful achievements oh wow love those key rings have to make some mandalas oooooh

Jacqueline Strand


I love this post. The mandala is gorgeous and is next on my hooks. I also love the little heart key ring and would love to make some but I live in the U.S. and am not going to Yarndale. Is it possible for anyone else to get the brochure or the pattern for these?

Thank you,

Angela-Southern USA

Congrats on it all! It's lovely hearing about the other yarny adventures you get up to.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


None of the other blogs to vote for are those I have ever heard of - its all a bit arbitrary isn't it? Where are all the well loved bloggers? I know many of them have gone now but still. Where was Cherry Heart for instance? She is a very talented designer.

They also get you to vote on all sorts of other things that I have no knowledge of (like ranges of yarn and yarn shops) and are far too nosy in general about personal information so I declined to vote for several reasons. You did post about it on instagram so I'm sure people responded there when you asked for votes.

You have not mentioned your Yarndale charity project. I think you did talk about it a while a go but perhaps a reminder would be good. Crafternoon treats mentioned the hearts for Mind on her podcast (there is a blogger well worth a mention, she is amazing with all she does). That's a good cause so perhaps that should be highlighted while there is just still time?


I love your little hearts but am not going to Yarndale this year. Where is the pattern please?

I love Manadalas as well and might try and make some big ones for my granddaughters.

daria ed

wow !-Daria
http://dariaed.com/ "

Janette Surtees

Dear Lucy, thank you as always for a heartfelt blog. I love your style of writing , it is refreshingly candid and humble. The hearts for Yarndale brochure are a triumph, simple, beautiful and achievable by most. I'm so sad that I can't attend this year, last year was my first trip. But it's just not possible this year. So here's to 2018! Crochet has been part of my life since I was 12 years old, and I am truly thankful for this craft. You particularly have expanded my horizons regarding crochet, almost like giving us crocheters permission and plausibility to innovate, discover and branch out in this truly wonderful creative art form. Long may you and crochet continue.

Teresa Kasner

I hope you win in all your categories, you deserve it, Lucy. You've inspired literally thousands and thousands of people to learn to crochet or pick the hook back up and use your miraculously brilliant colors to brighten our lives. You're already a winner in my book. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Hi Lucy, we so love your designs as well as the magazines. A little self promotion when you're published is ok with us! All the best.


I voted. I always love to see your work. Your designs and modesty truly make you stand out as a positive model in the crafting world.


just voted !!

winifred waite

Thanks for the update. What gorgeous summer colours and abeautiful design.

Susan Smith

Thanks for the update & as you are so busy with yarny bits, family & Yarndale at this time of year, it's only fair that some blogging time goes by the wayside. Loved your last post & didn't get time to comment, so that is another big thank you for 'my Yorkshire' pics. Just think, I should be able to pick up a copy of Issue 60 probably next month as we are usually 2 months behind here in Oz & have a go at one of those summery bits before summer.(giggle). Thanks again & take care. PS. Wish I was coming to Yarndale again.


Please may I add my request to Marie S for a pattern for the wonderful owls you made last year for Yarndale.
As for wondering whether to mention what you are doing for magazines I think as it's your blog it's entirely what you feel comfortable with. There are always going to be people who find fault with your decisions, often because they envy you.
I can understand your reluctance to post on work you did months ago. It must seem stale to you.
Personally I'd much rather read your more informal blog than a blog about a magazine article.
One year I will get to Yarndale but it won't be this one! Sue


Beautiful designs and execution! I cast my votes for YOU, Lucy.


Well... just in time... voted!
Luckily there is an hour time difference between the UK and the Netherlands.
Good luck Lucy, you deserve it!

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