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August 03, 2017


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These are so sweet and I always love the colors you pick! Seeing this post really brightened my morning. :)


Does anyone have advice about how to do the PVA on the back? Do you mix it half and half with water or just apply it neat? Don't want to wreck my carefully made heart :) Thanks.


I love these little hearts - but unfortunately I have not crocheted since I was about 12 years old and it is a skill that is long lost to me. Love reading your posts too.


Love the hearts! Great idea to crochet a bunch to give away! Will send some to a friend for housewarming!

Lise S

Dear Lucy💗, thank you for 💟this crochet heart ins💛piration. These are so pretty💙 I have been wanting 💛to mak💜e some hearts 💚for my walls for ages, 💝and now you are makin❤g my project so m💜uch easier💜. Thank you💙 for the links, 💘pattern,
photos, 💛colours, flowers, all 💚of it. 💞 Love from Lise.💟


All of these hearts are so lovely. I am going to get all of the patterns! I love seeing all of the photos you post of your travels and daily life. Also, each year I look forward to learning about the big crochet item you choose for Yarndale. I love reading about Yarndale and seeing the pictures from it so keep on posting about it. And, even if I didn't feel that way, it is YOUR blog after all so post what you want. :-) Thanks for brightening my day with your lovely blog.


I love these little hearts and can't wait to get started on mine! xx

Crafty Cath

Sorry - typo made in my excitement....I should have typed YOU are fab :)

Crafty Cath

Crikey Lucy I can't keep up with your creative pace! I love these hearts and want to have a go at making them and the harmony blanket and the moorland blanket and all the other lovely things you make!! Please don't apologise for including Yarndale in your blog....we want to know about these events :) Your are fab!

Nancy in Indiana

They are adorable! Thanks for all the beautiful color inspiration. And I don't mind in the least that you're posting lots about Yarndale. I live in the U.S. and can't attend, so your posts allow me to attend virtually. And, it's your blog, so you get to post whatever you like! :)


Hi Lucy, I have finally finished my Moorland blanket! Yay! I started way back on 6th January (my birthday) with the crochet along, but although an experienced crochet-er I found it took ages to get the stitch sequences into my brain, so I fell woefully behind. However, I persevered and am delighted with the end result. Thank you for your detailed instructions, as always, a life-saver at times! I am loving the hearts, too, gorgeous.


Started the day with your hearts. They cheered me up.
Thank you for sharing


Hello, Lucy....LOVELOVELOVE ALL of your hearts....!! Do you have instructions regarding how to turn these hearts into squares so that they could be made into a blanket...?? Any help that you can give me would be most appreciated...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Love the hearts!!
Can't wait to make one, two,three . . . !
I love hearing your Yarndale news. Living far away in Bristol I've only managed to get there in person once (it was great!), so I especially want to hear all about it :)


Just wanted to say that I'm truly happy with your blog. With a busy job there isn't always time to enjoy all the things you describe so well: your baking, the coffee, the flowers, the cat, watching the seasons and especially the yarn and the colors! I've been reading your posts for a few months now. Tried to start my day with it before opening my email in the mornings. Thanks to you it is a little bit easier to enjoy life, even when it is way too busy :-). And once on a blue monday I can even pick up a hook and some yarn myself. So, thank you for being you!

P.s.: This sounds melodramatic but I just wanted to let you know that your blog really makes people smile ;-).

Cheryl Fitzsimmons

Love, love, love the hearts! Thank you for sharing your talent and passion.

Susanne Dalton

Thank you for the beautiful
Hearts they are something to give to friend or someone who is down in the dumps.


I am new to your blog but enjoy it so much. I love the colors you use!

Pom Pom

So much cuteness! Wow! Such great designs and color combos!


I love those hearts. Thanks for the tutorial. Please tell us all about Yarndale. It's lovely to be kept updated even all the way in South Africa.

Beth Wilson

Hi Lucy, Oh my goodness, I've been reading your wonderful blog "forever" and it just puts a smile on my face. I Love to knit ( sadly, I don't crochet ). But the yarny goodness is with both skills.
AND, I Love reading about the beautiful area where you live - the walks to such amazing places. And I have a question - Last year my children gave me a trip to Scotland. Needless to say, it was incredible. My oldest son accompanied me for most of the trip and I was in awe of all. I'm thinking of going back one summer, renting a place - wondering if I should include the Cotswolds - or just stay in Scotland and enjoy ?? Am thinking of a place, perhaps, in the countryside not far from a town as I won't have a car. ( a nearby yarn shop would be lovely ). I'd just like thoughts from someone "across the pond."
Thank you,
Beth in Virginia ( USA )

Claire B (Bingley)

Can anything go on the heart? I am not into the crochet flowers/fruit. Ok to go nautical or animal themed? :-)


Thank you Lucy for your blog, and introducing me to Yarndale. Your love of crochet and fantastic tutorials got me crocheting and has seen me through a significant period of ill health -I'm now hooked❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Xxx


Hi Lucie,
Saw this and thought of you. It is a printed round mandala throw, but maybe you could consider making a crochet version? One of the pictures even shows someone standing on the throw with their feet showing, just as you take your pictures.
Search ebay using the following description

Bohemian Mandala Round Beach Tapestry Hippie Throw Yoga Mat Towel Indian Roundie

PS I am not connected in any way with the company selling them.
Happy Crochet.


May I offer a suggestion as to what to do with the hearts post-Yarndale? I'm sure you'll have seen the Hearts For Manchester which covered the city centre after the Arena bombing, and the sister yarn bombing in London after Grenfell. I think it would be lovely if some hearts were hung in Skipton for people to take. To spread a little love and cheer.

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