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August 31, 2017


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Jayne Evans

So glad I found your blog. I organise an event in Norfolk called Makers' Month and a visit to Yarndale last months was such an inspiration for us. Makers' Month is a free event held at The Forum in Norwich. It involves so many local knitters, crocheters, quilters, stithcers, weavers, spinners and more, all keen to share their skills. We may shamelessly copy your mandala display idea for our event in 2018! With best wishes Jayne Evans


Im lucky enough to ive in St Annes opposite Ashton Gardens. It certainly is a lovely place. Look out for the kite festival next year.


I drive past the model village multiple times a day because I work at Blackpool hospital :) Your pictures make me more determined than ever to take the grandchildren there, then on for a picnic under the trees in Stanley Park (while they still have leaves!)
It always makes me smile to know you have been nearby - one day we may bump in to each other, who knows!

Karen Dodgson

Ah Lucy what a perfect day you had! We've holidayed at St Anne's since 1965, and now my hubby has retired we hope to move there next year. I've dreamed of this for so long, and your post has helped me to look forward to it even more xx


Ahhh Lucy how lovely that you come to visit my hometown, St Annes! Your words and photos helped me see it in a new light ..... thank you for helping me appreciate the place where I'm lucky enough to live. I'm what people round here call a sandrown'un - someone born and bred here on the Fylde coast - and sometimes familiarity means it's easy to take this beautiful place for granted. How funny that for me a trip to Skipton is one of my favourite places to go! .... I guess the grass is always greener!

Nancy Ferrier

That miniature village reminds me of one we used to have here in southern Ontario. My ex-husband and I used to love going there and it became a summer tradition for the kids. Unforunately it's long gone.

winifred waite

I remember how far it is to walk to the water once the tide is out. Miles!
Love that model village children do seem to like all things miniature. A lovely summer day and even the weather was great.


Bellissimo! Le tue descrizioni e le tue foto sono fantastiche: sei una moderna poetessa! Da bambina e poi con la mia famiglia, siamo andati spesso alla Minitalia, dove ci sono i più importanti monumenti italiani in miniatura. Grazie per la condivisione e Dio ti benedica!

Bex Crowell

On our honeymoon back in '86, we went all over England & Scotland and landed in Bourton-on-the-Water and there is a tiny village to match that same village there...it's made of the local stone and is spectacular. Not only do they have that one but they have two gradually smaller ones, as well... it's quite the tourist attraction in a very lovely Cotswold village.


Lovely post Lucy.


I'm with you and the love of miniature houses. I also love tiny trains, so my husband's model railway layout is a source of joy, and wonderment at the engineering skills that go into making a miniature steam locomotive about four inches long with its tender attached.


Aww, how cute! It always astounds me how large the sky looks in your beach pictures, it seems to stretch on overhead forever. I do a lot of miniatures and dolls houses on my blog, if you'd like to have a look. https://tinyhorsetalk.wordpress.com/ :)


This is just like the model village described in The Borrowers Aloft!

Susan Smith

What a wonderful day out with all the elements I so love. Will jot down the model village for future reference if we get to UK again. My doll's house was a cardboard version of Princess Anne's, being only a year older than her & with 2 younger brothers it didn't wear well, but I loved it. Thanks for the post & take care.

Laurie Mowat

I love that Village! I build dollhouses and
right now I'm making a small four room cottage.
It's so nice to be able to build a little world where
everything is just the way you want it. I'm really
enjoying your summer trips. Oh, tell Little B. I had to say Mr. Terry Bull out loud twice before my penny dropped!
That expression is precious, I've never heard it before.
Best wishes from Indiana

Carolyn wood

I'm very jealous over here in cold n.z! Especially as we used to live by the sea before the earthquakes and I do miss it so!
Must visit your area when we come over it looks lovely. Love to visit the minature village.so you are still getting beach weather at this time?


What a wonderful summer day out, perfectly English and no doubt a real treat. I love the model village, great that things like that still exist in this cyber age. We love a little promenade along the sea front as well. There are Victorian seaside towns near here that we go to and I always like to imagine people strolling along the front in times gone by. Glad you had such a lovely day. CJ xx

Teresa Kasner

What a perfect day you had! I also adore miniatures and have a Victorian dollhouse all of my very own. LOL! I enjoyed the little village a lot. The beach you visited was also amazing.. did you find any sea glass or shells? Thanks for sharing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Those are such wonderful places to visit, and the pictures are great. My favorite is the one of the gypsy wagons. They just fascinate me. I share your love for miniatures.

gina in alabama

I love the model village!! the shepherd's wagons are simply perfect. What a lovely peaceful place.



Winwick Mum

I hope you managed to get fish and chips too! :-)xx

Catriona Mason

St Annes is where I would like to be but DH isn't keen so have to content myself with visits. Catriona


I live in St Annes and me and my family had our picnic in Ashton Gardens this week too! I love living here. Although, I adore your home town too, and chose to be married there in the registry office, a few years ago <3

Been to the model village loads when I was younger. Such a magical place when you're a child.


Lucy, thank you for sharing your special outing with us.

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