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July 31, 2017


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Wendy Pollard

We love trolls and at one point had to watch it weekly, at the moment it's been zootropolis and moana! Hope you are feeling better and little b is doing OK x

Lucy @ Attic24

It’ll be lovely to meet you Helen, you will be very welcome to join us!

We meet from around 9.30 in the holidays, usually stay until 11.30-12, but join us for however long suits you. It’s great food in the café too, so your hubby and boys could always join you for lunch (also fabby hot choc if your boys are
into that!)
See you Friday,

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Hi were on holiday in Yorkshire this week and having a really lovely time. Ive pleaded with hubby and boys to come to Skipton on Friday so I can join your coffee morning. Hopefully see you then x

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Helena Nock

Hi we're on holiday in Yorkshire this week and having a really lovely time. I've pleaded with hubby and boys to come to Skipton on Friday so I can join your coffee morning. Hopefully see you then x

Sonya Jackson

I can really relate to your post in terms of the stopping to take stock of the small things. I love reading your posts and i have used so many of your patterns!
My blog is only 1 year old today!
I hope that it will be as wonderful and popular as yours is 1 day!

Sandy B (Australia)

It was a wintery 5 degrees and foggy here this morning (Melbourne) and fortunately its turned into a bright sunny day. I really look forward to the heart tutorial..it is such a nice shape, Lucy. Enjoy the long evenings...x

Susan Smith

Thanks for another lovely post of Summer Moments. Pity about so much rain for you & although we've had some, it's been more overcast & very cold so far this winter here in Oz. -2 here tomorrow morning, so it'll be crunchy underfoot. We use our rugs here too in winter, but not summer. Have a lovely week & take care. PS - love those crochet hearts on the cafe tables.


That rock on the windowsill was a lucky find...three rings!

Teresa Kasner

Gosh.. I hope your rain goes away.. we're having a hot weather stretch, even supposed to go into the 3 digits! I enjoyed hearing about your doings and am happy Little B's thumb is healing nicely. That's good news. Have fun with your colorful yarns and darling children. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


We're getting your blue skies, but it's freezing cold and we could do with the rain! What a topsy turvy world! You're making me loooong for nectarines - my fav Summer fruit too. Enjoy the holidays.

Desiré Parimbelli

You are so lucky for raining days...here in Italy we have got so much problems for dryness..no Rain for months...and today is 40°C...
Bless God for Rain!


Hello from France. I love your walks in nature. And what about all your projects so pretty !!! Thank you for showing us all this. Good continuation in the hook and good adventure in the nature.
see you soon.


I have something very similar for breakfast and it's usually my favourite meal of the day. Although that might be more to do with it being the most peaceful meal of the day... I'm a big fan of nectarines too, they're perfection right now aren't they. Love the idea of a movie night with popcorn, might try that here. I'm so glad Little B's surgery has gone well. And I hope you're all better now. Have a lovely week Lucy. CJ xx


Yes, it always amazes me that half the world is currently in the middle of winter. In many ways the magic of the Internet brings us closer, but just occasionally we are reminded of the differences.......even if we are all together in appreciation of your crochet.
Coast is underway, hopefully to be finished in time for son to take to uni if I get moving with it.


Love and hugs xx


Such gorgeous photos, Lucy. And I love hearing about all your activities surrounding each one. Wish you could send us some of your rain. We haven't had a drop in several months following the wettest winter on record. We're now experiencing the hottest summer on record. We are dealing with extremes these days. But I'm grateful for many things as you are.


Such pretty pictures Lucy. Thank you for sharing.

I just love your pile of blankets and I now have a pile of my own... thanks to you.

You're an inspiration!


Enjoying a peek into your summer story.
Totally with you re. the nectarines!

Angela-Southern USA

Wonderful news about L. B's thumb! The weekend has seen use up to our elbows in paint, home improvement projects are not the projects I prefer to work on this summer, but oh well. lol I hope the sun shines more your way this week!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I am stuck way back in the time of films when Disney was pretty. Computer animations are just too ugly for me to engage with so I haven't seen too many films. Luckily no smalls around that might want to see them. I also find the humour (?) and the voices too brash so don't feel I am missing out. The Little Mermaid is about where I left off, which was cute.

I am missing out on nectarines though. Only had peaches this year which were furry not juicy and went mouldy rather than ripe. maybe try to find some netarines or strawberries.


Nail polish! :-)
I had the same breakfast this morning here in South Africa. Well, almost: oats soaked with a bit of juice, fullfat jogurt with a grated apple, some crucnhy muesli and a few mini dark chocolate chips. I. Tell. You. The choc chips does it. Also try grated fresh pear! And banana with strawberry . This is becoming a favourite.


Hello Lucy ,

Rain in Holland too , but if the sun is shining just for a moment , I'll try to enjoy it.
I really need that.
Thanks for your writing and I hope you feel well again.
Sweet hands your son has.

Lily Davies

We'll be mooring at Skipton, for a few days, in the next fortnight which should give us ample time to try out Cooper's, get my hair cut and, most importantly, stock up at Woolley's. I've also realised that I will be able to visit Yarndale this year!!! Happy, Happy, Happy!


The Surrey Hills/North Downs area where I live is breathtakingly beautiful and I give thanks for it daily.

handan moroney

I live in Fethiye,Turkey. It's a beautiful coastal town on Aegean sea.There are 2K British expats here.They all complain about British weather. I myself think British country side is so so soooo beautiful.Thank you for sharing your photos.I enjoy looking at them.Also thank you for your lovely patterns. I have done many of them.
Kind regards


Which knitting needles are you using? Thank you.

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