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July 23, 2017


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Beautiful moments captured. Looking like your beautiful summer blanket has been given the kitty seal of approval ✨Soak up lots of happy holiday moments xx


Che meraviglia! Biscottini da fare!!!!!!


Another lovely little story, Lucy..always look forward to reading them..Thanks xx


Lucy, I love your little moments, which as you say really are quite big. Beautiful blog as always. Enjoy your summer - I'll look forward to the next instalment. I mentioned this post on my mindfulness blog as I was writing about noticing the little things and how it benefits our health (http://www.liveconsciouslyconnected.com/the-little-moments/) x


Hi Lucy
I have been following from Denmark for quite a while. I never comment, but will try now. I always enjoy your posts and never miss one. All the colours and pictures and your great way of writing like you are talking to me, but most of all I LOVE the positiveness you beam out. It lifts my spirit and rubs of on me a little bit. Thank you so much for that

Anita J. Tinlin

Would you mind elaborating a bit on how you are joining these squares, or if you did and I missed it, please point me in the right direction.


You are SO right about The Little Things being The Big Things, Lucy. Thank you for putting it so eloquently and sharing your beautiful life with the world. Here in Melbourne (Australia) I've been enjoying your photos and creations for quite a few years now, and from one mum to another, well done... :) Meredith

Nadine G

J'ai hâte de regarder l'assemblage des carrés de votre nouvelle couverture d'été. Belle semaine à vous. Bises.

Laura Gabriela Martin Del Campo Sescosse

I'll bake the cookies! Love your blog!


Thank you for sharing your moments with us. We toured Yorkshire two years ago and I love the area. I'm so happy to be able to keep enjoying the UK throughout this horrendously hot and humid summer here in Virginia!


The little summer moments are so good to look back on and remember aren't they. Love the shortbreads, I am making a note of the recipe in my special book. It looks beautiful by the river. Loving lots of summer fruit here as well, can't get enough of it. CJ xx

Marieca Wegener

Thank you Lucy for the birthday card. My (grown-up) children loved the several double takes I did when I opened it. Thank you so much for making me happy and them smile. Moke x


Thanks for the gorgeous pictures and little peek into your colorful, beautiful world. I saw this short video and immediately thought of you (and me) since we both get so excited about color. Apparently we're not the only people as you'll see from this little guy looking at paint color samples in a retail store:



Those little shortbread people look great! They look tasty too! I love the colour placement on your summer harmony blanket.


Lucy, your post lit up my awful day a bit. I'm sick as a dog at the moment - pregnant with flu is more awful than I imagined it could be - but its comforting to be able to sneak a peak at something uplifting like this while I wait for the doctors appointment! Thank you!

Kathryn Ashe

It is so true the little things are really the big things. I am happy that you've reminded me of that truth. Thank you!

Pamela Clark

I am loving doing this blanket with you, albeit a little behind, obviously. Thank you.

Angela-Southern USA

All very lovely moments! I wish we could swap some heat for the rain at the moment. lol Love the nails (something I cannot keep looking good) and the blanket! Yummy lunch, something I've done almost everyday for lunch this summer. Have a great week!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kay Greenwood

Lovely post. I always look forward to reading your blog. So much colour it makes me happy looking at all your pictures. Have a lovely day Lucy 😊

Viola from colourcrochetlove.blogspot.com

What a lovely post and it describes exactely the feelings of this summer, quite a lot of rain and dull weather. It feels like drinking hot chocolate, lightning candles and hooking some wooly things. And hoping that the weather will change sooner or later. Best summer wishes, Viola


Such lovely pictures yet again, I am so pleased I came across your blog, quite by accident may I add.Summer here in the far north is as always sporadic, if we could just get rid of the cold north easterly wind thing would improve. Talking of improving I have managed both a double and treble crochet stitch, by no means proficient but getting there. My blanket once I start it could be ready for the Lilly van next summer!!


Love Love Love your posts the new blanket is looking good. I am using up odds and sods making a ripple blanket and went back to your post about these to sort the stitch and pattern thankyou.
We akk snuggled in crochet blankets and in some ways quite enjoying it he he


I love the new blanket, can't wait to see it finished. I keep showing my husband the pics and he tries (bless his heart) to muster appropriate enthusiasm about it but... Haha. Glad to see the happy summer photos and your kitty is so sweet. Thanks for sharing! 🍓🌼🌞😺💟


I love seeing your summer moments when it's so wintery and icy here in Kangarooland!

Teresa Kasner

I really enjoyed your summertime journal.. your kitty is seeming to bring you all a lot of joy. Your blanket really is looking eye-popping.. can't wait to see your Ta-Dah! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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